Poems about money


№ 1209901

Easy money.

Shop around
There's a deal out there
And money will come to you
Then hold your head
And pray
That that
The money, will not stick on you at all
Then fall.

No such thing about money exists
But it easy does not matter at all.

easy,  money.

Author: Paul Hardwick
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1207557


The root of all evil
The pleasure principle of power
The solution to make change
The means by the hour
The wish of many
The selection of few
The happiness of some
The means we're a custom too


Author: Scott A Grant
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1207102

Never Lie About Money Or Power To Your Lover

I won't lie
Not this time --
Nothing is going to happen tonight.

I may never set this right,
But this time
I'm not afraid --

Not in this light.
Not tonight.

I didn't mean to push you away --
So cross in retrospect,
I was lost in intricate
With numbers
On a screen,
It is uncanny, their
Ability to demean.

Give me the right
To sell myself
As my habit demands
Yes, like a junkie.
That's where I stand
On that.

But I won't lie
To get by.
You and I, Master,
We have to try.
My pleasure,
You said, much to my delight.
But now I'm only
Sleeping. Just like
Every other night.

With the crash of confusion
My lover is gone.
Stoically claimimg
My heedlessness
While I weep
For the loss of sweet
Time pining away
For what is gone.

I won't lie --
Not this time
Not tonight
Not for loss or love.

Instead fortune forced
My hand!
I will lie for
The sake of
Those numbers.

The ones I keep dreaming of.

As for love,
You should never have to lie for love.

lie,  lover,  money,  power.

Author: biche
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1205226

Money talks...

Money Talks

And what it said back then on the railway bridge
At Bloomfield Road (no longer there of course)
Was "You can spare me – it means only one less
Penny ice lolly from the corner shop! " (no longer
There of course) and the train will make me huge
(steam no longer here of course) and the others
Will laugh and cheer as you scramble down to
The line place me centred and climb back up
Here again before the train shoots through to
Central Station (no longer there of course).

Gigantic copper-coloured disc and this recall.
Still talking half a century after.

(c) C J Heyworth August 2014

money,  talks.

Author: Christopher James Heyworth
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1203479

But still she gets money and attention and i am the cold water

And another day goes by
Around the queen bitch around
With her blood stained pants
Because she can't wear a fucking tampon
She can't even clean the bathroom
After she throws up
And every day she screams at me
Because i don't clean up her mess
It's like she's three years old,
She's supposed to be seventeen!
Like that porn magazine she likes to read
I am done cleaning up her mess and answering
Her messages
I always have to charge the phone
Oops no she lost it.
And when i go to the doctor she's the one that gets pills
She broke three computers but still
I didn't get the room on the corner
And i didn't get to change schools
I don't waste money on shoes like she does

attention,  cold,  money,  water.

Author: maybe marc
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1203143


Where does the money go?
I work, I toil, I bleed, I sweat;
But I have not one thing to show.

Maintaining highs but forever low,
I smoke, I fear, I fall, I fret;
Where does the money go?

Whichever way the wind does blow.
To myself I am in debt,
But I have not one thing to show.

An omnipresent malicious glow,
Resounding like a string quartet;
Where does the money go?

Perhaps I know...
Do I regret?
But I have not one thing to show.

Life's everlasting ebb and flow
Just goes to show how I forget-
Where does the money go?
But I have not one thing to show.


Author: Auroleus
Date: 31/03/2020

№ 1196177

Power and Money

We, don't speak the truth.
All because someone takes a defensive tone.
We aware of the flirt, the flatterer that got promoted on looks.

Worked less to get ahead all because the attention of a needed man.
And have the nerve to get offended when another test them upon it.
Then suddenly they complains because they been called out.

Many men and women seen this thousands of times.
Power and money holds weight of changing people morals on a daily basis.

Many have sold their soul to play the play game behind doors.
Then suddenly they cry foul.
When they standing in the unemployment line.

Then suddenly they seeking sympathy.
As if they were the victim of the game.
Power and money makes many lose their senses.

Then suddenly they wise up.
But, now many are divided on the complaint.
When some they victim's never said they won't!

Power and money is a deadly tool.

money,  power.

Author: jeffrey conyers
Date: 25/03/2020

№ 1196053

Money Making

Make not money so great a cause
It doesn't make you time to pause
One day when we're laid to grave
Would mean nothing money we save.

making,  money.

Author: PoetryJournal
Date: 25/03/2020