Poems about mustard


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Ketchup & mustard

You're a ritual now
Like augeries
Or indulgences?

See how I pay?
How I tithe

These are red tributes
To a yellow Sun

Or whatever the color of your hair

amp,  ketchup,  mustard.

Author: Kolour Fabriken
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1168335

Mustard Seed (Meditation)

The knowledge of God is like a mustard seed: tiny at first, yet it grows so tall
It takes time and love, faith and joy above all.
Spiritual growth is a journey; dangerous yet rewarding.
Each time we step, we grow a bit. Someday, on eagles' wings, we'll be soaring.
But we can't do it alone. We need the one up above
And no matter what we do, he is looking down in love.
Walking with us in the good times and carrying us in the bad,
I look to the Lord as my brother, friend, and dad.
If we have the smallest bit of faith and find good water, soil, and light
We can take root and one day be a shelter for many in flight
With tenderness and care with patience and with peace
For one so small there is so much potential for growth and increase
See what God can do with so little and make it so grand
It's astounding to image for you and me what God has planned

We live in a world where bad things and evil walk among the good and just
Sometimes the weeds and thorns choke out the good wheat
Other times, they grow together, wrap and intertwine and to pull out the weed is to kill the wheat
Jesus, you speak in parables to try and make the message more relateable, more easily grasped.
You also warn and remind us to repent and to be careful that we are not caught up in the temptations and wiles of this earthly life. Help us Lord to be open to your voice, to hear your word, and inter the message in our hearts and in our lives. May our eyes, ears, heart and mind be open and receptive soil to see, hear, love, and understand your love and truth. You are the Way to the Father, the Spirit of Truth and Light, and the giver of Eternal Life. Grant, we beseech you, faith and understanding the size of a mustard seed that we may grow in wisdom and stature before God and man and be a refuge for all those in need. We ask this and all things in your Most Holy Name, Jesus. AMEN

meditation,  mustard,  seed.

Author: ShowYouLove
Date: 29/02/2020

№ 1155981

Down In Mustard Tree Lane

Down in Mustard Tree lane.
People remember the old coal fires,
Or they conduct with Beethoven.
Or pray to their lord on Sunday morning.
It's a place where people have freedom,
Where they walk their dog or water their plants.
It's a place where People listen to Liam & Noel Gallagher
Play Snooker & Pool.
Or see the wildlife running free.

Down in Mustard Tree lane
People eat bison,
Or remember their budgie.
It's a place where people play golf or the piano
& where you can buy a twelve pound fifty bus ticket.
It's a place where babies are born
And where families get together.
Or where you can remember your neighbours.
It's a place where people remember the boogie man...
It's a place where people eat bread & dripping

So why don't you come with me down to Mustard Tree Lane
There is so much to do and so much to see.
& so much going on.
There are so many incredible people to meet...
Mustard Tree Lane is a place I like to be.

Mustard tree lane is my Home and Home...
Home is where the heart is.
Or what ever I want it to be.
Mustard tree Lane is just off
Marmalade Avenue & Candy-floss Drive.

lane,  mustard,  tree.

Author: Steven J Kelly
Date: 18/02/2020

№ 1149121

Mustard Gas

His eyes were a blazing yellow
Choking and coughing up blood
His flesh developed sores
And the screams echoed throughout the night

We put him out of his misery
A bullet to the brain
And a star shaped hole in his head

We ripped and teared into our flesh
We couldn't breath, the mucus became thick
And the colors were yellow and red
Signs of pus and blood

The masks were suffocating us
And we couldn't see...

A yellow fog hung over our heads
No smell, no taste, just air...

gas,  mustard.

Author: The Revolutionist
Date: 11/02/2020

№ 1139890

Mustard seed of faith

I give,
Even when I have not.

I go,
Even when tired
I never stop.

I appear brave,
But I'm afraid alot.

At times I want to end it all
But, I better not.

faith,  mustard,  seed.

Author: ZinaLisha
Date: 03/02/2020

№ 1114072

Mustard Seed

Trying to put myself in others' shoes,
Kicking & punching, fighting the blues.
There are others who have it much worse than me,
Bowing down to pray on bended knee.
Moments of frustration at the thought of it all,
But I will triumph, God is big where I am small.
Trusting in Him, that He will lead me to fruition,
Knowing that the Lord is my guiding propitiation.
The lashes He endured were to cleanse my soul,
He knows my steps, they have already been foretold.
When I look back, I see only His set of footprints in the sand,
Knowing that Jesus was leading me like a child by the hand.
Mysteries of this life are hidden from sight,
Never needing to be seen or shown in the light.
Illusions confuse the gentle waves in my mind,
Trying to break free of the cycle of which I'm confined.
Hard to put two and two together, whenever it equals eight,
Going to be the one with God's help to get myself straight.

mustard,  seed.

Author: Sasha Stricklin
Date: 11/01/2020

№ 1077270

Mustard yellow

Written into his skin for the next person
That finds him

His colour is mustard yellow
With black swirls all through
And when he kisses
It tastes like bitter sweetness
And you don't have to kiss him if you don't want to
He won't make you

He has an ugly habit of crying without realising it
And his eyes look so hopeful
When he does
He has an ugly habit, too
Of loving you every single day
Even though you might not want it.

I know that he hates the colour yellow
And he hates his hopeful streak
But it is the seams of his soul and holds him together
And the colour that made my life worth living

And you don't have to kiss him if you don't want to
But please hold him as tightly
As he deserves to be held

mustard,  yellow.

Author: Cordelia Copson
Date: 08/12/2019

№ 1027313

Mustard Seed

Have faith in me, like a mustard seed.
Because your support, is what I need.
Teach me and guide me, and show me the way.
Help me to grow, each and every day.

I know it is hard, to believe in me.
But with your help, I will learn to see.
Give me some food, build me real strong.
With you by my side, we will prove them wrong.

And so we can do it, just you and I.
With some rain in the clouds, and the sun in the sky.
I know if I try, I will succeed.
Because you are the soil, the soil I need.

I know I can grow, so very tall.
With your help, I will never fall.
Have faith in me, like a mustard seed.
Because your support, is what I need.

mustard,  seed.

Author: JT-TJ
Date: 24/10/2019