Poems about nights


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Sleepless Nights and Starry Skies

Sleepless nights and starry skies
2. Autumn breeze it fills my eyes
3. Hoping that you'll tell to me
4. I(n) between the lines, is what I want you to see
5. Waiting for that special night
6. Love in the air, I hope this is right
7. Wishing, wanting all to be true, read what I say and I'll tell
8. You. _________

nights,  skies,  sleepless,  starry.

Author: Dylan Chavez
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208359

Some nights

Some nights I don't sleep
I lie and think
About all the possibilities
The endless chances
What fate may bring.
But when I lie with you
All I do is worry,
Because I know you're too good for me.


Author: Meghan Lily
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1206907

Long days forever nights

Exhausted pens...
Blood fused prints
Due to dedications
Love for the taste of
My skin... My lids
Far from friends, they
Never meet blind to
The sun's retreat the
Moon's indication to
Sleep misunderstood
Because success has
Arrested my ability to

Hopeless dreams...
Energy shaving
Thoughts of my blessing
Of expression being
A feeding the world
Needs... until I shackle
The worlds attention
Forever is the time my
Watch will read even
If impossible acts as the
Platter that shelters what
I intend to feed

Long days and forever nights

© 2014 viewtifulink

days,  forever,  long,  nights.

Author: Viewtifulink
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1206576

Lonely Days and Lonely Nights

As I sleep my days away
For the passion of the night

Standing on the corner at midnight
Trying to get my courage up

In the streets again
Of the lonely nights

With losers and hustlers
Were nothing is right

One old lady
Looked sweet that night

With an ankle bracelet
That said, don't be lonely tonight

As she winked at me
And drifted into the night

As my life has always been
Lonely days and lonely nights

days,  lonely,  nights.

Author: DC raw love
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1205951


In the spider web of night where she waits with eyes so bright and blue
Is where you wait with bated breath
To fall again into the death of yet another morning light and with her legs she'll hold you tight and not let go.
Spiders flow and spiders go where weak men fear to tread
And lay you down upon their bed until they've feasted and you've bled another night away.

I see no spiders in the day, and though I look each and every way they are not there
But in the darkness their eyes glare at me
Stare hungrily and greedily
To feed on me
I am not free but trapped inside the spiders lair and she waits there
For me.


Author: John Edward Smallshaw
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1205479

Summer nights


It came upon a summers night
The wind was cool, the stars were bright.
Never in her life did she have such a thrill
As she felt her heart start to fill.

The beauties and splendors of the night
Created such a beautiful sight.
There was a feeling of love in the air
Wiping away all troubles and cares.

Music being played in the streets
Children dancing to the beat
Elderly couples walking hand in hand
This was a night that no one planned.

The summer nights tend to set all hearts free
And this is where you want to be.
Looking up at the stars at night
And seeing all of gods beauties
In my mind take flight.

Recalling times of summer s past
And hoping that it would forever last
But each season has a beginning and an end
And new memories in your mind to
Your heart will send.

But I will take my summer nights
And look upon my summer days
And to god for this I give him praise.

nights,  summer.

Author: louis rams
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1204870

Alternative Nights (no. 1, b)

There's a man with no life in his eyes,
There's a man with no life in his eyes.

It had been a long time since i wrote mediocre poems,
Without a sedative, overtly sensitive and too self-conscious
For my liking, unlike all others: under the influence of
A more potent Bacchus elixir, as is due further
North, building up on some sort of ethnic
Mythology - it's just that i know it's not actually
Self-consciousness, but precautionary measures,
In the sense: i can't be ridiculous - i remember
Reading the poetry foundation and knew it was
Poetry straight from the coffee houses and tea parties:
No ridiculousness and certainly more sensitivity;
I haven't been down this alley for a long long time;
And it's bothersome, just a little, just a little
Too much for me: a poet with a repertoire of 6 accessible
Poems to browse over, a poet in residence at some
University, but only a repertoire of 6 accessible poems
To browse over - so much love on the page, so much
Nature, so many relationships, religiosity, living,
Hobbies, art...
I can only refer to my porcelain doll eyes,
I remember when that one word was whispered
Into my ear, i was at a party in Edinburgh, promise
Of a lively affair, psychotically shopped in a clothes
Shop buying all the cotton glitters of fine prints...
But at the party i ended up a potato sack like hood
Made from hemp - the minute that word was whispered
Into my ear, an electricity ran through me entirely,
My eyes rolled back and a mini-epileptic shiver shook
Me yet enabling me to still stand - the mini seizure
Stopped and the porcelain eyes were revealed for me
To peer from behind - i seemed to have lost the depth of those
Prior eyes masqueraded youth, naiveness, hope,
A bearable kind of expression of love and solidarity,
Ambition, jubilation at physical exertion: the basic tenets
For a thirst for life... but everything changed in a flash of
Lightning... i rushed out from the party in rage...
Walking from the door of the party (an apartment, below
Which were shops) i smashed the window to a hairdressing
Shop... run into an alley, and threw everything from my
Pockets on the floor: coins and a polish citizen card...
After all i wasn't exactly in favour of holding a dual-
Citizenship... then certain things revealed and certain
Hidden, audacity over scholarly dogmatism, comparison:

Surah al-baqarah
A l m
I m m
F seen this sort of code
In a preceding book...
Hmm, where did i see it?

О§ Оѕ П‚
C x s
H i i
I (g
­ m
­ a)...
" " "
But then there's another
As there is also
" " Ш±Ш§ШЎ
ДЃ and however many variations,

But the principle is the same as the encryption in
The greek book... oh man, i wish i could write cool stuff,
About nature and all that stuff about being macho on
Machu Picchu with a boyscout survival guide...
I just can't rub of my initial indoctrination to a certain
Degree with a religion, up to the age of sixteen we
Used to prayer in the morning, the *our father drilled
Into us - hence i justify my interest in these matters
Because of that - just spotting one thing following through
To another with a similarity - you can hardy deny
The Quran is not following from what was established prior,
Although that's where my interest ends...
Just looks like another jigsaw puzzle... i just haven't
Seen any literature on the topic... and i'm not going to
Transliterate hebrew, for that numbers game whereby
The original Gematria meaning i already described about
The geometry of letters, and how they all fit through
O... the open mouth... M can fit through the mouth
And also turn into a bee caught between the lips,
And can also be lodged in the larynx when you hearing
Mumbling with the mouth closed.

alternative,  nights.

Author: MateuЕЎ Conrad
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1204772

Stormy Nights

Have you ever been in so much pain that it hurts to breathe?
Is your pain so severe that you wouldn't wish it upon your worst enemy?
My pain is like this
It's one that does not stop for me
It throws tantrums like a child that doesn't get what they want
It speaks to me like a bully would
It ruins my confidence much like an ex boyfriend would
But yet here I persevere
On those nights that you can't think straight
Remember that you are not the only one
Remember that you have goals
Remember that you have a chosen path
Driving off the road will do you no good, no matter what the weather...

nights,  stormy.

Author: Scarlet Hue
Date: 02/04/2020