Poems about passion


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Passion favours the brave

The world can grow dark when we are weary

And the candle can seem so dim when we won't struggle to see anymore

And that fear that keeps you in your box tighltly locked

Its isnt real. well, not all of it anyway

And when you stop and find yourself in a moment

Choose what that moment will be

Own it form it control it. and the next one and the next

Wear yourself a groove to safely traverse you way like a beaver in a dam

Break those old habbits record over those old tapes

Find new doors or build them and push through in every way

Leave behind those that think they own your rights

Walk away never looking back.

If they want you they will come find you

Fill your heart with a mission

Look around and find your passion

Be bold

Be brave

And never regret the steps you take on your way to your grave

Only the ones that you didnt take

Because no passion ever lived there.

brave,  favours,  passion.

Author: Sylkie Smoothie
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1208207


Two bodies entwined in the throws of each other. Arms and legs tangled together. Sweat pouring off of the heat coming from two lovers. One spirit shared as two souls join. Love is exchanged for lust as each takes pleasure from the other. Sheets slide and crumple up as they reach the height of ecstasy! Each immersed in the others passion.


Author: James M Vines
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1206185


Pound your fists against the wall as you tell me I know nothing,
Scream obscenities through the phone so loud I'm surprised the glass doesn't shatter.
Call it Passion.
Passion is your alter ego.
Passion hates me,
Passion never fails to tell me when I'm wrong.
Passion breaks my heart again and again.
Passion loves me,
Passion always tells me I am talented and smart.
Passion picks up the broken pieces and puts them back together.
Passion never fails to tell me I am beautiful.
Passion never fails to tell me that I would look ugly if I cut my hair,
Or pierced my nose.
Passion tells my that my nose is crooked.
Passion is spiteful and unforgiving,
Never fails to bring up my past mistakes.
Passion hates when I bring up his mistakes,
He deems his lies necessary,
While deeming my white lies fatal.
Passion is never wrong,
I am never right.
Passion wants me to be honest and say what is on my mind.
Passion wants me to sit down and shut up.
Passion never fails to tell me he loves me.
**Passion loves me.


Author: Maddie Lane
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1203884

The Passion of Five Senses

Of all the things upon this earth, there is only one that can stimulate all five senses of a man at once. A man may find individual substitutes for these pleasures, but none compare to that of what a woman can do. Her fragrance can stir your senses from a distance, and she enters your mind, simply her scent, can be as sweet as any other this earth can conjure. When you first met her image; your heart may skip a beat. With your eyes you caress every curve of her body as you crave her touch. And as the tips of her fingers stroke the surface of your skin, your urges increase. Your outer surface bumps as her grip increases; and the heat rises as you reach with your lips to take the first taste of her body. Then when you reach it, it comes with a flavor so sweet that no other fruit may compare. When your tongues meet within the twisted tangle of lust the feeling and flavor are to be savored. The moans as you each attempt to occupy the same space, will raise your pulse, and drive you to be closer. For her words and her sounds of enjoyment would fall upon your ears more gracefully than and melody composed by man. And as you lay there with the passion still fresh in your mind you may realize that of all things upon this earth... Only a woman can stimulate all five senses at once, and she may continue to while you simply lay there with her in your arms.

passion,  senses.

Author: Jorge Guerrero
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1201935

Youths Passion

Once young and full of desire, chasing after the things that please the eye. Drawn to pleasure and living for today, not thinking about tomorrow at all. Many dreams are formed and many plans are made, then life takes over and time flies by. In the twinkle of an eye, you are not the youth anymore. A new generations sprouts up to replace you and to trod down what you have desired and to lay waste to what you have dreamed. You cannot go back, you can only go forward and perhaps recapture some of the lost passions you once had.

passion,  youths.

Author: James M Vines
Date: 30/03/2020

№ 1201737


I want to feel some passion.
It is something I can no longer ration.
Fiery has been confined
Deep in my unconscious mind.

Oh key to unlocking my desire,
What is it that you require?
Are you a tangible object,
Or something I can't detect?

Without passion I shall remain
Living life in the slow lane.
Waiting for the perfect key
To set my feelings free.


Author: Bryce Bartelt
Date: 30/03/2020

№ 1201171

Absence of Passion

Every school holiday
My brain would go on an unintended
Long vacation.

Took such a long vacation
That it was almost every bad ideas
To begin my holiday

For everyday my brain is not around
My heart will wander far away
And my passion will not be found

The bad ideas;
My eyes would shut itself
Believing still that we are living in our dreams
But in reality, we have been missing out for quite awhile.

absence,  passion.

Author: Poieinbroidery
Date: 30/03/2020

№ 1200552


Where has my passion gone?
I no longer seem to have a drive.
Is there a lost light switch I just forgot to turn on?
There was a time where my creative spirit used to thrive
Now I just sit in the dark
Now I do not know what to do
I just need to find a bright spark
That will bring back my life together like glue
Where might I find it?


Author: Peter Tanner
Date: 29/03/2020