Poems about ocean


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Ocean in Your Eyes

Your eyes are like ocean
So deep blue and clear
They hold such a treasure
Yet it is all deep inside.
The ocean is calm, no wind blows
Over its divine serenity
The warmth of it is worth to dive in
And discover yet what is undiscovered
So your eyes tell me to do
I know the ocean is calm
When your heart is peaceful.
Yet sometimes I see grey
Cumulonimbus clouds have covered
The deep blue ocean and the wind
It is strong and severe I feel
The foamy tender waves have grown
And hit ashore, they do come fast
The ocean rises and some of its water
Pours out and falls down on your cheeks.
Not often is the ocean so sad
The sun is keeping it merry and blue
It can be wonder to see
When the stars come down from sky
And take a bath in the blue water
It is so bright and glittery
I can see all the radiance
Just by looking in your deep blue ocean eyes.

eyes,  ocean.

Author: Kerli Tulva
Date: 13/05/2017

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The ocean around me

"close your eyes"
You said.
So i sat there with
My eyes closed.
And as i sat there
On the
Floor of your white
I felt your gentle
Hands hold my face
And guide it
Towards yours
So you could
Rub the buttery lipstick
On my lips.
I felt it for just a minute
Before my mind
Turned on.
I wondered
Why you told
Me to close my
Was it because you
Were looking
At my lips?
I hope the rest
Of the makeup on
My face
Covered up
My red cheeks.
The romantic
Tension hung in
The air like the
Set of heavy curtains
On the windows
Of your white
The cloth was draping onto
The floor and piling up.
Making an
Ocean of cloth surrounding
Us. but it's
Hard to float
In the sea of cloth
And i ended up crawling
Out, coughing.
I never
Did learn why
You said
"close your eyes".
Eventually i
Opened my eyes
To your white
Again. but
This time it
Looked different.


Author: maggie
Date: 07/04/2020

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Have you ever stood beside the ocean and closed your eyes?
Just breathing in the quiet wind and white noise of the tide.
YOU are my ocean
Your waves wash over me and at last my body is at ease
I breathe you in deep, because you are my release
You wrap your arms around me, whole
But you don't just cradle my body, you hold my soul
There in the silence, you hold a fragile being
But I trust you're strong enough, cause I hear my heart beating
The ocean is vast, and scary at times
And I'm submerged underwater, yet I'm breathing just fine.


Author: Audrey Morgan
Date: 07/04/2020

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Ocean View Cemetery

Who said cemeteries are for the dead?
For those who celebrate such silence
A commotion's something too.
Crow about the stones, smeared by sun
All gawking formal and sharply dressed, rung
A black congregation that drilled and sermoned
My ears down to coffin nails beneath
My feet, a voice that hung the wanting

And over head I saw the braised yearling
Eagle bobbing past the undivided sun,
Who tottled about the sky in circles out
Of center, a wearing down of gear
Churning with the grave
Bruising birds, that spoke
And wheeled over dusty

Sea spray, leaning trees, slant
Of cloud, spilt green grass of one
Sided mosses all pointing which was to be вАФ
The way,

And leaving there, I saw the sign and it read:
¬АШOcean View Cemetery, '
Opens at sunrise вАФ
Closes at sunset.

cemetery,  ocean,  view.

Author: Ormond
Date: 07/04/2020

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Take me to the ocean

Take me to the ocean that's where i want to die
Thats where you sat and held me every time i cry
But now my tears are because of you
So it's the only thing i want to do
You're my anchor so release me
And watch me drown at sea
I can see you're done trying
Which means i should be done crying
But these tears will never end
Into the depths i'll descend
My insides are already sinking
Caused by too much deep thinking
So please let me drown in the sea
Don't pretend that you'd miss me


Author: Samantha Ellis
Date: 06/04/2020

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Bloodshot Ocean

I can still feel energy in us,
It's pumping my blood.
I'm not tired yet.

But if your energy pumps my blood
Away from us and onto the shore,
I can't stop it without creating a hurricane.

So lay yourself to rest on the beach.
Let your mind rest, too.
Forget about me.
Wade in the water when your ready.

I know you prefer the crashing water
When it's closer to your ankles,
I just wish you could hold your breath long enough
To swim through the depths of my non-rushing blood.

bloodshot,  ocean.

Author: Peyton Leigh Stille
Date: 31/03/2020

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The Ocean is my Sky

I'm doing the things that make me feel alive.
But you're clipping my wings.
Killing me inside.

And if I can't take to the skies.
I'll take to the seas
Where i'm free as i was.
With my head in the clouds.

ocean,  sky.

Author: Ivan Kester Marcalas
Date: 31/03/2020

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His Great Love in Ocean Days

Standing on the edge
I breathe in the air.
To walk to my death is my pledge,
You're the only one who can care.

Lying on the hot sand
I must admit that I am Sick.
I bow to the will of your hand.
Could this be some hateful trick?

Lying there, I can't move.
I don't know how to continue.
But you, in your kindness show me His great love.
Perhaps this will bring something new.

In His love, He gave us the ocean.
In His love, He sent his only to die.
For us, He has a great plan,
One day we will no longer cry.

days,  great,  love,  ocean.

Author: Alice Smith
Date: 29/03/2020