Poems about mom


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You say that i don't do what you say,
You say that i don't care,
But what you don't see,
Me crying in a suffocating pile of regret,
The fact that i am constantly at war,
In a war that most times takes my focus,
So sorry that i forgot one thing in a list of five,
The sound of a bottle pouring alchohol sounds like bliss to you,
But to me it sounds more like the night that she told me to kill myself,
Maybe i am a melodramatic fool,
But you cannot say,
My cousin getting beaten infront of me while i was to scared to say anything,
Does not involve me,
And you saying that i don't care,
Does not make me perfect,
It's more likely to be more amunition,
Coming at me with a taser,
You told me you weren't okay with it,
But you didn't try to stop him,
Why do you never stand up for me,
Even after all the shit she did to me,
You react so much to me not doing my chores,
And everyone always tells me to relax,
I'm sorry that you would rater drink wine,
And I'm sorry you'd rather smoke pot,
But for this Destiny I am not,
I am nothing but a suit of armor waiting for the next person,
Waiting for the next person to use me,
But as little children painted with the perfect life,
Stop to tap or bang or just admire,
I turn my head away,
Because I cannot feel guilt for something I'm not involved in,
But this armor is painted silver,
But underneath is a paper wrapped heart,
That has so many dents,
And so many craters,
That it looks like the moon,
Cascading over the water,
The water that I am drowning in,
Am I really the guilty one?


Author: Ruika Jones
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1209695


Raindrops keep falling on my head
Nothing feels quite like it
Much like the way it feels
When you cast your hand and arm
For someone else to take when they
Have no such things, no such stable
Grounds to bear themselves on

The feeling of no air left in my lungs
Nothing burns quite like it
Much like the way feels
When you are the one who stole
Hands and arms, people's ground
Leaving nothing for them to
Bear themselves on not even a crumb
And it burns deep in my lungs most
When they look into my eyes and i see
Every scale of sorrow possible to weigh
And they see nothing in my eyes at the Time

The feeling of my stomach eating at me
There is nothing quite like it
Except the feeling of regret if only now
If only now she could gaze into my eyes
And see the regret for all that I had held
Not often this comes but when it does
She never gets to see it


Author: Chris
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208634


I'm writing this in hopes that you won't tear it up and throw it away... or crumple it up and hit yourself with it or something. I'm writing this in hopes that you'll flip for a second and see things clearly. As they are. Not "as they are" in the way you said last night, when you were accusing your family of wanting to get rid of you.
Granted, I see why you would think I want you gone.
I've been bad to you, mom. When you and dad would fight and you'd push him to the point of violence id get so angry with both of you. Marriage is supposed to be equal and I know everything is also yours, but you and I both know that this house is his. All those times I was red in the face screaming at you to just fucking leave I was trying to get it in your head that things would only get worse if you stayed. I was worried for leaving kayla in an enviornment where you and dad hit each other, where there was no example of real love at all. When you'd lose yourself and start acting crazy, I'd harden my exterior and be short with you and I'm so sorry. I thought that maybe if I acted strong and unbothered, I could really be ok after the shit hit the fan. This leaves me to wonder if you really meant it when you told me that I'd just stand over your dead body with that smirk on my face I always have... was that you saying that? Or was it the paranoid delusions??? Do you really think that I make it easier for you to die??? Have you always been slipping in and out? Right now, as I type this (I know if I were to give it to you I'd have to write it so you don't think it's fake and part of the conspiracy) are you in that place fixating on how much I have hurt you? On how much you cared for me all my life just to be given the cold shoulder in my teenage years? Do you also think about how we will never recover?


Author: A
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1208470

I'm sorry, Mom

Waking up is hard
It's the hardest thing I do
I hate waking up
Almost as much as I hate myself

If I were happy kr wouldn't be so hard
If I could face myself it wouldn't hurt so bad

Do you ever wonder what it's like to hate every single part of your being?
Well I don't have to wonder
I know what it's like

And it's fucking hell

My words are punches to my gut
My thoughts slice my skin
The images in my mind burn holes in my flesh
I cannot breathe

I'm sobbing I'm inconsolable
Don't fucking tell me I look pretty
Don't fucking tell me I look hot

How could I ever believe your words when mine are telling me different
I find comfort in them, they are constant
Does that make me insane?

I don't love myself
And I know they tell me I should

"how can anyone love you if you don't love yourself? "
How the fuck am I supposed to know?
I am and endless flow of love towards others but why is it so hard for me to love me

Maybe it's because I'm suicidal
Maybe it's because I'm images are forever tainted by the fire I have stumbled through
My finger tips are singed and my hair smells like your fucking cigarette smoke

I want to die

Every second of every day i would rather be dead

I'm laughing

But I mean it

I'd rather hurt than anyone else, but there's so much hurt in me I can hardly stand anymore

I want to smash my Fucking skull into a wall

I want to let my bones shatter and my body go limp

I am submissive anyways

I fucking suck anyways

I don't want your goddamn pity or your fucking "no don't say that!!! "
Fuck off

You don't know what it's like to be me

It's a fucking nightmare

Try waking up and being SO UPSET that you are who you are

I have to force myself to leave my home

I am at war
A constant battle with seemingly no end

I am tired
How much longer must I fight?

My fingers are slipping my hands are tired my arms are numb

I'm falling now

Do not catch me

I want to hit the fucking ground


Author: Rhianna Powell
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207322


I found my mom's weed,
I guess Ill be existential and say,
I'm high on the weed,
Brown in a mold of somewhat,
Stale fashion,
Yet still

mom,  stash.

Author: Wack Tastic
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1207160

For ~Mom~

She's the best Mom
Anyone could ever find
I love her beyond words
She pens the best novels
Better than anyone could ever write
I shall always love her
She is cute, sweet and cuddly
Like a teddy bear
And like a doll
She is pretty and sweet
She plays such beautiful
Pieces of music on the
Which sings with beauty
When her delicate hands
Dance across the keys
And she takes care of us
And of the cats too
She'll always be the best
The best... Ever
She is always kind
And loving
Always graceful
And dainty
In her own way
I am blessed
To have her
For a Mother



Author: Marian
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1206213

I love you mom

I love you more than the blood that's running through my veins,

I love you more than the air I breath in,

I love you more than the times my heart beats,

I love you more than the ground I walk on,

I love you more than happiness,

I love you more than I, myself,

Im glad you stood up for me,

And didn't give up on me,

And that's why I love you.

I LOVE you more than anything... Mom

love,  mom.

Author: Liyah Gisele
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1205651


Deep dark corners of iminagation, responsible for child hood hallucinations don't disappear in the later years

Late nights without sleep till daylight play on the mind and set reality aside giving way to paranoia to well up inside.

First its simple and explainable but worsens with time, a point comes when fear proves to be alive only sinking you deeper inside

As the devil stands over you watching in plain sight, you try to force yourself outside but terror keeps you frozen in time.

But talking to the shadows satin left behind to keep a close eye on every move you may try, eases the tension cuz someone finally sticks around ournd for conversation.

If you haven't taken rest by day five the world a group of spies trying to ruin your life. Arrest you without a chance of ever seeing light

After 6 strung out nights reality is a dream and puppy's can fly, your wanted by the FBI, every move you make is another surprise.

In less than a week you can suddenly be a different take on yourself, a person with 6 different names, each with a life and attitude completely different From the rest,
Impossible to talk to cuz very one of the people in your head wanna share there views


Author: dennis drain
Date: 03/04/2020