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The Moments I Live For

Let me tell you a story, of the time I made her smile
I hope you've some time, because, this might take a while.

It all started on a whim and a dare
That I could make it to her
To her, for her, there!

So as a working adult, so responsible am I,
I got my leave approved, with a twinkle in my eye!
Perhaps that's not the right word, but it sure could have been
Especially now I've a chance, to score another win.

So days flew by and with what little money to be had
I bought for her gifts and things, and boy my heart was glad!
I said to myself Now she isn't one for fancy things, nothing to pricey especially a ring!
Now before you holler at me, and pitch a fit or drone,
Keep in mind, dear friend, that this one I had barely known!

So a few days before the day that she was to graduate from the University of her home,
I set off on the road to a new adventure, my heart so glad to be free to roam.
But along the way I began having doubts, as all strangers do,
What if she doesn't like these gifts?
Even worse, what if she felt uncomfortable, next to a person she barely knew?

See we met overseas, teaching together as it were,
The days were long, but there was still an adventure out there, but now but a blur.
So we've little time to tell each others, our deepest fears and our passions of wants,
But we made time for each other in our smiles and our jaunts.

So back to the road, and it was already too late to turn back now
Through the many hours of driving, the sun had truly beaten my brow.
And as came closer to town where she stay
It dawned upon me, I've yet to come with a plan to approach this play.

So being the improviser that I am, bought some (overpriced) flowers
And delivered it to her house that day.
Unfortunately, it was, cold, raining, and miserable all the more,
What else that was slightly embarrassing was that she did not answer her door.

Of course, I never told her I would be coming down at all,
I simply decided to go to her town, without so much as a call!
So I laid the bouquet of assorted colored flowers down
On a pillow soft and plush on the front porch to the door, and proceeded back to town.


The next day had come, I am slightly concerned if I smell of my night in my car
But waste no time getting properly dressed for the occasion,
I of course triple check myself, because, this was her graduation!

The ceremony had commenced! And I spot her from the far side of the stadium!
My, what a sight she was, if only the others could have seen her then...

She finally stands in line, as the many predecessors has done before
And soon enough, she's walking across the stage floor!

Her family and friends, scream and cry their delight!
And I give a long awaited bellow of satisfaction, much to the crowd's unpleasant fright.
Congratulations are then tossed around, like the caps which were far flung
And off I was in a dash, from the bottom rung.

I could not find her initially,
But never fear, and not to worry.
God and his sense of timing and humor,
Led me right back to her.

I drove back to her house, thinking I'll lay the gift and disappear
But it would not be so, as I pull up and with her back turned
I see her.

I pull up, like it was just another day
And like the dork I am, here is what I say
"Hey little lady, going some where? "

The look on her face was priceless. Beyond all compare!
Moments like those are what I live for, just to be there.

She turned around astounded! Confused but happy all the same
And then I heard it, the one thing that made it worth it
When she cried out my name.

I parked the car, but not fast enough and burst through my door to meet her once more, on the parking lot floor.
A moment seared forever, the back burners of my mind
Of moment to be remembered, because we don't leave friends behind.

So the day went on, and we celebrated together on her victory
And it was all worth it, just to see her happy.

These are the moments I live for.

live,  moments.

Author: Danigan Lee
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1208826

In The Still Moments

The fog is rising from the meadows and the birds are beginning to sing. The sun is still below the horizon and the haze still hangs over head. The flowers are still asleep, waiting for the days first rays of sun. In these still moments before the world is awake, I find a quiet time to reflect and renew my spirit. I draw on the solitude and beauty of a new day, before it is lost to the rest of the world.


Author: James M Vines
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208704

A moments sunlight

Sitting dreaming, mind locked shut
Looking into her dark mist
Forgetting the living
Only the vague dead
Flit through her gaze
I am her son
Then her husband
She has to go home
To feed her dog
Cries with the worry
Then a moments sunlight
"Are you new?
You are a lovely wee boy,
You are an Angel! "
No, I am just a cleaner,
I just like to talk to you
That is all I can do

moments,  sunlight.

Author: jeremy wyatt
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1208184

Capturing Dark Moments In Sepia

Fall has been my favorite season since seeing the sight of multi colored leaves, laying amongst each other in silent beauty. I guess thats why I loved your hair so much. Auburn with flashes of blonde like capturing dark moments in sepia.

I want so badly to believe I'd decline the opportunity to bathe my beaten skin in your serenity, one last time. But alas, my seas run deep with fleeting hope of you, and me, unbreakable like skyline pines fighting off northern winds, akin to the ebb of leaves painting the fall ground, captured in sepia.

Fall has been my favorite season since the allure of its equinox, balanced out my day and night. Like your touch balanced my strength, hushed my troubles, and gave life to my harmony, equal to capturing dark moments in sepia.

If only for the sake of peace, bask in my elixir at the end, before the sun burns out, and fall turns to endless cold. Before its equinox is lost among the shuffle, the skyline pines give in to the wind and the leaves turn to cinders. Let it be birth into fruition, before the seas run dry, before there is no longer you or I. And let this dark moment be captured, in sepia.

capturing,  dark,  moments,  sepia.

Author: Willie Bryant II
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207694

A List Of What Happens In Moments

Snowflakes melt
Smiles flicker
Eyes light up
Sunlight glints
Love happens
Life conceives
First kisses
Leaves fall
Tears form
Then are brushed away
Ropes snap
Hearts break
Flames turn to ash
Energy turns to nothing
Stars collapse
Death comes
The road there is long and painful
Nevertheless when you get there
Your life will seem but a moment

list,  moments.

Author: Luka Love
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1205678

Celebrate Moments

My beloved is my storybook she resides in my eyes
When ever I look in to the mirror it tells me her story
In the mirror of my heart I see her along with love cries
I do believe in her beauty and her graces just blindly

My beloved you can also see me in the mirror of heart
Consider me the person who in love sees you around
But please take me seriously never ever to just depart
Whatever you consider may be the appropriate ground

Let's celebrate these moments with due care and caution
Let us dangle and dance from land to the open blue sky
In love, love has its own passion and beauty has its fashion
Let me take you hand in hand to go up to clear sky so high

Col Muhammad Khalid khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow

celebrate,  moments.

Author: Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1204833


My moments with you
Have been undeniable true
Moments of pure pleasure
Moment of pure pain
Hurt beyond measure
But love beyond treasure
Sweet moments off loving
Unhappy moments of tears
We have shared all these moments
Throughout our years
We both treasure these moments
Each and every day
Moments are our memories
Those moments are our hearts
We've had many moments
And still do each year
These little moments we treasure
And will always cherish
For many years to come


Author: Lazlo Mehl
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1204150

Alone Moments

Sans anyone chance occurs alone
Thinking of couthy feelings got up the pen
And nice debanoir therein whisper none
Some banal cliches to mind with whom what
New i can!

Same time notice the leaf to fall
But it's zeal to down for some time win
It's reeling making childish call
Gruff wind reave it being of nature's mean!!!

Wind's deed to be gruesome
To deprive it from origion
Wind doing this continued but leaf's mum
Because of strength that's main reason!!!


Author: Harsh Sandhu
Date: 01/04/2020