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Military Dragons

A matched pair of ROARING DRAGONS
Flew low over our Hamlet
Bristling with weapons of FIRE
Breathing Out Fire
Trailing exhaust smoke

dragons,  military.

Author: nivek
Date: 19/03/2020

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Military Drills in My Pillow

When you reach the crossing of wane and wax
And turn left on the right hand road
A deaf man will be hearing birdsong
And a mute humming sweet song low
Their treble clefts will fill the air
And the sea witch cries of things she lacks
And monkeys swoop from gas lamps above
With treasure on their hairy backs

Ode to open season in the sea
Where mermaids swim to Galilee
Swift red orphans paint the gravel sidesteps
And tornados rip the sky
Shake the Earth like Nephalim
Sing, ye sweet Cherubim
Find tigers in your blind spots
From Bengal rugs and oriental pots
You will find at the market way
Fall deep in love with the sky above
And only whisper during May

The river doves are ripe as rush
The fly fish are all feathered
Come ye faithful denizens to
Discuss the imminent weather
Blithe as nail and smooth as tooth
The Cherokees sear the horse's tether
And Poseidon's monsters rush out like flu
To trample all of swan footed you
There is no promise in a word
But crystal chimes and charcoal blacks
So tell the sea witch what you want
When you reach the crossing of wane and wax

drills,  military,  pillow.

Author: Tiffany Case
Date: 29/02/2020

№ 1114814

Military Return

Oppressive winds carried among the nightfall sky
Aloneness dried the atmosphere
Infection slips in windows
Romantic thinking numbers sleep time
Henry vanished before military return
His satchel keeping love letters
Photographs that presented wounds
But his march was a necessity
Power from simple handguns land on mission's soil
Tunnels presented dead grunts from the high rising fire
A week after his love brought her life

Children often remember Kelley
Killing stress with magazines, empty men and brandy shots
Her breasts pounded for days
But her heart was fatigue
That cross patted her neck which carried black mysteries
Lips that presented silence
A beloved brown made up new most days

Guys often kissed her squeezing out security
Dangerous men fancied her
Some laughed like they understood
Said they would fill their hats of other "working" women making new found glory through washed up love

She said my handgun holds power presented at my feet:
One shot to feel the dead
That shot remembered every night before bed

military,  return.

Author: addy henderson
Date: 11/01/2020

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Military Convoys, Detention Centers (Terrible Times, They Are Near)

Dear Dave Hodges,

My husband is an Army Reservist in Michigan. He is home this weekend after training at Camp Grayling. He know that I am writing to you but please don't use our names. His unit is training in the processing of Americans into detention camps. He was told by his CO that they would be processing American actors posing as American citizens. Part of their training was the removal and disposal of dead bodies. My husband said he will not participate when the time comes to do so. Please keep getting the word out Dave you are making a difference.

Hello Dave!
ВЂ¦There has been quite a bit over the past couple months as would be expected with Jade Helm. I've seen many convoys of various types on I-40 and I-17 as well. Camp Navajo at Belmont between Flagstaff and Williams has had a lot of extra activity also. I don't know if anyone else north of you has mentioned any of this but it is getting quite frequent around here. Thank The Lord Jesus I'm washed in His blood!
God Bless!

Mr. Hodges,
I was traveling on Interstate 81 in Virginia this past weekend and spotted this military convoy at a rest stop right before exit 264 on 81. After getting back on the highway, I also encountered another convoy on the road... Use these pictures as you see fit.

centers,  detention,  military,  terrible,  times.

Author: Matt
Date: 07/12/2019

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My life in the Military

I spent 5 years of my life in the US Army
I got to travel around the United states during my time
I also traveled in Europe and Asia
My trip started in New York City
I then traveled to New Jersey and Maryland
My next stop was in Oklahoma
I then found myself in Germany and Italy
From there I went to Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
Iraq was my hardest stop of all
I have been in battle, I mean war
I lived my life in fear
My mind was never so clear
My trip of life ended in California
These were great years of my life
I wouldn't change a thing about time in the US Army
Military life was good to me

life,  military.

