Poems about moment


№ 1210407


In the moment
I felt empty
It was late
I should've gone to bed
But i didn't
I had been thinking about it for a while
It was always tickling the back of my mind
Not letting me forget
Reminding me
The moment of feeling something
Of feeling relief for a second
And i did it
I looked at the scissors
And gilded them across my wrist
Then there was shame
And regret
And anger
That i went almost two months and threw it all away
I didn't sleep that night
I tossed and turned
Then pretended everything was fine


Author: Alex
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1208592

For a moment

For a moment,
Just a moment
There was a belch
Of unwanted tenderness
On which my body responded
My thoughts were
Still adherent to the dream
Desire, floating
As in the morning
Beyond brightness.

© 2014 Marialenn


Author: Marialenn Langendoen
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1208522

Quintessential Moment

When you did not know then
How you came to know
As you now know
That's a quintessential moment--

The mind has been set free
Insight and intuition has taken over
Beyond the bond of reason
A miracle you discover.

moment,  quintessential.

Author: Dr Peter Lim
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1208448

A Small Moment of Air

You breathed.
The Sun wiggled a little.
You moved.
There was a wobble
In the path of the Moon.
You smiled.
My gravity shifted.
You looked at me.
Einstein held his breath...
The Spheres paused, waiting...
Eternity went to lunch...
Until you breathed and smiled at me again.
I took in a small moment of air.

air,  moment,  small.

Author: Timothy Mooney
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1208167

Irreversible Moment

Sometimes I feel like walking through an endless path...
Confused and desperate.
I wish I could go back in time...
And reverse my mistakes.
I wish I could move on...
But there is no way out...
I should just let time take over and heal these wounds...

irreversible,  moment.

Author: Edgar
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207052


Say hello
To the moment
Stretch out your hand
And you say with an open heart
What's in for us?

It replies
Well--it's just you and me
I am the stage
You are the actor
I can't even raise a finger
Unless you make the first move
There is no show without you
I have no life nor delight
Of my own

No philosopher am I
Call me an ordinary bloke
I didn't go to college
(just an average student-
Finished high school at 17
Poor family I came from
Dad was an odd-jobs man)
I held several jobs
But disliked working for others
Now a farmer
With a helping wife
(we have two kids--very young still-
One boy and one girl-
We adore them)
We earn enough
Decent living as the saying goes

I wake up early
And hello to my farm I say
I talk to the plants (they grow better
As they understand what I say)

After harvest
To the town I take my produce
And then I say hello
To the people who walk by
And they say hello in reply
These are great things
You bring--I'll have these two
Also that over there
Hello- what a magnificent word
Just the sound makes me happy
And I am in the day's doing-show

To me
Life is just saying hello
I have an unwritten alliance
With moments in time
They are with me
Wherever I am
And wherever I go.

hello,  moment.

Author: MS Lim
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1206719

Holy Moment

This was a Holy Moment.
Every moment we have is holy,
But this one was different.
Every moment begs of us to see it,
To see its glory, but this one,
This one screams.
This one cries out for life
In all its sentiments.
No painter could paint it,
No singer could sing it,
And even this poem
Cannot do it justice.
It was a Moment full of awe and power;
Such power that one could not help but be drawn in.

This was a Holy Moment,
And it was felt.
The loss of a loved one
I could not relate.
Hard to write
Are the intangible Moments we have.
Love, fear, joy, and loss
All have many meanings.
I tried to compare,
But I could not compare.
I tried to imagine,
But I did not have the capacity.
I knew not this loss that was felt,
But its presence was unmistakable.

This was a Holy Moment,
And it crept up into each of us.
It ate at our insides, trying to defeat us.
It pulled and pulled at me,
Trying to bring me to the depths of darkness.
It numbed the body.
I could not move, I could not think.
I could only feel the Moment
And it was terrible.
My mind wanted to speak, but couldn't.
I should have said something.
But what could I have said?
There is nothing for me to say.
Any words would be just merely words.
No words could have freed us of that Moment.
No words could bring back life.
No words could make it “alright”,
For alright was another Moment;
Another Moment far away from this one,
A Moment not to be thought about,
Because in this Moment we were.

This was a Holy Moment,
And I was there.
I was there and we were all there,
There in that Moment.
One of us was more than hurt,
And we knew its true intensity
Was something far out of reach,
Far from our experience.
Still, we shared this Moment.
We shared it from start to end,
Even though it had no end.
Time could not grasp this Moment;
It would not dare.
Gathered in that Moment,
We were bonded by the darkness.
While she was alone in her thoughts,
Our thoughts were with her.

This was a Holy Moment,
And it was significant.
It had something to say.
Life has many Moments,
Each with something to offer,
To show, to tell, to teach.
For it is in our lowest Moments
That we can learn the most.
It is in these Moments,
That we learn to seize the day.

This was a Holy Moment,
Opposing another Moment.
It is the price we pay
For eating the fruit,
But it was worth it.
I accept these Moments
And all other Moments.
May we grow from them
And continue on our journey,
For this was but a Moment.

This was a Holy Moment.

holy,  moment.

Author: Matt Kukulski
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1206378

This Moment

Oh proud engineer of eternity
Seam of reality
Stitch of the universe
Go forth

Cross those barren wastelands
Composed of the flesh of your kin
All of what was

Sail those tumultuous seas
That lifeblood of Cronos, Father Time
All of what is

And find yourself naturally to a shore
For that shore is your shore
Though the bank not of sand,
But of finely woven threads

The threads of reality itself,
A blossom of life amidst the swirling tides of time.

And you shall break onto that shore,
A behemoth bred of circumstance,
For you are this moment!

And with all the might of a whisper,
A syllable and a heartbeat,
A spike and dip of glorious emotion and sensation,
Shall you impress yourself onto the fabric of life

And all at once release.

Recede with pride,
Backwards through that sea, once spiteful, now docile
Drift into that void what harbors all things once seen,
And with peace,
Await all that remains


Author: Robert Ueda
Date: 03/04/2020