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№ 1209031

We met

You admitted a weakness,
A sweetness in your honesty
But I never imagined it could be.

A glance caught,
A laugh shared with ease,
A fool, that's me.

So simply self convinced,
No chance for this.
But then, a light touch to knee...

And like that day you shook my hand,
We met.
And now I see.

So much to learn for
This is your world,
This language is is not me.

But I'm a fool
Who wants to learn,
Teach me.


Author: Arataikii
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208233

When i met her

My little heart
It skipped a beat
My little eyes
It stuck for a while
My little mind
It loses forever


Author: Luminant
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1205469

Can We Possibly Be Friends Again, Or Conflicted Codependent Fantasy Involving Woman I Just Met And Hardly Know - 2013 M.R.R.

Being male, I wander
Mom dares not wonder
What kind of monsters she birthed
She brought her own equipment
I was aggressive but shy

Her womb is the most magnificent
Temple I've ever visited
There is nowhere else I want to be
Sister insisted
I stiffened then gave in

Children tease, squeal, scamper
Adults know unspeakable reality
Dizziness of first love
Mayhem, murder
Solemn whisper of infinity

After an uncertain age,
No one wants you anymore
Old women bond
Confer their anger
Old men tread alone

She knew from moment he laid eyes on her, she had him. She wore no make-up, anemic complexion, chin and jawline slightly broken out with red spots, cobalt blue irises, aquiline nose, hair dyed dark, fuzz-balled scarf, light blue fluffy sweater, big buttons, canvas shoulder bag, skinny jeans, leather boots, little boney black dog with ashen appointments. Instantly he fell in love. He confessed, “Your Chinese Crested pup stole my heart. ”

In doggie-style position, neither lover sees other's face. The top sees backside. The bottom sees what? He didn't know.

She unlocks the door. He enters room. She tells him what to do, making demands. He follows her orders. She questions, “Why do we dance to these tunes? ” He answers, “I want to smell your smells, suck, drink your darkest juices. ” She articulates, “Stay, ” then kisses him goodbye. She wakes wearing his ring, around her neck. They are each other's slaves. Ceiling leaks, floor creaks, light beams through window as they waltz arm in arm.

She demands, “I want roast rack of lamb, or thinly sliced Serrano ham on buttered toast for dinner. And then I want to go home alone. I need some down time, away from you. I don't belong to you, god-damn-it! ” Deep in financial debt, he hands the waiter his debit card.

Author: michael reid rubenstein
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1204184

When i first met you

I've never been in a burning building
But standing in that room with you
Sure did feel like it.


Author: Addison RenГ©
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1203567

If we met, again, in a future where we don't have to pretend,would you...(10w)

Love me?
Touch me?
Kiss me?
Remain a stranger?

don,  future,  met,  pretend,  t.

Author: Pdub
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1201394

Cinderella met Cervantes

That day, the sun as bright as yellow-white,
The day Robinhood met Cinderella
On the fairgrounds at Montezuma
And Cervantes white steed was neighing
Tied to the fence
And both them,
)Robin and Cindy(
At the same time
Went over to try and calm him
And Cervantes tilted ( a bit high drunk stupored )
He was. Spilt the horse's water
All over both of them.
Cinderella's white shirt
Became transparent.
Nubs soft curves
All apparent.
Robin stood,
Impressed by the display before him.
Then, Maid Marion showed up,
Grabbed Robin by the scruff of his neck.
And Cervantes saw Don Quixote
Quickly he threw
The horses blanket
Over Cinderella's beauty.
He whispered in her ear,
I know this abandoned windmill
Near, we might
Have a tilt or two,
Cinderella lost a shoe running
To the horse to mount
With Cervantes
Whipping reins and dust flied
As they disappeared
To never ever be
Seen again.

cinderella,  met.

Author: wordvango
Date: 30/03/2020

№ 1199981

I met a girl

She's all frail and gone, gone is the mood.
She's all frail gone, gone is the mood.
Without further notice and touch,
Done and dull, gone for good.

I met a new girl, waiting to be loved.
I met a bad, bad, bad girl, waiting to be loved.
She's the new girl in the neighborhood.
And I want a some new blood.

I was horribly trapped, caught in my own deeds,
Trapped with my own, back-stabbed, caught in my own deeds.
Burdened with this new love,
With this bad, bad girl, in my dreams.

girl,  met.

Author: Jowlough
Date: 28/03/2020

№ 1199846

Last We Met

My wallpaper
Is an arial shot of my city
City where I ran, swam and flew
Whose walls, lanes and aging generations
Hold my secrets
Till the silent approach of eternity

And I see, from the top
As god would have, those days -
Crosses where we met
Still backgrounds, and two dots flickering
Everything begins to flicker now,
And I close my eyes shut

There I was,
There was she
I had her
And she had me
But back then, we thought of far
And today we got there
Thousands of miles,
And many unshared experiences apart

It was so simple
It was right there, in front of me

But the unknown future,
The master planner,
So cleverly makes us choose
Between what we have
And what we might
Staring high on a cold starry night,
But lusting within, that warm red light

One wish, O' sweet destiny
Let me go back
And hold her near, up so close
Let me go back
And join her lovely shadows


Author: Kira
Date: 28/03/2020