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Open the eyes of the pawns

Paid mercenaries

These are not riots

This violence is all paid for

You have sold your souls
You have sold your souls
You have sold your souls
You have sold your souls
You have sold your souls

You are stirred up pawns

You have been pawns
For a long, long time

Voter puppets of the democratic party
Not ever expected to think for yourself
So easily used
And manipulated

Kept in a different type
Of slavery

Shaped and honed and fed
Like cattle
In a stall

To be used only as
(let's create more voters)

Not allowed to be fathers
(let's kill the family)
(family? )
( what's that? )

A forgotten trait
Only progenitors
Raised by generations of women
On the dole
Fathers not allowed
In the home

Used, used, used
See it!

Stirred up in the cauldron of anger

Who are the real haters???

??? whose lives matter???

Only those killed and used for media attention

And believe me, they are used by everyone
From the president on down

Never waste a good crisis
When necessary

Do the large numbers
Brother killing brother

And why not?

We don't hear about those numbers
On the nightly news

Guess those lives must not matter

Do the lives lost
The babies killed
The genocide of planned parenthood
One in every neighborhood
Do they matter?

Do they matter?
Do they matter?
Do they matter?
Do they matter?
Do they matter?
Do they matter?

No one speaks of them

Why not?
Why not?
Why not?
Why not?
Why not?
Why not?

Because brother against brother
And baby genocide
Don't matter
To the media


They all fall in line with Bill Gates
Population control

Only the deaths
Used for
Political purposes

To the elitists
The George Soros types
And the media

Pawns=­ slaves

Generations of pawns
Whose usefulness
Will soon be over
Being used one more time
To start all these fires

Where will these pawns be
When the fires go out?

Who will bother
To pay them
To feed them

Their usefulness
To massa'
Will be over

I cry for the pawns
For my brothers and sisters
For all the fatherless

A life is worth so much more.
A life is worth so much more.
A life is worth so much more.
A life is worth so much more.
A life is worth so much more.
A life is worth so much more.

A life is worth so much
A life is worth so
A life is worth
A life is
A life

Cj 2016

eyes,  open,  pawns.

Author: Cynthia Jean
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208668

Open eyes

This is our humanity
Our lifeless known society
On money, we feed
Our lungs filled with greed
The sky smog gray
Streetlights can't light a way

Mother earth dies
Cleaning up the messy ties
Somewhere out in the woods
Swallowing rotten mundane corpses
In both sea and land
With the use of soil and sand

We are, within,
Depending on a layer so thin
Knowing it's condition
Forcing cures and fixes to happen
In ways so simple
It wouldn't repair in any angle

There is nothing to do but complain
For you cannot merely fix what has already been broken

eyes,  open.

Author: 奇妙な
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1208549

An Open Letter to my Abuser's Mother

Dear you,
I miss you.
The name of a spice that smells so sweetly in the spring
Your name was so fitting.

Dear you,
How are you?
I live in my own pain that smells like a sewage plant
You have nothing do with it
You were always kind.

Dear you,
How dare you be so kind?
How dare you believe me
The person who accused your son of being a child molester?
Although, I never spoke poison
Everything I said was true
Why did you believe me?

Dear you,
I had trouble believing myself.
Knowing this happened
I detached so eloquently from the event
For seven years
I formed an alter ego
In which I could live comfortably

Dear you,
Are you comfortable?
I really do hope I didn't tear your family apart
As I seem to be so privy at
Why, just look at mine.
I played a heavy hand in the way
It's pretty fucked up

Dear you,
You are the only person who didn't treat me like a fuck up
When you had every reason to
You never blamed me
You apologized for him
So why am I still holding onto this guilt?
Why am I so ashamed to see you?
Why am I so fearful?
Because, even though you never blamed me
I have always blamed myself.

abuser,  letter,  mother,  open.

