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Ode to You

I got a second chance with you
Such pure felt love and joy
To live again your fathers youth
Through you my darling boy

Your blondie curls cascading down
Your big eyes piercing blue
Your little waddle when you run
Your daddy did that too

Your laugh is so infectious
Your smile, your toothy grin
Your little nose that wrinkles up
The dimple on your chin

The words you say too big for you
Yes, your daddy did that too
Although like him in many ways
Not the only reason why
I think your perfect, gorgeous, handsome
Little baby boy!


Author: heidi
Date: 07/04/2020


An Ode to Heroism

What is heroism?
I'll tell you what it is:
Risking your life for others.
But it's also love. And giving.

Another question is- what tests heroism?
A burning building. Two burning buildings. Three.
Nothing else tests heroism like that.
Nothing else provokes the feeling of the incessant
Need to help others.

Risks accompany heroism. Risks like death.
An unimaginable death.
But along with risk is respect. And appreciation.
Nothing else gives you respect like saving lives.
Saving the lives of thousands of people.

You gain appreciation from doing what's best for others,
When they need it.

But there is more to heroism.
There is more than meets the eye.
It creates change.
It touches people's hearts,
Urges them to change the world.

Then the world changes people.
Will the world change you?
When they need it.

heroism,  ode.

Author: Elaine M Smith
Date: 06/04/2020


Ode to my love

Ill will bides me to write this
But know your heart's bliss”

Relaxed I lay, Read these lines
At once, I am reminded of you
My love, dancing in the pines

I remember you, gallant in blue
As we departed, it left a sour note
But when you returned, my heart flew

We tell the stories and quote
One another, as we raise our glass
€Here's to everlasting friendship”, we vote

I have travelled the darkest pits of hell en masse
You tasted heaven's sweet fruits.
And grew in demeanour and class

Traveled we have, faced vast brutes
And here we are again
In the same spot that we met to boot

I stare into your eyes, erased all my pain
I see a mirror to my soul
Blackened and vain

Free, I am from my Sole
Purpose in your arm
Let us embark on a stroll

Know my love, for all your charm
I am yours, until the final knell
I am there lest no harm

As we gaze, I have fallen to your spell
Life is worthless until I spend it in comforting hands
Without you, life is a living hell

Then I awake, disturbed from my plans
Shattered, I realize, how I miss thee
I have lost you to the sands,
The cruel sands of time

love,  ode.

Author: Nikhil Krishna
Date: 06/04/2020


An Ode to "Being Okay"

I cant


Author: Jesse
Date: 06/04/2020


Ode to younger dreams

We are so few and far between.
And for a few years every woman has been
Boring and bored, tired with no drive.
I am doing well. But within a circle of empowered women, we thrive.
Me, no exception. And I'd hate to lose my fragile perception
That you and I can change the world.
Others called it loneliness, we called it hard work -
Without your affirmation and kindred conversation
I'm finding it hard to call it anything other than a 'personal quirk'.
Lately, even, I find myself hiding. An action we used to find worthy of deriding -
A mark of lesser minds.
I still desire to change the world, and I miss that spark, that look in your eye
That told me to defy sexist expectations.
Now I'm in a sea of people and I struggle to find a grip, an ally.
But my heart still thuds like it did then.
The knowledge that women like you are out there
And that we will always be friends,
Gives me confidence
That together we can.

dreams,  ode,  younger.

Author: Rose L
Date: 05/04/2020


Ode to my body

Oh, my body
My oldest friend,
You make me secure
You are stunning,
You hold a power higher than men are capable of understanding
The goddess you hold within makes mouths run with water
Skin created from the dust from the stars
Every scar
Every freckle is valued by me
People will tell you you aren't enough
But to me you are a home
Not a hotel
Not a empty shack
You aren't a place for men to bury themselves and leave
You are a castle
You are a temple
Skin runs soft like silk from your favorite panties
Eyes are dark like the chocolates the men give you on valentine's day
You are not a empty museum that people can fill you with treasures to make you feel valued
You are a home full of your own familiar objects
I know you better than anyone else
I am close to you
My breath fills your lungs

body,  ode.

Author: AAA
Date: 05/04/2020


An Ode to the suspicious milk I found in my kitchen this morning

Suspicious milk
There when I got home
In a tub
Surrounded by water
Or milk blood
Ostracised from the fridge
Left alone to die
Did you commit milk atrocities?
Murder innocent milk bottles?
Or maybe you're a secret agent
The names skimmed
He's like the FBI in your fridge!
He's like the CIA on your cereal!
He's like the MI5 for your cookies!
Did you get all that
Full fat?
After those Oreos!
With their twisting
Dunking their souls into the blood of our young
Or maybe not
Cow juice, alone on the breakfast bar
Not that far
Milk on the sill, defrosting.

kitchen,  milk,  morning,  ode,  suspicious.

Author: Phoebe Caitlin
Date: 05/04/2020


Ode to the Trumpet

Ode to the Trumpet

The trumpet is a gift of Greece and Rome
Blown straight within the palaces of kings
Then curved into a circle for the wars
And finally folded in upon itself

No one knows when in bondage a hero
Took up a trumpet bold as brass, and said
€Trumpet, I bless you now with Africa”
And made it sing the winds of the Sahel

Layers of nations, cultures, dreams, and art:
The trumpet sings from the musician's heart

ode,  trumpet.

Author: Lawrence Hall
Date: 04/04/2020