Poems about mouth



Bad Stuff Mouth Can't Tolerate

Abusing my best friend
Because she slept with my ex-boyfriend
Knowing how much he meant to me
Is not acceptable to my mouth.

Disrespecting my mother
Just because she didn't prepare my meals on time
And keeps fussing over small things
Is not acceptable to my mouth.

Hating some girl
And calling her slut
Just because she refused to sleep with me
Is not acceptable to my mouth.

Calling a friend
And bitching about another friend
After all those memories and moments
Is not acceptable to my mouth.

Saying “i hate you”
To the person I called my world
After all the promises of “always and forever”
Is not acceptable to my mouth.

All this stuff, and many more
Sears through my heart
And burns a hole full of void
Named “Bad Stuff my mouth can't tolerate”

bad,  mouth,  stuff,  t,  tolerate.

Author: Muskan Kapoor
Date: 06/04/2020


Something with something in its mouth

At 8: 20 am, i get into the shower
And remember the last time you were in it
Almond milk, pine sap, sputtering hot and weeping
We didn't dream that night and
After you left i lay on the kitchen floor,
Repeating myself.
During the day i sell the same wine over and over:
Tobacco leaf, dry leaves, black cherry
There is one here that is a kiss, a second
I can't describe wine as a cul-de-sac
And your button up, so i say “strawberry. ”
I flew to new york and
The weather felt like my blood,
Sticking to your neck
We spent the weekend in the country
Entangled, frightened, drinking cider
Spilling it out through our sharpening teeth:
Dogs barking at a few falling leaves.
When i came home i scratched off my skin- i turn cold daily.
There's not much to eat and
You would tell me that
There isn't enough cheese in my fridge,
And it's the wrong kind,
And why are you looking at me like that?
I come to you each night in your little plastic bed
Breathing small seeds
Pocketing light.
(you don't know. you are asleep)
How do you do it, keeping so warm?
Dear, i can't stop drawing the moon
Because i keep hoping i'll see you in it.


Author: Sylvia Weld
Date: 06/04/2020


I kissed your virgin Mouth

I kissed your virgin mouth
Blood came through veins
As river meeting ocean
Leaving behind delta in
Memorial poetry that
Clothed your body

Penultimate breaths
Touch golden rays of fire
Burn words floating on lips
A voice whispers the last prayer
On the mortal barren existence
Enveloping warm blood enters in an ear

Written by

~Jawahar Gupta


kissed,  mouth.

Author: yasaman johari
Date: 05/04/2020


Porcelain mouth-Broken scream

Right. Thats who i am.
Who ill always be.
Just do me a favor and lock away the key
But like usual
I forgot something else again
Worthless trophy locked away on this dusty shelf
Used to the darkness
And the shadows of doubt

Scattered pieces lie about
Bleed me dry
Tear me apart
Do it correctly, inside out

But even with that dusty key
I would still be stuck here it seems
Too afraid of what lies beyond
Paper thin door
Memmories never vanquished
Never even gone

They play with my concious
Twist and pull those strings
Making me flinch and panic yet again
The wounds run deep
Your words become mine
Oh dont worry, my demons are pleased
Theyre having a great time

The scars? Forget them not.
The stitches were better used on others
The ones not forgot.
But hey, thats ok.
I never wanted them anyway.
Newly healed hurts more to break,
Than the skin always broken anyway.

broken,  mouth,  porcelain,  scream.

Author: CookieCutterStars MilkyNights
Date: 01/04/2020


You took the words right out of my mouth

I remember all those times
That I opened my mouth
To say something
Whether it be a random observation
A helpful comment
Or a joke
Only to be interrupted
By you
Saying the very words
That were frozen on my tongue

I still wonder if it means anything


Author: Jenni
Date: 30/03/2020


Open your mouth

I'm new to this, nowhere goin,
I open my mouth but words ain't flowing,
At the girl that needs to know
I love her so, and can't let go.
To the poems, where I'm goin,
Wherever you're goin, I'll be stowin
Away in your suitcase in all of your clothes
Tucked really deep, so noone knows

mouth,  open.

Author: Jonny
Date: 23/03/2020


Potty Mouth Preachers

I'll tell you about something that is rotten to the core.
When outside of church, some preachers cuss like sailors.
My friend saw some of these preachers who like to cuss.
They should be ashamed, preachers are supposed to set an example for the rest of us.
When they cuss, they anger God because it's like slapping him in the face.
Morality is not their strong point, what they're doing is truly a disgrace.
Out of all of the people in the world, preachers are the ones who should never swear.
Those preachers are not God fearing people and it is just too much for me to bear.
This makes me angry and Jehovah God and I are both filled with disgust.
It proves that the world is lost when we see preachers who we can't trust.

mouth,  preachers.

Author: Randy Johnson
Date: 20/03/2020


Faucet Mouth (Haiku)

I can't stop the words
From running out of my mouth
But I speak the truth

faucet,  haiku,  mouth.

Author: Olivia Rachel
Date: 20/03/2020