Author: Kevin Thomas Ortiz
Date: 19/11/2019

№ 1051349

Military Cemetary

Old men walk slowly
Back down the road
Emerge out of a war
Fought in their youth
When blood was up
And spirits high
Cooled now in memories
Long distant away
Many only walk
As far as the edges
And stop at the cemetery gates
Unable to go further
Turn and return to their graves


Author: nivek
Date: 15/11/2019

№ 1034438

All Things Military

I used to love all things military
Because they seemed so romantic.
The stories, the movies, the songs, the pride
And even the tears.
Looking back on it,
I cringe at my naГЇveto.
Silently, I close the books,
Turn off the TV and radio
And run from the tears that aren't so romantic after all.

military,  things.

Author: Elizabeth
Date: 30/10/2019

№ 1013621

Military times

Military times
Will briefly pay honor to yesterday's heroes it is good to think about our boys I think this will help first to a place that was home for
Eight months Fritichie air field over in back of fort Ord by Monterrey it was small but it had about three giant hangers and some of the
Guys had those roadsters the long one's that they use parachutes to stop them they tested them on the tarmac then the Walters
Crash truck this behemoth carried a driver and six man crew the tires were six foot high it had a water cannon on top swiveled three
Hundred and sixty degrees a four inch nozzle that shot water and with the flip of a switch a mixture of foam two hundred feet
And you would empty fifteen hundred gallons of water in fifty nine seconds but we turned it into a snow maker you had this back
Drop of California climate palm by the fire house fanned palms in the yard but we pulled up in front at the side and cut loose starting at
The farthest point in front of the wall that housed our sleeping quarters mixed with foam we laid foam four feet deep all the way out to
The tarmac there you go white Christmas it didn't last long in the sun and heat but for a little while we had Christmas it was cool.

Our first hero was a returned medic from Nam this was after I was transferred to Hunter Liggett we were in the barracks he had his
Shirt off what I saw told the story four nasty bullet holes and the skin grafts it took to close them one who runs out in a fire fight
To tend the wounded and hears just kids crying out mama as they are dying the cong didn't honor this medical angel of mercy just kept
Shooting him he was the same but he wasn't he was damaged goods he had a quietness a sadness you couldn't reach the real person
He used to be, he is part of the wounded brother hood I never suffered as the day now out of the service and back out in California I
Read a piece about a homeless vet living in Golden Gate Park next To Height Ashbury it cut me deeplyit was hard to get it out of my mind he couldn't hold a job depended on family then the cold streets of Frisco and I knew the other hundreds hiding in Washington state in the forest their children with
Them I knew this because of the stories of how and what their children did to them if they this innocently walked up behind them and
Said daddy. This will give you a deeper knowledge of how long and deep this haunts all of our heroes after getting out of the service I
Stayed in Monterey worked in the church and worked as a painters apprentice in the painters union a painter was at the Presidio right
Above fisherman's Warf this facility has many functions but one in particular is the study of linguistics so this naturally had many
Nationalities coming and going in this story Japanese was the problem one painter I guess bored walked up behind an older painter
Poked him in the back with his finger the older man whirled around with a four inch brush the metal part took half the guys front teeth
Out afterwards the old man apologized profusely he gave this even more scary account he told the man all day I have been back
In world war two fighting Japs this is now nineteen sixty nine the older man said you are lucky you didn't come up behind me two
Minutes before I was scraping with a six inch putty knife I would have cut your throat the man lost teeth he could have lost his life. This fighting for our freedom Doesn't magically stop when they come home from battle fields please honor them and again the greatest warrior whose birth we
Celebrate this month extol him and know we can never know how he suffered our hearts are not that big but he defeated
Out mortal enemy we owe him our lives.

military,  times.

Author: Hal Loyd Denton
Date: 11/10/2019