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Untitled (feedback and possible title needed please??)

The way that our midnight candles
Illuminate your face is equivalent
To the way that I burn
With passion for you.

And the sound of your breathing
Is more soothing than any lullaby
A mother would sing to her
Teary-eyed child after a horrible nightmare.

Happiness used to be a fairy tale,
Unreal and dream-like,
Until I met you and realized
What true happiness was.

Waking up to your brilliant brown
Eyes and dimpled smile warms my
Body, and I fall in love with you
Over and over again.

A light touch from you is enough
To ignite my soul and melt my
Heart in the process. But, it's also
Strong enough to piece it back together.

I watch you and I envy you.
How could one person be so perfect?
How could he belong to me?
Oh, how I admire you.

Your creativity has no end; you're
Talented beyond belief. Please don't
Ever change because the you that I
Fell in love with is the you that I need.

All of the things that I have are
Completely worthless except for you.
You're my precious stone; my sturdy rock.
I wouldn't trade you for the world.

However, I would sell my soul to
Any devil, or devote my life to
Any God just to fall asleep next
To you for the rest of my life.

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Author: Phasma de Oceanus
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1207229

When i needed words

To describe the magnitude
Of this awe
Uncomfortable with what i saw
The density of time inside my chest
Compressed and heavy
Looking for rest...

I don't like the winter, because there are no flowers.

I became far too accustomed to the strange equations of words and images
That form within the ways i think and breath and am
Because in doing so i forget about the ways
You think and breath and are.
Im sorry.

The mood is not one for generalization
I stress not to classify, or make distinctions
And as such
My thoughts drip and fluctuate
Ripe with frustration
They are ready to fall golden and fat from the tree
Leigh is a brief glimpse into the fantastic
She lives among clouds and unicorns.

Can't we all do good from thinking deeply for a little while?


Author: kelly pye
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1205338


Everyday I must heal you,
I can not live while you hurt,
Healing you is what I must do,
Why else would I continue,
There is no other reason,
For me to keep on living this tedious life,
So I will fix you,
I will try to fix myself,
But maybe someday you will be whole,
You will smile and be okay,
And will you still want me around,
Will you still need me,
And what will I do,
When you don't need me anymore?

Would I just dissapear,
Cease existing,
Living this cruel life,
Would I finally let go,
Or would I find another to fix,
While you live wholly,
Because I could never help,
Someone who lives,
So I will dissapear,
And leave them to lead happy lives,
After all,
They are much better off without me,
Trying to fix the things I broke.


Author: Lost Poet
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1191495


I want to be needed.
I want him to need me to be there for him.
I want to be someone he could depend on.
I'd like to feel like I have contributed somehow.
I want to mean something and everything,
But not nothing,
To him.
I like the feeling like I'm worth something.
I want to feel needed.

I need to believe that I'm worth it.


Author: Marsha A
Date: 21/03/2020

№ 1188753

What I Needed

Chorus: *
Why did I worry
And why did I sin
And why was I just so conceited
And why did I roll in the mud of the world for so long

Why was I angry
And why did I cry
And why did I judge those I hated
And why did I waste love on those that I didn't care for

Even when darkness knew what I feared
He knew what I needed


Author: harmony crescent
Date: 18/03/2020

№ 1181662

The less i needed/the better i felt

I am overwriting you
I buy your favourite perfume
Just to mix it with ammonium
Make myself sick at the thought of it
I wear the lingerie you left
Until my bigger breasts break the seams
Of your c cups
I read the pages of your favourite book
Just to tear them out afterward
I make coffee just to pour it down the drain
I wear pink until it's just another colour in the spectrum
I wear the dress you loved on me and other people love it on me too
I take friends to the places we went, just so they aren't yours anymore
Nothing i have belongs to you now

I do the things you wish you could
I kiss other women
I fucked an older man, just to tick it off my list
I sit in lace i bought with the money i would have spent on you
Touch the juice of citrus to my wrists and sip sweet tea
I spend weeks on the other side of the world
Sit in the sun until my rings leave white lines on bronze skin
Buy myself a moonstone to replace the necklace you got me
Bathe myself in rose water, rub my skin with cocoa butter
Aloe vera, tea tree, sea salt
Scrub until you've not touched a single cell of me
Brush my hair like i used to brush yours
Softly, softly, slowly
Cut it all off just to grow it out again

Do not misunderstand me
I do not regret loving you
No force on this earth could do that
It's just -
Your mistake was so sudden.
The love had to go somewhere else
So i poured it inside myself instead
There is so much of it, you see
An abundance, honey golden and sweet
A lifetime full, my body made enough for you forever
So i cut ravines, redirected the source into the sea
All this love you could have had, i've given it to me.

better,  felt,  needed.

Author: Gabriel
Date: 12/03/2020

№ 1180851

Prayer needed

This pain physically is giving me alot of stresses on me everyone so if I stop writing thats why thanks
Need prayers
Brandon nagley

needed,  prayer.

Author: brandon nagley
Date: 11/03/2020

№ 1180186

I needed someone to take the blame

I'm sorry. I blamed you for everything and anything that hit me like a bullet. But the truth is, you don't deserve that. Just because you were the first to shoot your loaded gun, doesn't mean you set free the canons that followed.

blame,  needed.

Author: CosmicRay
Date: 10/03/2020