Poems about murphy



Murphy III

I miss you.
I miss those late night texts asking if i was awake.
I miss hearing you play the piano.
I miss the way your hand felt in mine.
I miss you.

I miss the way you joked around with me.
I miss how we always got so close, and i always pulled away.
I regret doing that because now i realize
How much i miss you.

I miss you
And all that you do
And all that you are
And what you will be.

I miss the videos you'd send me
Or the thoughts we'd share,
Or the stories we'd tell
In times of despair.

I miss the sound of your voice
On a hot sunday night
Through the phones speakers
Everything felt just so right.

I miss you
And all that you are
And all that i am
Regrets leaving you so far.

iii,  murphy.

Author: R
Date: 11/01/2020


Brownie Murphy R.I.P.

There will be no service and no luncheon
When you “now” becomes a “Then”
Just a dignified cremation
Awaits at your Journey's end.
There will be no spoken eulogy
By a priest who knew you not.
No crying yapping relatives-
For none had you begot.
There are those of us
Who'll shed a tear,
To think the old Girl's passed.
But there' s no need to wear a suit
Or get the Limos gassed.
You'll have passed on in your sleep
Having felt the needles pinch.
A far more humane fate I think
Than dying by the inch.
Brownie was a good dog
And often gave me her paw.
She always got excited
When she saw me at the door.
A better pet you couldn't get,
Nor meet a gentler soul.
I'll shed a quiet private tear
When I put away her bowl.

brownie,  murphy.

Author: John F McCullagh
Date: 07/01/2020


Murphy's Law

My heart aches
It breaks
My soul is torn
Urges to be reborn

Erase the pain
Keep my mind sane
Think of me less
Speak no more of this mess

Set my love free
Where it wishes to be
Look ahead and smile
Cast away all anger and denial

Escape from the sadness
Suppress the madness
Forgive all those you know
And leave to where you choose to go

Words have been said
Or better yet read
But the last I say to you
Is find happiness in whatever you do.

law,  murphy.

Author: kyle Shirley
Date: 04/11/2019


Murphy's Law

What can go wrong,
Will go wrong;
That is what Murphy said.
So if I can be strong,
I will be strong,
Rather than be dead.

law,  murphy.

Author: Cody Henatt
Date: 21/10/2019


Murphy's Law

Murphy's Law states that
What can go wrong, will go wrong
Things can get better with time
I was at a point in my life where,
I had lost everything of value
I had lost my job
I lost my apartment
My car was repossessed by the bank
My girlfriend also left me
I'm now homeless on the street
I have hit rock bottom
Where would I go from here
I hope that things get better for me

law,  murphy.

Author: Kevin Thomas Ortiz
Date: 13/09/2019


Murphy's Law

With someone {new}
It's a punc_ ture wound;
It's a ra/zor/blade/tooth/
& i ₩anna be €ool
But there's. no. room.
'cause this heart's #shreds
It's> all > consumed
What is it about me
That isn't eno[ugh]
À》》i never asked》for》 it
It's as if you - LiVE - to - suck. me. in.
Late night whiskey/morning gin
I make you come
Oh,. .; But,. . Wa,... itTt­ ttt/tttt,. .
When #daylight _ shows
None. of. it. matters.
It's like; the dawn makes
Your memory scat> > > ter
& I fucking know (how it) always ends
Yet; here. I. am.
Back\. again.

law,  murphy.

Author: TreadingWater
Date: 05/09/2019



Y­ -yo-yo of emotions


Author: Murphy Lynne
Date: 30/08/2019


Newton and Murphy

The greatest scientists
Are always heretics once.
Einstein is still annoying.
But Murphy saying
Everything will go wrong.
A universal law.
And we see it every day.
We do something great
And then can't do it again.
Something goes wrong
And we go to get it fixed
So it magically works.
What is the source
Of this unnamed magic
Of unscientific observation
Becoming a guide to life?

murphy,  newton.

Author: Underneath
Date: 14/08/2019