Poems about mine


№ 1210651

To a Distressed Lover of Mine

My lover stands on an ocean cliff
Hair loose, cascading down trembling shoulders.
In her small hands, tightly gripped
Are the letters which I have once sent her.
And how the tears do wet her sweet face,
Embed in long lashes, spill on flushed cheeks.
And how her clean dress does splay on damp earth and dirt
As her slender frame collapses beneath her knees.
My lover calls my name to the sky;
She strikes at the rocky ground.
With hands so fragile, they nearly bleed,
In madness, does she pound.
Weakly does she crawl, ever closer to the sea;
As her dainty frame nears the edge,
She thinks perhaps she'll be closer to me.
But how my lover is wrong, how would she die in vain
For my body lies not down below, but in the cold rain,
And in the white clouds and its delicate breeze,
And in the emerald grass and its emerald trees.
So sweet lover, my darling, hear my loving plea,
Do not search for me but let me be;
And live on, my lover, my beloved dear,
When the time comes, you shall meet me,
Do not fear.

distressed,  lover,  mine.

Author: JL
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1210374

Child O Mine

My child
So vivid
Our child
So precious
We'll watch
As you grow
And ensure
Your safety
And happiness.

child,  mine.

Author: Victoria Jennings
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1210315

These Words of Mine

These words of mine
I wish these words
Could walk off this page
And travel across lands
And bodies of water
To encounter another,
Sending a bit of myself elsewhere
Even if I cannot physically do so myself.

These words of mine
I wish these words
To be at least somewhat inspiring,
To touch someone's heart and soul
Or to at least make them think,
And help them to make meaningful words of their own.

These words of mine
Maybe one could visualize them,
Or hear them without my voice,
Smell the fragrance of their worth,
Taste the salty and the sweet on their tongue,
Like a concoction unfamiliar, yet palatble.

These words of mine
Perhaps they will never win accolades,
Or thunderous applause,
But they have merit
For they are from the heart
And soul...
These words of mine.


Author: Dorothy A
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1209998

This heart of mine is only for you

Whatever happens
Always remember that
This heart of mine is only for you
My love, I promise you.
Truly promise you.
I'll alway be around.
This I do promise you.

heart,  mine.

Author: Myriah
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1209797

Whiskey, cigarettes and your hand in mine

I want to run every grain of sand in your soul through my fingers
Not to call you my own,
Just to
Because i am certain nothing could be as cosmically beautiful.

I want to take every piece of everything tangible you have ever put your energy into,
And meditate under it
Slip my ears below the hot water of your composition.

I want to drown in the infinite fountain of catalyst beauty you spout

I want to dance in your orbit and wake up wearing things that smell like you

Desires abounding, love:

Let's be in the moment
To be in the moment with you is to be in the stars.

cigarettes,  hand,  mine,  whiskey.

Author: Kiagen McGinnis
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1209516

Recipe Of Mine

My needs are mine to fill,
As breathe deep
And focus with
Ingredients of thought.

My container cooks
With heat from heart.
Vessel bubbles within
As vapors expand
With creative energies.

Blessings are added
Like seasoning
As temperatures
And vibrations

Love is added
Like special spice,
As alignment is felt
To move in grace.

Every morning I drink,
From my sacred concoction
Balancing to feel grounded
In-order to follow purpose.

Purpose, to share my recipe
So others feed
From their own hearts
To feel peace.

StarBG © 2017

mine,  recipe.

Author: Star BG
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208670

She Mine His Mine

One day you'll
Meet someone
Who doesn't
Care about your
Past because
They want to
Be with you
In your future.


Author: Sabrina
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207782

Mine, Windbag, Mine

There is an old story that my father
Told me and my brother when we were children.
It is of the windbag
Who now haunts the ancient diamond mines.
It goes like this:

"Boys, have I ever told you of the old windbag?
How about the diamond mines that poisoned it?
Well, this windbag was a miner
Who wore his diving suit and large pickaxe with pride.
Indeed his suit was pride,
But the golden diamond mines were lust
Lust that the old miner paid no mind.
For every strike with his large pickaxe
Was every moment his mind left sanity.
He wanted more wanted more wanted more
Always always always dreaming of glittering diamonds
That shrank his soul to stone.
He left this world no longer a miner
But a windbag lingering the mines possessed by diamonds
With its diving suit and large pickaxe.
One dark morning the windbag was mining,
It was mining mining mining,
Yet it could not hear the diamond mines shatter, crumble.
Its coworkers heard, but it only heard diamonds.
The windbag stayed in the old diamond mines,
Trapped in its diving suit
Trapped in its large pickaxe
Trapped in its diamond mines.
It continues to clink and clank
As it lurks amongst the silent diamonds,
Making only physical contact. "

This story my father told me and my brother,
Haunts me more than the clink and clank
I hear while walking by
The ancient diamond mines
That swallowed the windbag.


Author: Kenny H
Date: 05/04/2020