Poems about nature


№ 1210557


Quiet roads abound
Through silent beauty all around
Beneath the stars and moon
Shadows dance and swoon
Wildscapes stretching far and wide
From scorching desert to flowing tide
Beside forests standing tall
Changing to bright hues come fall

Mountains sink into rugged deserts
Deserts changing to beautiful plains
Plains growing to mighty forests
Forests turning to proud mountains
Circle start to circle end
One giant cycle of life

As dark is to light
And day to night
Surrounded by so much wonder
Thieves can't plunder

Such freedom unable to be retained
The wilds so feral can't be tamed


Author: christopher dalton
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1210541

Love of Nature

Down the road
I walk pass by the nature
Endless roads, sunset
Lake, birds flying
Showing me how to pause
& to enjoy the
Fleeting moments
Of life
Endless happiness
All by my side
I look here & there
To share the joy
Of nature's love
But found none.


That nature & me are one
Enjoying being whole again
Healing me with all its power
Like baby on its womb
Caressing me with all the winds
And showering its love

love,  nature.

Author: Debanjana Saha
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1209842

Conversations of nature

The Sun asked the Moon
"What are you looking for? "
The Moon replied
"I'm trying to find something I can gravitate towards.
Every night I search oceans to find companionship,
Until at last I can feel whole again"

The sand asked the sea
"How is it you can love me? "
The sea replied
"As simple the stones that you are,
You are my rock my loyal friend
And when I waver.
You give me much needed assurance.

conversations,  nature.

Author: Callum Ray Foster
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1209190

The Nature of War

The nature of war blooms bullets and bombs
In battlefields of glory
That quickly turn into gardens of grief
Rained down upon with the blood of innocence
Lost to hate fueled by years of violence breeding violence
And the coffins fall in place as the body count marches on
And spit shine the corpse for the beautiful parade
For the heroes of war and the soldiers of peace
Who sleep with the horrors of what they've seen
And the horrors of what they've done
Tucked away tight and safe
Inside name brand body bags and precisely folded flags
And what victory can be seen
In the tears of a mothers heart
Or the pride in a fathers eyes
And the nature of war blooms on
As the cannons keep roaring
And the political speakers keep up
The rhetoric of violent ballets of misinformation
To keep the war machine grinding
The bones of new enemies
With the same old perpetuated propaganda
To keep the masses foaming at the mouths
To dress up in uniforms of legalized murder
And the casual lie
Of the freedom everyone is fighting for
And it's the iron fist that controls the land of the free
And it's the strong arm of might
Making everything alright with the nature of war

nature,  war.

Author: Akira Chinen
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208210


Fall in love with a girl who loves the Galaxy
She daydreams of being apart of something
So complexed, so beautiful
Something much bigger than herself

Fall in love with a girl who loves thunderstorms
She's haunted by something
So gloomy, so frightening
Something that cries and screams for her

Fall in love with a girl who loves sunny days
She's immersed in something
So happy, so bright
Something she can't waste until dusk


Author: Diana Iriz
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207614

In Awe of Nature - Excerpt

The magnificence of trees
The bumbling of bees

Flowers show grace
I can almost taste

The colors they share
I breathe in that air

Grass holds presence
With stable resonance

Birds sing melodious
Beholding to all of us

Rivers thunderously moving
Their essence behooving

Snowflakes fall like a gentle kiss
Delicate, wondrous and full of bliss

Air is so cleansing
Oceans mesmerizing

Herbs are survivors
Ospreys are divers

Ants are intense
Their strength immense

Clouds drift by
Drawing pictures in the sky

Skies are forever
With all kinds of weather

Mountains have stability
With a sense of humility

Rain is calming
Quietly balming

Deserts are mystical
Winds are whimsical

Sunsets are amazing
Well worth gazing

In awe of mother nature
A wondrous creator

The aliveness it brings
Resonates within

I am grateful for that wonderful gift
Of creating a connection and an inner shift

awe,  excerpt,  nature.

Author: Delores Wiltse
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1205006

Nature Knew

She was beautiful, so blissfully ignorant to the turmoil in the world. She encapsulated all the beauty of the earth. Looking at her was like the first time experiencing what love was. The first sun rise, the first rose, the first pussy cat. Her clothes danced around her never really touching her; as if afraid the slightest brush against her tanned skin might alter it in some way. Nature knew.

knew,  nature.

Author: David
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1204897

Mother nature

Just let that girl be wild, let her
Convince herself not to miss you, let
Her stay headstrong and fearless,
Standing in her own rain soaking wet,
Let her dry herself off. let her run through
The woods all muddy and face-first to the
Treetops. let her swing into rivers and scrape
Her knees, let her break her wrist and cut her
Hair, let her erase who she was when you touched
Her last. just let that girl watch the deluge and
Thunderstorms in the spring, let her wash away
Who she was when you last said her name,
Let her point to the sky and tell you *that came from
My chest, that came from my fingertips, that came
From everything you left, and it doesn't need you to
Be real

mother,  nature.

Author: kate
Date: 02/04/2020