Poems about mushrooms


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I am underwater
The bottom of a pond
I am not drowning
I am limitless
Deep under my own skin
No longer shallow
Like puddles and schoolgirls
Dancing with deities
I am happy to be here
I am a child
And now I am


Author: simone clarie
Date: 31/03/2020

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Replacing you with mushrooms

Mushrooms the size of my angered fists are growing outside of my house;
As if there isn't enough poison in your leaving alone!

The rain that spawned them is a nervous sweat--
The world is afraid to tell me it lied.
He gives no plea for forgiveness.
Just flouting of my emotion,
My ability to love.

The taste of your kiss still warm on my lips--
I jerk fungus from between the still wet grass
There must be a bit of you in there!
It comes as a surprise: the white-gray flesh won't kiss back!
If I sink my teeth inвАФ
I suspect I'll be poisoned,
Where were my suspicions of you?
I should have expected your worst,
But you kissed me back, so I took advantage of that.
Why not? Your lips tasted bitter, but good.

What a terrible feeling! To
Lose my sense of prideвАФ
Lose my sensibility.
I conclude: If I love; I lose.

I irrationally fear that they might cut down our trees--
Your poison takes all of my lovers from me
They'll tie neon green plastic bows around trunks
And axe them down
Until I bleedвАФ
Until the mushrooms leave.

mushrooms,  replacing.

Author: Emily B
Date: 18/03/2020

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Mushrooms In Spring

Whilst these icy warm chills,
Bring in the new spring,
The leaves flutter in breeze
Over the tallest of pine,
That has turned to steel
During the winter months.

Dew falls in between piled leaves
That have sat all year round
Harbouring all kinds of critters,
Thick mulch they call home
Is kicked around as we play.

Picking brambles as we go,
Trying to avoid the thorns
Like cuts to containers,
As we rummage we find,
Mushrooms of colour
Red and poker dot white.

Frantically lowering myself
To see the magical wonders,
I pick it, holding it in my palm,
Without hesitation,
I chewed it down like a Labrador
Missing several meals.

Holding onto a tree like a squirrel,
I see elephants galavanting
Pink and colourful as they dance,
In between pine and spilt wine,
Pixies leave fairy trails as they fly,
Gnomes emerge from doors in trees
Whilst I'm floating, talking to bees.

Birds are gathering all kinds of fruits,
Whilst ants are performing opera
In little tiny ant suits,
Beetles are rolling on dung balls
Whilst juggling fire,
Bugs are crawling, cricket calls,

This is the last time I pick
Mushrooms in spring.

mushrooms,  spring.

Author: Ryan Holden
Date: 18/03/2020

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Portobello Mushrooms

Portobello mushrooms, I use them all the time
No matter how topped they always taste just fine
From cream cheese and crab to chicken fajita
No matter what you just want to eat вАШem

Philly beef cheesesteak, they've also been topped
So many possibilities, I'll never stop
Bleu cheese and steak makes a hell of a filling
Portobello themed restaurant, I'd make a killing

Chicken Alfredo, or coconut shrimp
How about spinach artichoke dip
Turkey and dressing or how about pulled pork
You'd want to eat those with your fingers or fork

Taco, or nacho, or enchilada
How it gets better, I got zip, zilch, and nada
Or I don't know how about spinach frittata
You could go Greek, lamb, feta, and Kalamata

Mediterranean, flavored quinoa or couscous
So many options, man just turn me loose
Lemon pepper, scallops, or Oyster Rockefeller
Or Chicken Rice saffron, it would be yeller

At this point, I feel like Bubba from Forrest Gump
Going on about toppings, oh well over the hump
Buffalo Chicken or Asparagus turkey parm
Just about anything you can get at the farm

Goes great on a mushroom I think you can see
Most people wouldn't, but, hey they're just not me


Author: The Fire Burns
Date: 03/02/2020

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The Connection Between Mushrooms And Camping

This work is based on a scientific study carried out over many years

When I awoke this morning I looked in stunned delight
For a bright and colourful mushroom had sprung up overnight
And as the day grew longer more mushrooms did appear
Mushrooms of every colour mushrooms of every size
And it soon became apparent that there were fairy folk inside
Now I thought I knew my mushrooms, which were good, which were bad
But the ones I see before me now are driving me quite mad
Some are short and dumpy some are fat and wide
Over there some white ones reaching to the sky
And so the fields now covered, a multy coloured sight
I used to love my mushrooms but this has put me off for life

NOTE: No dogs, cats, birds, humans, bushes, trees, public toilets, houses, cars, waterways, mice, roads or pathways were hurt or damaged in anyway during the production of this inspirational work of absolute stupidity

camping,  connection,  mushrooms.

Author: Joe Cole
Date: 20/10/2019

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I thought of you and danced
Pranced around
Sat down like a damaged animal
Handcuffed by my surrounding

Pulled down
Swift and soundly
A soft, green, ocean scene
Floral feelings exploding around me

Music Now
Loud sounds screaming
A dream
A feeling
More than the noise
The normal people are eating

A train's In the street
And my seat's on the ceiling
It seems that the sky
Is obscuring my seeing

Our car needs feeding
The station we seek
Placed straight and complacent
Across the way
Until a coin laundry changed It

But the taste
So sweet
Of this iced chocolate treat
Changed mood with the chase
Of the lighter we're seeking

The fighter of fire
The weapon we're wielding
The one who grants wonders
Yielding fun, love and healing

Snow scattered roads
Open to lights
Lining the path
Parked with a plan
Where wheels take a bath

Rinse this glass of It's sin
Replace It with plastic
For It will happen again

Hot wax
Hide me
Hitting my habbit
Mad as a hare
March as a rabbit

My mind Is fine
Simply a misfired stabbing
I suffer from happy
Loss of thoughts
And laughs
Now I must pass for
A sea of dreams and naps


Author: Bradley E Sammons
Date: 05/10/2019

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Red Mushrooms

I think I know the strangest things about you,
Like the shapes of your knee caps and
The reoccurring dream you have,
Of the seven caterpillars crawling down your spine.
I will comfort you --
During the harshest thunderstorms,
And repair your open flesh wounds with endless cups of americano's.
I will press my eyes into the pavement with you,
And fill infinite pages of paper with doodles until we don't feel so blank anymore.
And honestly,
I'm not sure what's more confusing algebra, the universe,
Or you and I.
All I know is that sometimes I construct pinata's in my sketch book to celebrate that our bones are still breathing.
Sometimes I can feel the rivers in our veins run so deep that they somehow intertwine,
Only to eventually rupture;
Which is when I am awoken--
Due to dreaming about you.
Because I believe that you are the first person to ever fit inside of my chest.
It only makes sense that caterpillars stumble down your spine in your sleep-
Because every morning I watch your eyelashes become nets and catch butterflies.
I want you to know that my best memories with you are
When we hung up our laughter on clothes lines,
When we traded our knuckles for sea shells
When you believed me when I said I was okay.
I must have forgotten that my tears are made of glass
When they fall
I shatter too.

mushrooms,  red.

Author: Jenna Ring
Date: 21/09/2019

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Magic mushrooms

I tried some magic mushrooms in a field one day
After i had ate them my mind began to stray
I saw a big banana hanging from a tree
It was very tall and towered over me
Then i saw cat he had funny eyes
Jumping at the window catching funny flies
Then i started laughing without as reason why
Thought i had grown wings and that i could fly
The hallucinations vanished my visions went away
I was back to normal and i stayed that way

magic,  mushrooms.

Date: 29/08/2019