Poems about pair


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A mixture of colors and laughter,
Dancing and swirling around each other.

How lovely they were,
Basking in their own light,
Radiating off of them as they glowed with contentment.

The pair would never separate,
For they had no reason to neglect the other.

And so they danced,
From dream to dream,

Simply existing to cherish one another
With all of their being
For the rest of their existence


Author: Summer Novak
Date: 28/03/2020

№ 1195487

Random Pair of Words

// Just wanted to try a new style of writing. Read Slow (makes it more enjoyable... I guess) //

" Underwater Porn,
Internally Torn...

Rotten Mind,
Memories Left Behind...

Raped Heart,
New... Start???

Days Roll,
Screaming Soul...

Slow Burn,
Intense Yearn...

Her Name???
Forgotten Lanes...

Her Eyes,
Beautiful Lies...

A Living Reverie,
Eclipsed By Tragedy...

An Incomplete Story,
Spouting Irony...

Fourth of April,
An Angel's Betrayal...

Right Word???
Eternal Search...

Last Time???
No Rhyme... **"

pair,  random.

Author: Outcast Dreamer
Date: 24/03/2020

№ 1176612

A Mismatched Pair

Uncertainty bubbles within me
Confusion haunts even my deepest thought
Rejection lingers in my heart and soul
And sadness makes my vision distraught.

Sleep no longer comes easy
Dreams are vivid and whatnot
Questions await their partners in crime
While I try to recall a single moment we fought.

Glances slowly shrink away to peeks
Fingertips curl into anxious knots
A head nod or some symbolizes hello
As we realize that mutualism cannot be bought.

Make up your mind, oh, anytime now
For my heart beats, I don't know much longer how.

mismatched,  pair.

Author: Jessie
Date: 07/03/2020

№ 1174104

A Pair of Roses

Strip the thorns
And adorn her hair
Pair of Roses
I breathe her air

Sweetness flows
A glow in her cheeks
She approaches me
Gives me a kiss, she is not meek

Passions fire lit
Wires crossed and sparks ignite
Embossed by roaming hands
Our molecules vibrate and excite

pair,  roses.

Author: The Fire Burns
Date: 05/03/2020

№ 1162463

New Pair Of Boots

Haphazard, travelling light, I see a distant destination
Appear on the horizon.
Getting closer now with each Sunrise, Sunset, and another
New pair of boots, I keep walking.

boots,  pair.

Author: nivek
Date: 23/02/2020

№ 1141719

The greatest pair

We were a catastrophe
Just a small sense of letting us be
Broken and brittle
Loveless and little
But who knew that being mates
And late night dinner dates
Could lead to us,
A catastrophe?
One where ones like me
Found those like you
A shy little girl and the greatest book
The best pair by look
A story couldn't comprehend
The relationship we have
A bookworm and a good read
It's all I could ever need

greatest,  pair.

Author: Allesha Eman
Date: 05/02/2020

№ 1128465

My mind is a loose pair of hands.

Time slips through my fingers.

hands,  loose,  mind,  pair.

Author: Seth Cruz
Date: 24/01/2020

№ 1121001

We are a pair of lovers, and Hey, Look! There Are Many Other Lover Couples Like Us

A pair of lovers is a pair of tongues that say the word alternately, the same word, which moves from mouth to mouth.

A pair of lovers is a pair of eyes that never tired of looking at each other, lyrics to each other, closing each other, in the light and dark.

A pair of lovers are two travelers searching each other, and steadfast wait until finally found each other.

A pair of lovers is a pair of names that ask each other for a place in memory, so as not lost in the loss.

A pair of lovers are a pair of farmers who rush to the fields do not wait for the rain to die, because love is a fertile morning.

A pair of lovers is a pair of eyes in the night, there is a beautiful dangling light, and there is hope that gee, rampant.

A pair of lovers are two lines on a gurindam, longing for revenge, mutual opening and closing, harassing, muffling.

A pair of lovers is a pair of longing hands, stalling to the empty, as if to rub a love on the forehead full of sweat.

A pair of lovers are a pair of hearts at a glance, bristling, as you imagine the longing will be very torture.

A pair of lovers is a pair of interconnected books, the first book, continues into the second book, and vice versa.

A pair of lovers is a pair of books that amaze each other on the cover, because it knows very well what is written on them.

A pair of lovers are two books, writing and reading each other, without ever interchanging the pages.

couples,  hey,  lover,  lovers,  pair.

Author: Hasan Aspahani
Date: 17/01/2020