Poems about mittens


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Kitten mittens?

It's cold outside but my kitten simply radiates heat
If only she would be useful and stay on my feet

kitten,  mittens.

Author: Ben
Date: 16/12/2019

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I wear
Your grey
Woollen mittens,
The ones

You can make
Into gloves
By pulling over
The fingers

To make complete;
Soft, thick,
But warm; neat.
I can sense you near

With them on;
An imaginary pulse
Moves along
Beside mine.

You felt the cold;
Although didn't say
As such
Or not

Over much;
Your hands
And fingers
Seeking shelter

Within the wool,
Rubbing against
The fibre, skin
On softness,

Warmth like
A kind of drug,
Seeping in.
I wear your grey

Woollen mittens,
My fingers fitting
Where yours once did,
The feel of you

In the wool's soft memory;
The fibre's hold,
Keeping you warm,
My son,

Keeping to warm
Against the cold.
The mittens seem fresh;
Not worn thin or aged

Or coming unwoven
As some things do.
I wear your grey mittens,
Have them close,

Neat and touching.
I wish they were you.

grey,  mittens.

Author: Terry Collett
Date: 09/11/2019

№ 894580

Fixtures and mittens

It's like there's a couple of words running around in your head and you're not sure if it's a song that you heard or maybe something you've read and then the words in your head become flames on your tongue
And you don't care anymore because they're your words and more and the more the flame the more the words came until you dried like the desert you are.

Apostrophes bother me.

Apostle come bother me

Opposites attract.

Even when dry
When you feel you could die
The water is words yet to come,
Some swim in it
Some drown in it
I knit a gown and go out in it.

What is peculiar?
If not then to fool you
To make you superior?
A reject?
When you're asking them, why me?
And I detect irony

We'll all rust away one day,
Plastic pins and hips and things
Will be all that remain.

I like the words that stain the walls
That rip through mansion halls to
Crack the stucco on the ceilings,

'be careful', someone calls,
But heaven falls on Angels and
Their wings
Someone else now sings the words that
Once ran wildly through my mind
I don't mind at all.

fixtures,  mittens.

Author: John Edward Smallshaw
Date: 25/06/2019

№ 755441

I Left My Mittens in the Smokies

I left my mittens in the Smokies.
It was that night at Maddron Bald on the ridge
After we'd hiked from Davenport Gap --
12 miles, 4, 000 feet.
The girl gave us icicles.
Dazed and breathless, we pitched the tent
And scrambled into our sleeping bags.

The morning sun felt good -- Sterling Ridge
On our left, Cosby far below to the right;
Mt. Guyot with its spruces and firs;
Lunch at Tri-Corner Knob; then down through
The rhododendrons and mud to McGhee Springs.
Raven Fork -- the beech tree, the icy water,
The boulders, the sunlight.
Cabin Flats and Smokemont -- the rain,
The people with pancakes.

Campfires, backpacks, flapjacks, barley;
Sunshine, lichens, blisters,. . . wood-smoke.

left,  mittens.

Author: Lucius Furius
Date: 19/02/2019

№ 581318

Mittens the Kitten

Once not long ago
In the vile state of Utah,
An evil wizard
Impregnated a feral cat with
Mormon seed.
In no time at all,
A litter was born
And all of them died
But one–
Mittens the Kitten.

Mittens grew up with a sense of entitlement
Because the evil wizard filled his head
With the Mormon scriptures.
When Mittens would catch and kill a mouse,
The evil wizard would pet Mittens
With a vigor that was borderline
Mittens was bred to kill.

In the evenings,
Mittens would enjoy a bowl of warm blood.
Sometimes it would coagulate,
But Mittens loved his blood.
He lapped it up
With a a vigor that was borderline
Mittens was bred to kill.

The evil wizard was a Harvard Business Grad,
And since feline-humanoids were not accepted
At Harvard School of Business,
The evil wizard taught Mittens
All that he knew.
Mittens soaked up the knowledge
With a vigor that was borderline
Mittens was bred to kill.

Some years went by and Mittens
Became a successful business owner.
He would lap up bowls of
Other people's business
With a vigor that was borderline
Mittens was bred to kill.

Fast forward to the present tense
(My personal favorite tense)
And Mittens is running for president.
He uses his magical smirk to cloak his lies
So that naive voters might believe that
They should vote for this cat.
He smirks and he lies
With a vigor that is borderline
Mittens was bred to kill.

kitten,  mittens.

Author: Auroleus
Date: 14/09/2018

№ 504579


These smitten mittens
Will forever web
My phalanges

Shove my hands
Into an icebox
And I'll need
That temperature


Author: Peyton Leigh Stille
Date: 07/07/2018

№ 469151

Maybe he was a pair of mittens

Maybe he was a pair of mittens

He met you in the cold of the winter
And he fit just right

Maybe he was a pair of mittens

When summer rolled over
He just didn't feel right anymore

Maybe he is a pair of mittens*
And maybe right now, *you just need a hat

mittens,  pair.

Author: mk
Date: 05/06/2018

№ 428845

Knitted Mittens

Its crochet dumb fuck.

Though with mild guilt I must attempt to say, they are for a good friend,
A true one,
Who lets me treat her bad and calls me the best,
And I'd do so many things for,
To make up for all my messes

So I didn't buy seven dollar made by a broken sweatshop woman gloves,
I went out for yarn and made my own,
Cursing and spitting all the way,
Because hey, friendship is cool,
And I'll punch you if you look at her wrong.
The broken lady doesnt know enough about her to do that.

knitted,  mittens.

Author: SMP
Date: 29/04/2018