Poems about neck


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Neck and Neck

Now and then,
Not to forget when...
There's a feel of four
Horsemen neck to
Neck, flush with
Continually crossing
The lines that time
Will tell.
To reveal the world
As an individual,
In a war of many...
Should a heel be placed
Upon good and evil.


Author: Onoma
Date: 31/03/2020

№ 1181679

Things you should know about me if you plan to wring my neck

I can't cook
I often find myself smelling the smoke and think
Fuck... not again
I can't write
I can't stand to be touched half of the time
It makes me seem cold and heartless
It just makes my skin crawl
I have a world of triggers
Nobody really cares enough to ask what they are
I have personality disorders
I can't feel as strongly as others
I am not emotionless
Treat it with respect
I'm fucking trying
I am sitting in a school bathroom with a laptop in my lap
Typing to try and ease a ebbing panic attack
I hate cow stomach's
Don't show me pictures
Don't talk about it
Shut up
I am a broken building founded on the word can't
I'm trying to repair the damage with the word can
Who listen's to me anyhow?

neck,  plan,  things,  wring.

Author: Liam Kleinberg
Date: 12/03/2020

№ 1176231

Giraffes neck

The time it took a caterpillar
To slide down a giraffes neck
It had turned into a butterfly

giraffes,  neck.

Author: Haiku Donna
Date: 07/03/2020

№ 1174413

The Rope Around my Neck

Have you ever been forced into a situation where all you feel is,
A rope slowly latching onto your throat and strangling you,
Allowing all the air to escape your lungs?
Have you ever wanted to run away?
Not figuratively speaking,
Running away and leaving everything you've ever known.
Leaving all the comfort you've placed yourself in;
A box filled with flowers that fill the air with jasmine and lilac.
Running away from every person that has ever caused you pain,
That has ever caused a scar on your body or mind
Have you ever wanted life to steal your breath away and leave you for dead?
Because I have.
I've never wanted anything more than to just leave.
I want to leave my mind and my body,
I want to escape all that I know because everything feels ten times harder and I feel a hundred times weaker.
The bones in my body can't hold me up straight, the joints won't handle the effort.
I am so done allowing hope to pull me from the black hole that feeds off me.
I am done.
Life can suck the blood out of me.
I quit.

neck,  rope.

Author: Malak S
Date: 05/03/2020

№ 1166093

Celtic hearts are heavy on my neck

Even her necklace hangs
Like her head
She's awake, but
Probably better off dead.

celtic,  hearts,  heavy,  neck.

Author: Anna
Date: 27/02/2020

№ 1163593

When I kiss your neck

When I lick you
You make my glands
Drop respond off my lips
As I grasp for breath
On your neck
Then lick it off

kiss,  neck.

Author: SPT
Date: 24/02/2020

№ 1158032

Crossroads (Knotty Neck)

She gets impatient
So quickly,
Even though
I've told her
Things worth
Take time to grow.
That she's always unsure
Is all she really knows.

God had already
Given her a sick
Set of six strings,
So she sold her
Steel body to the devil,
To do what he will with it.

Now they

One howlin' wolf,

All through the night.



Why would I
Write you a jewel,
Or a star,
When you already
Are one?

crossroads,  neck.

Author: Shashank Virkud
Date: 19/02/2020

№ 1157212

Roll your neck.

This calf muscle, unattended.
An ear loosened, not for distribution.
Much too close to his helmet.

Impossible changes.

Forced by your bitter guide, they'd tell me.
Maybe just not enough.

neck,  roll.

Author: Robert Carroll Spear
Date: 19/02/2020