Poems about order




Counterproductive to hold to the truth
I'm no saner today than I was in my youth
Was it a tragic display that I somehow suppressed
A malfunctioning brain that caved under stress
When things get too quiet the siren I hear
Drowns out the sounds that aren't really there...

I often laugh when life deals me pain
In times like these I sense I'm deranged
But it might be the mechanism that allows me to cope
When the champion of mayhem has me pinned to the ropes
And the drunkenness of the driver, my pilot within
Can't seem to escape the stench of my sins...

The bludgeoned end of reason is hot on my case
Threatening to smash me back into place
It's these catch-22s that torture my mind
I keep growing older suspended in time
Still my biggest fear is my hindsight going dim
And coming around to trust this world once again...

order,  psychotic.

Author: Traveler
Date: 03/04/2020


Truth can heal truth can hurt in order to heal

Truth can go off in your mind like an explosion
Leaving you dazed at your own ignorance.

heal,  hurt,  order,  truth.

Author: nivek
Date: 02/04/2020


Side-order of socialism

Delicatessen confession
And subsequent investigation
Bring a new declaration
€No more Renovation! ”
€Enough placation! ”
€I've had it to here with provocation! ”
The White man in charge holds court
€Wealth redistribution for the goal of no social stratification
Will be met with the harshest possible punishment”
Fighting for air, water, and scraps of food, the masses, begging
Look through shit covered glasses at the vastness
Of what they do not posses
Distress sits at the dinner trough
While swine dine together on the souls of sick children
Darkness falls on the scene as the media blocks the sun and moon
Leaving only the poison glow of 1000 television screens to light the feeding
Burn ward atmosphere complete with screaming babies
Surrounds the huddled lifers—those stuck in existence
Those buried under the filth of humanities desire for global dominance
I sit shrouded against the din
Misery monster bent on the removal of the status quo
With hate and GMO foods as my weapons
Infiltration of the sovereign nation with the specific destination
The heart of the beast
On a stake
Over the fire I built
I eat the wealthy
Consume their greed with ketchup leaving only old bones to be bleached in the sun
True, I will have to pay for my sins against what existed
Death will be the only recourse for my actions as people hate change more that pain
So to suffer for the betterment of my brethren
Is well worth the lifetime of dealing with
The mental anguish cause by

order,  side,  socialism.

Author: Sam Temple
Date: 01/04/2020


How to ensure law and order?

Good cops
Book the
Bad cops;
Is solved!

ensure,  law,  order.

Author: K Balachandran
Date: 31/03/2020


Mail Order

Send me a fire starter and foundation to cover the crispy skin of my forearm.

I am sorry, I couldn't help it, I was so cold and desperate for heat.
The firemen were too late. The steel walls surrounding me melted from
The heat and my every regret was spilled in front of me.
Underground tunnels make my black ink flow like the Nile,
Washing my pages with black and erasing my written labyrinth.

Send a raft so that I may not drown in my own madness. A signed envelope
With a perfect message.

Sleep when you write, you can dream that way, an exaggerated reality
That murders your sense, drags you into a dusty cupboard and gouges out your eyes and ears.
Three weeks later, a box shows up at your door.
You reach inside and feel everything, smell the rotting flesh. You can not hear or see anything
Because your parts used for perception are in your hand.

Happy Birthday!
From, your worst nightmare.

mail,  order.

Author: Kagami
Date: 30/03/2020


The Old Order Has Fallen,

But its etiquette has not.
Then there's its religion, prevalent, instilled.
Farms tilled the way their grandfathers' tilled.
Castles in ruins, or castles renovated,
They want to preserve, or let themselves become jaded,
On the richer histories this country provides,
They create better legends to tell tourists, all lies
"Here's the old world", they cry.
And the economy, the people, the change,
They tie it all up until only a mock-up remains,

fallen,  order.

Author: Alexandria Hope
Date: 24/03/2020


New World Order

We are running, always running
The ground beneath us is crumbling
Everything around us turning to dust
The wind is fire on our backs

We're running out of time
The disaster we bred catching us
Claiming and destroying us
That road really is paved
With the very best of intentions
But the walls are lined with the worst.

The past was ours to claim
Shaping a future we can't escape
Cancerous and corrosive,
This was all our doing
We never dreamed of a present so dark
When our past was so warm and bright.

Funny thing about fate and chance
We never do realize what the cost will be
What it could be
How much it will bring us down
Into the flames of a new world order

This is our catastrophy.


Author: RJ Cordae
Date: 22/03/2020


A Real Man in the New Political Order

The Message
From the New Political Order
Is that,
If you want to prove yourself to be a Real Man,
You need to kill someone
Who is powerless and vulnerable.
You've got to show
That you can to overpower a woman
And rape her
To prove that you're not a "pussy"
Because any trace of femininity
Is a sin.

man,  order,  political,  real.

Author: Daniel Steven Moskowitz
Date: 20/03/2020