Poems about mighty


№ 1204583

The Mighty Stand Tall, The Weak Shall Fall ~~~Collaboration with Arcassin Burnham

Can you see me standing here?
High above you all so tall?
Don't you worry, never fear,
I'll never let anyone else feel small.

Tired of the sight of seeing you lonely,
No one in this world is perfect,
Protect you from this cruel world,
Only if you bring me your sympathy,
Showering me in your stories,
And bring me so much joy and laughter,
Perishing all your worries,
Creating a new amiable chapter.

Right here and now,
The time is right.
I've seen your struggle,
I've seen your plight.
I'm here to help,
Lending a strong hand
I'll never let you go,
Please understand.
This is truth,
This is the light.
I won't let you down,
We'll win this fight.

You were the greatest,
You were my strafe,
I vowed the world,
To keep you safe,
There's no denying,
This is your home,
This is your life,
This is your place,
I only want the best for you,
I'd be glad to see your face.

I smile upon you, keeping this sacred vow,
To stand by your side, even if we journey through hell.
There is no use, trying to ask me how,
No, we will not hide, until the evil we cross has fell.

And as it burns,
You finally get what you wished for.
Don't ever lose a turn,
Play your cards right, don't draw blood, draw fours.
The only thing I need from you is love,
You know what they say,
Love is an open door.

We can walk through,
Hand in hand.
Following along,
With the ultimate plan.
It's now or never,
Time to choose.
Either way, together,
We can never lose.

arcassin,  burnham,  collaboration,  fall,  mighty,  stand.

Author: Just Melz
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1201217

In The Jungle, The Mighty Jungle

... You're alone in the jungle.
Don't wait, don't wish, you'll be deceived.
If you see a prey, attack.

- LynnAA

jungle,  mighty.

Author: Lynn Al-Abiad
Date: 30/03/2020

№ 1186318

Mighty Army of Misfits

Here we are,
The mighty army of misfits
Gathered together
And even though the threat of
Torrential downpour looms over us,
The drizzle doesn't seem to matter.
We sing and dance,
Chant poetry as if
It's a religious hymn.
This small voice in me --
Withered and stripped down --
Is no longer so.
With the voice of my army
We can crumble the mountains
That stand in our way,
Part the oceans
That keep us apart.
Here we are,
The mighty army of misfits,
And we will not leave
Without a fight.

army,  mighty,  misfits.

Author: Carsyn Smith
Date: 16/03/2020

№ 1153040

A Thesis for the Mighty Deep

Some men fight for charity
Some to save their youth
Some men fight for pride
Against an evil brood
Some men wish for safety
Far from foreign shores
While some men live and die
By the blade of their own sword

And while we waste the days at sea
Alone and unafraid
And long times from our lives and homes
We often tend to stay

The claim is always righteous
The innocent to save
And while men stand on walls at night
Some sleep in the shadows wake.

And Neptune mighty, king alas
Send fair winds and following seas
And guide onto familiar shores
Those that choose to ride with me.

I dont mean to deceive you, men
I aim to misbehave
For those who stand fast, I intend
To place you in harm's way.

So make your peace to the deep
And Davy Jones be kind
Let your waters run swift and true
Leave no man left behind

deep,  mighty,  thesis.

Author: Brass Knuckles Mike
Date: 15/02/2020

№ 1149664

To the Mighty

May you ride on emblems,
Of all Nations,
In the breathing space
Turning the wheel of Dharma,
Always towards right
Halting every misstep,
Of us, human weaklings.


Author: Muraleedharan Koluthappallil
Date: 12/02/2020

№ 1147235

Who would Dare Plagiarise the Mighty ORLOK?

Edna's alter ego ORLOK advises you not to trifle with him in his 8th poem*

Who would dare to mock the great Count Orlok,
Mighty vampire bat and ace sodomiser?
No one at all, I tell you, my old cock -
Against that I'd be a strong advisor.

But if anyone e'er dared to steal my poems
I'd surely rip their fucking throat apart;
They'd be opening a veritable can of worms -
And who cares if it were a guy or a tart?

So beware of stealing aught from this wicket bat
Who flutters above your house by night;
I'll surely find out just where you're at
And then may Satan pity you in your plight.

Anyone who steals my poems is condemned to Hell
And their death pains will be truly grotty;
Since, in spite of the really awful smell,
I'll stuff eight inches up their dying botty.

dare,  mighty.

Author: Edna Sweetlove
Date: 10/02/2020

№ 1130781

One big mighty blast

My Granddaughter let out one mighthy fart. In McDonald's of all places.
Everyone looked around in horror.
I was extremely embarrassed...
I didn't know were to look
A lady turned her nose up in disgust.
We had a good laugh about though
After all she had an excuse she is pregnant.

big,  blast,  mighty.

Author: Rosalind Heather Alexander
Date: 26/01/2020

№ 1126633

We Come A Mighty Long Way

We came
In the
Belly of slave ships
African People
Were forcefully
Kidnapped abused
Raped murdered
And tortured
Before and after
The long journey
To the New World
Even though
We are
Direct descendents of God
Children of The Sun
Black Gold
Aboriginal man
The lie
Spread around
The world
The curse
Children of Ham
Come a mighty
Long way

long,  mighty.

Author: Stu Harley
Date: 22/01/2020