Poems about pay


№ 1204405

Hell to pay

The prognosis was terminal
It was over,
The end,
She had burned my life
My marriage my self worth.
But I had to see her again
Just one time.
To climb the ice tower
Of her lair.
Crawl through the ashes
And mud of all that
Was wrong with us.
Just to see her again
To see that sensual smile
Those eyes like fire
To feel
Her hair falling
On my bare skin.
As I submitted
My soul to her.
The reaper was waiting
At her doorway.
I wrestled his scythe
From his Skeleton hands
Sending death away
For another day.
Stepping inside her room
The smell of brimstone
A harbinger
Of the hell to be paid

hell,  pay.

Author: Jude kyrie
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1203490

-To Pay the Fee of Being a Male-

She shook the earth
Standing still with an expression
A smile
Not of happiness or joy
But of sorrow
A perplexing fixation of
Flexed muscles that would
Shock anyone
The comfort of
Contradicting emotion is
Hard to explain and
Harder yet to show the world
But I feel Her
I live Her
She's my inner girl

fee,  male,  pay.

Author: Daniel Farrand-Bolas
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1196856

Pay Attention Infants

Meditating under the waterfall the cold feeling thoughts become to clear to question emotion at all.
The sun blaze, is beauty to a dumb face, I'm the known race that's no race, as the moon rays interpermeates my physical state, I reminisce the days i've gazed into space.

Recalling the reoccurrence of the light rays shifting, those with glasses must've missed it. Colors worth the risk. Concentrate on the 7 frequency rates on the disk. Close circuit surveillance "Ahchosi... can you show us your face? How quaint. To visit my state and match how my spirit elevates. I calmly remark " you're late"
I'm so out of place. I wish i can be more open but i have to do it all in slow motion. It makes me feel broken.
Successfully rehabilitating myself.
Now that's what i call help.

attention,  infants,  pay.

Author: Ahchosi Grandiose
Date: 26/03/2020

№ 1195365

Punishment Is The Price To Pay

'why do you do it,
You perhaps need to stop?!
You'll permanently damage your self! '

I'd reply,
'Nahh! '
What I ment was this...

'That's the idea,
It was once a punishment for a fat child,
Who was to weak to look after himself.

Now it's still a punishment,
But this time for a weak man,
Not strong enough to care for the one he loves. '

pay,  price,  punishment.

Author: Bogle
Date: 24/03/2020

№ 1184800

The Price I Pay

He is a champion
Or so he believes.

Bathed in the shadows of glory
Standing alone amidst his destruction

Friends, all fallen
Their voices, silenced.

Blood stained wings drape across his shoulders
And carry him towards Heaven.


pay,  price.

Author: Timmy Johnston
Date: 15/03/2020

№ 1182099

The price to pay

I wouldn't change the way I am
But I am a passionate person
I react strongly to everything
I love fast and hard
If only I could
As easily as switching a light
But it only works one way
And I am destroying myself
Each time a little more
I pour my entire being in one go
I give and give and give until nothing is left
So often I am rewarded with silence
Then the pain
The pain
Is the worst kind
A burning blade slicing and burning
Fire in your veins
The pain makes my mind go numb
And attempt at shutting it all off
But always comes back
With a vengeance
I am a passionate person
And as they all do
Passions come with a price
I wonder how long I will be willing
**To pay.

pay,  price.

Author: Turn Off The Lights
Date: 12/03/2020

№ 1181989

Eat. Work. Pay. Sleep. Repeat.

You wake in the morning
Make sure you eat healthy
Gotta rush off to work
Before the boss gets all grumpy
Then go through your bills
Make sure all that shit's paid
Gotta get a good nights rest
Reset. Repeat.
Tomorrow's another day.

eat,  pay,  repeat,  sleep,  work.

Author: Anonymess
Date: 12/03/2020

№ 1177738


You witnessed it all,
The images you saw,
Like a card,
It was dealt in a flash,
Information triggered,
Cause someone figured,
Into one those thoughts,
Reaction was not of satisfaction,
But of discomfort,
And dismay,
Slightly leading astray,
Thoughts that make you pay,
Attention to the things mentioned,
Picture worth of words,
Thinking how absurd,
Not knowing if you just saw,
Or herd the thoughts,
Until they're saturated,
In combustible fluids,
Ignited by frustration,
Doused by imagination,
Suffocation is the relation,
To those dying,
To stick around,
But contempt to fight,
Don't worry it's all plight,
No matter the circumstance,
Take the chance,
Progression is at your disaggregation,
To fine tune each aspect,
Will take time for amalgam to occur,
To become more reliable and credible,
Let it solidify,
But keep it malleable,
So your eyes stay wide open,
Instead of wide shut


Author: jonathan valonis
Date: 08/03/2020