Poems about oak


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The Twin Oak Trees

The Twin Oak Trees,
The tallest there was,
Thousands of squirrels work in it,
One day
Two mighty dragons came a crashed into them,
One for each,
The Trees caught fire,
Most of the squirrels perished,
But every squirrel that day,
Mourned for the squirrels that were lost.

oak,  trees,  twin.

Author: I Know Things
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1187302

Notch in Oak

Left here ages ago
Imagination glides away
To a foreign land
A civil war battle field
Two lovers concealed in shade
Brave natives hunting
A million lifetimes ago

Notch in the oak tree
Has a limitless amount of possibilities
As to how it came to be.

Sharpe edge of an ax
The beaten point of an arrow head
Stabbing of a knife in anger
Precise blade of a sword
Mark of a bayonet that missed its target

Some thing that has been passed by with no notice
Becomes a new world a new life
To this creative mind
Close my eyes and I am transported to a demension all my own.
And the notch becomes my inpiration.

notch,  oak.

Author: Amber Cinson
Date: 17/03/2020

№ 1182084

Oak Trees

Religion is genre essentially,
They're just boxes. Filled
To maximum capacity with sardines.
You think about this
More often then not. Just
Like suicide. Not in the style
That the depressed might, your mother
Almost hung herself with the hose.
You can only see the
Sun's glimmer on the red oak trees
Outside the windowless pane.

oak,  trees.

Author: Hank Roberts
Date: 12/03/2020

№ 1168616

Summer by the oak tree.

You take and you take and you take and you take-
Feeding off of me like a parasite,
But I will not give, no-
I will not fall through the vows I made to you.
I swore and I swear and I will always remember that...

Beautiful day under the summer sun
When we were sitting underneath our favorite oak tree,
And that smile you gave to me-
Leaving me breathless.

But, oh-the drowning had not yet started.

And once we started sinking,
We really started sinking.
We dropped and we dropped and we never had a chance-
Our bouyancy was lost at sea;
Eaten by a monsterous shark.

But I swore and I swear and I will always remember that...

Graceful night under the gorgeous church lights,
With you in a beautiful dress teeming with perfection-
The mirror image of all my inspirations.

I love you.
I love you too.

I do.

But, oh! Oh...

How the pain rifts through,
Sinking like a weight deep into our veins...
Oh, the pain.

How it can just swim into your heart,
And grasp you like a vulture on the hunt.

My soul is screaming, and being ripped apart.

But, oh God, how I swore and I swear and I will always remember that...

Night you decided our love wasn't enough,
That I was nothing but fodder for your rage.
And how I fed you.

You gnash and you break-
Tearing at my heart like a lion contained.
How you managed to persuade me to lend you my heart;
I may never know.

But like a siren calling out,
My body runs to you-
My heart does too,
Just unwillingly, and wantingly,
As if my heart was possessed-
Controlled by a force far away.

I sit here and I wait as time passes by.
I don't know where to go from here.
As my legs are laying in red,
They feel as two crosses laying infront of me.
Heavy; unmoving.

I wish I could sleep with you,
But how can I ever sleep without wishing you goodnight?

You left so fast,
But yet-

I am relieved.

oak,  summer,  tree.

Author: Devon Newsom
Date: 29/02/2020

№ 1167698


If you want to be an oak,
Think like an oak,
Not like an acorn.


Author: Ola Radka
Date: 28/02/2020

№ 1164939

Spanish Moss on a Dying Oak

Perched up for what could have been a century
A living statue, innate onlooker, weathered survivor
Now dying and giving in to the gentle pull of Earth
Bathing in broken sunlight, we ate dinner,
Looking on through the kitchen window
Watched you transform and grow downward
Watched you lose limb, then limb again
Looking out the dinning room window every night
In the wind, we watched it sway as it hung from you
Like an aging man, a creased face and graying hair
I stood at dusk, in the pasture
I admired your bending stance against the backdrop of a descending sun
It too shall have the same fate
And so shall I

dying,  moss,  oak,  spanish.

Author: Dan R Grantham
Date: 26/02/2020

№ 1164249

Old Oak Park

In old oak park
He showed you me
When it not dark
My heart cant see
Now im alone
You're with family
The hole has grown
Of what you meant to me
I was so close
I was the king
You came back home
Youd walk for me
Now i crawl
On hand and knee
The world has called
Me down from trees
In old oak park
I search for thee
Our path do cross
You look past me
In old oak park
I pray to be
With you, oh lord
Its all i'd need

oak,  park.

Author: NiTSUDD
Date: 25/02/2020

№ 1163176

Oak trees

I only hear autumn serenades
Leaves seem to fall, as fast as my tears
O i love you so
You there alone
Catching them, red brown green
I want to walk down the forest with you
Catching them, yellow
Oak trees waving their empty branches
Through clouds, changing every hour
As autumn clouds do in autumn sky
They all chant poems of desire
I longlingly look upon them, hear them
But they don't seem to reach me

All the oak trees know
They whisper

Give up the ship
Kiss goodbye

But i dont want to
Because i want you

oak,  trees.

Author: Darkness
Date: 24/02/2020