Poems about moon


№ 1210132

Heartbreak As My Witness, The Moon Will Guide Me Back To You

We said our goodbyes
Under a full moon glowing in the sky
With every tear we shared
Our two hearts grew lonely, no longer ensnared
You looked at me with a tear stained face
My heartbreak devoured my soul with haste

It all seems but a lifetime ago
The seed of closure will never grow
And though my days are now numbered
I spend my nights gazing, not in a slumber,
Up at the moon, my glowing compass
Waiting to be guided back to you,
In this lifetime or the next that is nigh

guide,  heartbreak,  moon,  witness.

Author: ZR Simon
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1210081

Moon mountain and oversight

Who has these before
A name became the thing,

Before your name
Came to my ears

Who had a way
With you?

Not you
Nor neither me
Not him nor her
Nor it.

Before a name fell upon
From mother sky,
Mother thigh

Who, where off this earth
Was I?

moon,  mountain.

Author: Mike Adam
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1209744

Moon walking in the desert.

I was moon walking in the desert
Chasing the memory of rain
Down some dried washes, choked
Full of sand and silver. I was
Following the way of water
Tracing sideways into dead
End hills of Bentonite, purple
And grey I was moving in
And out of shadow like a
Fish in deeper eddies, laying
Down silently beneath the
Weeds and waves.

desert,  moon,  walking.

Author: Andrew
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1209706

The Moon And Stars

ЂњIf everybody likes you, you're doing it wrong. ”

On these dark nights
When the air is fresh and brisk
She is concealed in the sky
And speaks secrets in a soft voice
Showing only her beauty and grace
Her movements are slow and shy
The whispers barely leave her lips

It's on these nights
She is accompanied by thousands that are fascinated
By her mystery
She attracts even the faintest and shallow of them
They look on in awe
But they don't see her entirety

It's the nights that are much brighter- lit by her beaming smile
It's these nights she reveals herself as a whole
Full and ripe
Baltering and twirling
Uncovering her weaknesses and blemishes
Completely real and truthful

It's these nights she only attracts a few
Yet they are the brightest, most incandescent of them all
They sing and dance around her carelessly
They love all night long
In the sky

moon,  stars.

Author: Catey Ellis
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1209610


I held your heart in my hand,
Held it aloft beneath the moons glint,
Squeezing it sponge like
Until it oozed deep red rain,
Tingeing the clouds
Scarlet to crimson, ruby to blood.

The harder I squeezed
The more your heart emptied,
Trickling rivulets that
Traced the map of veins in my arm,
Soaking into my shirt,
White linen turning deceptively black
Beneath a dark sky.

I felt your heart pulsating,
Reacting against my grasp,
Forcing my clawed fingers to flat open palm,
My hold forcefully released.
I thought it would fall
And lie beating but beaten on the ground.
Instead, it rose unaided,
Elevated enough to obscure the cold moon,
Pulsating, vibrating, transforming,
Until it became the moon itself
And turned the sky black-red.

And now I hide within the bleak woods,
I feel your pinching hold,
Your tightening clench,
And I feel your gravitational pull,
Crashing me like a wave
Against the jagged rocks
Of what remains of us.

blood,  moon.

Author: Marc Hawkins
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1209236

The night the moon disappeared

There is no greater disappointment
Than looking up high
And finding no Moon
Lighting up the night sky.

I looked into your eyes many times before
Finding love, comfort, hate, passion,
But not this desolate goodbye,
Until there was no moon in the sky.

This emptiness spread into my heart,
Now hollow and inconsolably dark.
The only white pearl that can make it restart
Didn't think twice to turn off or depart.

Yet hope is still here,
Shining as lonely stars;
For the moon to reappear
And heal all deep blue scars.

*By Elle Bogue

disappeared,  moon,  night.

Author: Elle Bogue
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208856

I Am Nothing Like the Moon

I can make you feel loved
I can take the weight of the world off your shoulder,
But only if you ask me to.
I can take you places
Fill all your blank spaces.
This love is silent,
I don't dare speak a word
For I am nothing like the moon.
My light will never be as bright.
I'm nothing that you'd admire from afar,
Gazing at with wonder.
I thought I understood it
That I could grasp the reality of it,
But you make it hard
Because you're the stuff and dust dreams are made of.


Author: Daisy Marrow
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208589

Listening to the moon

Listening to the moon,
Gazing at the croaking of frogs
In a field of ripe rice.

listening,  moon.

Author: Yosa Buson
Date: 05/04/2020