Poems about mother


№ 1210399

Mother Russia

Walking through the road of bones, on the way to Gulag,
Sleep by the sleepers, till you are just leftovers.
Making way for the ferrous wheels, mean machines,
The Red Tsar is still a reverend, Sukhois fly by.
Witness the northern winds, take a time lapse,
Stare at the Kremlin, wonder what Putin's doing?

Deserts of different shades to the opposites,
Unsaid and unclaimed they rule the north.
The lost Soyuz men in the space, still a mystery,
Few hundreds revolve with little hope and air.
Uncle Sam's contender from time immemorial,
Its a mystic land, Keeps you wondering of it.

mother,  russia.

Author: Amit Shroff
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1210005

Mother love

You have gone
But not from me
You walk in beauty
Matching stride
In song forever
Over the rainbow
Stormy weather
Not forgotten

love,  mother.

Author: K Mae
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1209913

To my mother

To my mother,
I am a garbage bag of old clothes
A messy, dusty room
That was empty for two years
A vacant bed...
An echo
In a big yellow house
That she never owned
Until now...
To my mother
I am a memory
And that's where
She likes to keep me
A pretty little cardboard box
Of old notes
That she ties a ribbon around.

This garbage bag
Of clothes
That i had to replace
Two years ago
When you made me and daddy leave
Makes me cry
Because i am not the only one
Who is a bag of old clothes
No longer needed
I have learned
To no longer need you,
And it isn't


Author: Redshift
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1208956

My mother's empty bed

A place of safety? he wonders
And i don't hesitate to answer.
Well my mother's bed
Something about it, i continue
The way the comforter never attaches to the foot
And the sheets wrinkle into folds of security
The smell as i breathe deep into the pillows
Unchanged no matter the location
Makes my tears subside little by little
Soaking up thoughts of regret
And provides a feeling no human could give
Well, besides my mother of course.
A feeling of overwhelming safety, all in my mother's empty bed

bed,  empty,  mother.

Author: ZoГ«
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208675

Mother Nurture

The mind
My mind
Is a desert

Or so it seems
A hurricane of thought
Where thunder dreams
Up ways to
Keep me awake

Never sleep
Never sleep
Never sleep

Flooded w/ photographs, memories & moments...
Seasons in mind, in my head
Months define/demand attention

"... & I feel safer in the eye of the storm... "

mother,  nurture.

Author: Mish
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1208549

An Open Letter to my Abuser's Mother

Dear you,
I miss you.
The name of a spice that smells so sweetly in the spring
Your name was so fitting.

Dear you,
How are you?
I live in my own pain that smells like a sewage plant
You have nothing do with it
You were always kind.

Dear you,
How dare you be so kind?
How dare you believe me
The person who accused your son of being a child molester?
Although, I never spoke poison
Everything I said was true
Why did you believe me?

Dear you,
I had trouble believing myself.
Knowing this happened
I detached so eloquently from the event
For seven years
I formed an alter ego
In which I could live comfortably

Dear you,
Are you comfortable?
I really do hope I didn't tear your family apart
As I seem to be so privy at
Why, just look at mine.
I played a heavy hand in the way
It's pretty fucked up

Dear you,
You are the only person who didn't treat me like a fuck up
When you had every reason to
You never blamed me
You apologized for him
So why am I still holding onto this guilt?
Why am I so ashamed to see you?
Why am I so fearful?
Because, even though you never blamed me
I have always blamed myself.

abuser,  letter,  mother,  open.

Author: Sarah Frances
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1208179

To My Mother

Why do you hurt the only people who actually care about you?
Are you too busy wallowing in self pity and misery
To study the detailed mosaic of a daughter's sympathy?
The brightly coloured tiles paint a picture for you only
Yet you refuse to even acknowledge the art.
In case you didn't notice:
I was the one screaming through sobs and helplessly begging for him
To stop, even though I knew you hit him first.
I was the one trying to keep you alive when your skin sunk in
And your bones stuck out and your wrists shook with weakness.
I was the one holding your hand while you were praying to die.
I was the one helping you clean the fragments of broken mirrors off the floor
And I guess I should have known that trying to pick up the glass in your heart
Would only leave me bloody and broken, too.


Author: Sag
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207529


I made a scroll at school
Last week,
It was for my mum,
To thank her for the
Loving things
That she has already

I stuck gold paper on
My scroll
With pink and silver
It was a never-ending
That seemed to last for

My teacher said red
Hearts were best
To stick around the
She was right; mum's
Scroll looked great
Displayed on our
Window ledge.

On Sunday I got up,
To make mum
Breakfast in bed,
But dad said it was
Too early
So I read her my
Scroll instead.

I read how I enjoy
Her roast dinners,
Her stories last thing
At night,
I read that she's
Pretty and funny
How I love her with
All my might.

I could see that my
Mum was crying,
She was turning her
Head away,
So I gave her a huge
Great squeezy hug
And shouted: 'Happy
Mother's Day! '


day,  happy,  mother.

Author: Darryl Ashton
Date: 04/04/2020