Poems about nitrogen


Nitrogen-covered Innards

I'm wrapping arteries
Into boxes packed
With frost.

I've broken
Air- questioning
The sound of lost--

covered,  innards,  nitrogen.

Author: L T Winter
Date: 27/08/2019


Liquid Nitrogen

So this is as it was, the old wound still itches
Glimpses of your face and my heart still twitches
If time heals all wounds then what am I to do
When my life has been frozen

Since last I saw

You soften your eyes as they flickered to mine
Skirted the contact then burned deep inside
Gritting my teeth in the pleasurable pain
A razor machete in welcome invasion
Expertly wielded through my jungle of thoughts
Clearing a path and discovering

My soul lost in

Your damp forest of evergreen trees
Rooting my soil and growing up through me
Bringing fresh life to my stagnant dirt
Oxygenating the air of my earth
Reversing pollution, reviving, refreshing,
Regressing the growth of the thorns in my flesh and

Cutting the cancer that
I might live,
Leaving your legacy scars.

So this is as it was, the wound still itches
Glimpses of your hand and my heart still twitches
If time heals all then what can I do
Since my death was frozen
When last I felt you.

liquid,  nitrogen.

Author: QuiverCoeur
Date: 11/03/2019


There's no difference between ceramics & glass (liquid nitrogen cf.)

Well, that was hoped for, otherwise water would have no
Universal quality, that ascribes it to provide for, every single species
Of animal; but, mostly man.
Bugt how does water in ice-cube form, travel outside of its
"container": either a cermaic cup, or a glass,
To form a water-ring beneath the container?
Water in, ice-cube form?
I'm pretty sure that water without ice-cubes,
Settled in form at room temp. wouldn't create a water-ring
Beneath the container...
I have only one answer...
Water in ice-cube form behaves like liquid nitrogen...
Liquid nitrogen forms a cloud while it evaporates...
Water can have the properties of liquid nitrogen,
In ice-cube form, it will evaporate, like liquid nitrogen
Out of its container, whether ceramic, or glass,
And form a water ring, beneath the container...
Obviously water doesn't behave liken liquid nitrogen
In the all familiar spectacularness of extremes...
Water is more subtle when compared to liquid
Nitrogen... you can't see water evaporating...
Like you might see liquid nitrogen do so...
But how else would water, contained in a cup of either glass
Or ceramics... create a water circle at the base,
If it wasn't in liquid nitrogen imitation guise,
That was less spectacular and, "invisible" to the naked eye?

amp,  difference,  glass,  liquid,  nitrogen.

Author: Mateuš Conrad
Date: 21/07/2018


Nitrogen narcosis

You wanted me to see your gods but i am afraid of heights;
I wanted you to touch mine but you cannot swim

You washed your hair in salt by the shore, smiling
With your cracked-skin lips like a perfect line of stitches

Holding my head in your wet wet hands,
And i hadn't heart to tell you that to me you smelt like death

But i suppose you thought the same of i—
Like seaweed in the sun, sand in all my joints; breathless

€i'll get my sea legs some day, ” you said,
Sealed beneath a new spring moon

And i just, just hadn't heart to tell you
How these things always tend to end


Author: ns ezra
Date: 18/06/2018


Rapture of the deep or just nitrogen narcosis?

This morning I found myself
Washed ashore
With arms intact
Heart still in chest.
Sighing, I turned to the dead
Aurelia in the sand and said:
€Timid is no friend of mine”
And I waited until the Stars, the Night, and I
Stood beside the Ocean
And he outstretched his hands to me,
Grasping at my feet,
And I said to the sea:
€Consume me”
Crushed under black waves
Dizzy with flailing limbs and
Flapping lungs filling with salt and sweat and death,
In that moment I knew
He was
The only lover I would ever need.

deep,  nitrogen,  rapture.

Author: Anna Girgenti
Date: 15/05/2018


Breathing nitrogen

(More than in the mire from the central line poetry tube)

Well, it was tit for a tat and a tidbit that was the last draw for the last straw and the camel looked on.
I've gone and happy about it, the pills help me out just a tiny bit, but the Toby jug thinks that I am the mug, so it's tit for tat and oh how I laugh and the camel is there looking on.
She takes me to water, the Devils own daughter and forces this man to partake,
The man is his mountain, his cataract, fountain, from whichever who wants to will flow.
So a tidbit a tat for a bit of all that seems a very fair price I should pay.
The camel walks away with the hump.

breathing,  nitrogen.

Author: John Edward Smallshaw
Date: 12/05/2018


Nitrogen Gas (Human)

I want to breathe again
I want to breathe without gasping
I want to inhale something larger
I want to hold my breath,
Hold on to it

I want to exist only in the purest sense
Breathe only nitrogen gas
Fade into the most obtrusive backgrounds
Hold only the most battle-scarred hands
Touch only saddest faces

I know only the broken
The chaotic and unholy
Defeated, given up
Smashed silently into walls and left on the ground to pray to religions they don't understand

I know only the broken,
The forced,
The many
The similar footsteps,
The same directions
The same people copied onto different faces
"I swear I'm human... "
Please don't run away like that-
- She looked back at me.
"I SWEAR I'm human... "

gas,  human,  nitrogen.

Author: Lydia
Date: 01/05/2018



Liquid nitrogen
Surrounded my warm heart, and
Froze the blood and flesh.


Author: Ashley Somebody
Date: 08/11/2017