Author: Sarah Frances
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207550

Open Letter To God

Although I don't know you
The way that you know me
Your book says that you know
Every little thing
And if this is true
I find this hard to believe
Because of the way humans are
And the things in the book seem so bizarre
And so hard to believe
It makes me really confused
And sort of baffles me
I am a sinner there is no doubt
Everyone seems to be
But if you're truly there
Then you know exactly why
Your the one who created me
In your very own liking
Which only confuses me more
And seems somewhat frightening
All I know is although I sin
It seems to be part of life
Love is the only reason I live
To give with such delight
I'm sure you know what I mean
If this is all so real
And if I end up in the other place
It will be unjustly I feel

god,  letter,  open.

Author: Pure LOVE
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1207002

Eyes are open, wide awake!

I can see more clearly often in the blackest of nights. The hush of nightfall has a silence that speaks to me and shows me sights that others may only believe to exist in dreams or haunted nightmares.

awake,  eyes,  open,  wide.

Author: Kate Rebecca Hopwood
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1206808

Open eyes

I've never found the season nor the universe around
That kept the childish round around
The system sounds of echoes calming circles
The carousels the only being that of us
Banding together in circus wheels
The return the gaze of delightful
Open eyes

eyes,  open.

Author: wordvango
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1206333

I Don't Open it Anymore

There is a box
On the top shelf
In the corner of my closet
That I have to climb if I want to reach it

It is filled with everything left over from us

I don't open it anymore
Most weeks go by and I forget it's even there

I hope you're happy
And I hope sometimes you think about me too

don,  open,  t.

Author: Savannah Charlish
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1206131

The Open Doors

When you're gone I wonder when you'll start hating me
When you're with me I'm scared I'm not good enough
When I touch you I expect you to tell me to stop
When you kiss me I think you don't
Know what you're doing
When you sigh I know
You're tired of me

My memories of you are of things that surround you
You smell like your car
And the shampoo I watched you apply
In your bathroom sink from your bedroom floor
You say it's not right but the sweat from your armpits
Delights me as much as the scents you apply

You're smooth and unblemished like china
I scraped that perfection away
With vine fingers I scratched you
I am a scar on your perfect identity

You take what you want and give up what you must
You're generous but know when to play close to the chest
You're patient, you can get what you need

If I think too hard I'll do what I always do
Lose you by gripping too tightly
I want to constrict you when you lay beside me
The closer you wriggle,
The further I slip
Into jealous obsession
And lustful possession

We're wasting each other's time,
But we had time to spare
We're better than nothing, it's true
I love you in spite of my doubts but I can't help
Expecting you to leave any minute

We don't even see eye to eye on the things which
Concern me the most,
But I can't say it matters
We've opened the doors and accepted each other
There's no reason for us to turn back

Soon I'll have done what I always do
Driven you away or bored you
"It can't be neverending, "
My fearful mind tells me,
"You'll fuck it all up before long"
And my self righteous sense says
You're not worth the effort
You're hopeless and fit to discard
My jealousy wants you to give up your lovers
Surrender your body to me
My loneliness hopes you won't leave and it cries
When you go to your own bed at night
My evil will wants you to drink yourself silly
And bend to my twisted demands
My shy side just hides in the bathroom and dreams
Of your smile, the blue of your eyes
My paranoid whimsy draws lines from your picture
To names dates and far out ideas
I'm sure you could be only my imagination
For you look like my fantasy girls

I magicked you out of the footnotes
And into the body of text
And now you are key to the story
And I don't know what happens next

I see you appear in distant past dreams
I fill in my memories with you
We walked the same earth for two decades
Together we walk from now on
My intuition left me so long ago
And you say it never existed
I hope my heart can be reopened
But I don't really mind if I'm dead when I die

To perish beside you would simply life
To be flattened together as one
We'd wake when our spirits were ready to dance
And we'd create EVERYTHING

doors,  open.

Author: Owen Phillips
Date: 03/04/2020