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Edith piaf and i shared remembrances while we slept when a sudden smokestack prison loudspeaker reminded us of the distance between people


Consciousness tossed
Around in the heavenly night,
Illuminations and poems in us all
As an asphalt drum bounds
Oak to flat
Dispersing lamentations to
The brain and barbwire ribcage
Clawing at our lungs


The behemoth cause for all inspiration
The pressing crucifixion
The shrill cry of harmonica overcast in
This bizarre moonlight
Sinking an oceanic shadow
For my memory is high off melancholy
But i keep at it because the morning is beautiful


(in my opinion)
Nothing feels stranger than
An empty bedroom
We are each others loneliness


distance,  people,  prison,  remembrances,  reminded,  shared.

Author: Connor
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1208347

People Change

For some reasons.
Sometimes they get worse,
But sometimes they get better.
People change.

change,  people.

Author: 'thoughtOutLoud
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1208231

I've Seen People Jump

A lot of people jump
I've seen it
They climb up on the railing

And they jump

They fall forever
In reality it's only a few seconds

But in their heads

It must feel like forever

Do you think any of them regret it?


When the water is washing over them
And the tides engulf their lungs
And the salt stains their skin
And the pressure bursts their eye balls open inside of their head

Do you think they regret it then?

We all die William.

There's no sugar coating that
No amount of my preaching will make that ok
I get that
I can live with that

But if my belief in religion
And in turn my belief in you
Keeps one person away from this railing

That would jump over it otherwise

Well then that makes it all

Seem real to me.

jump,  people.

Author: Tark Wain
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207993

People here

I need to get out,
I can't take it anymore
Escape this awful world,
All people do here is cry and shout.
People here are all focused on material things,
Do they know it doesn't matter?
People here take everything for granted.
Do you know what others have to go through?
I'm sorry but was has our world come to?
I need to run away.
But where do i go
There is no where left.
There is no where left to be happy
So i guess i'll just stay here
Until my time runs out.


Author: Lizzy
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207818

People walking down the street...

People walking down the street,
Spilling pink makeup in beautiful designs
People walking down the street,
Collecting wind-blown leaves and directions
People walking down the street,
Exchanging sensual greetings
People walking down the street,
And pass by rainbow symbols
People walking down the street,
Contemplating dirt

© Matthew Goff

people,  street,  walking.

Author: Matthew Goff
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207616

What i would say to 10 different people in my life

1- i'm scared i'll end up like you when i grow up
#2- i'm scared i'll forget our time together
#3- i'm scared you'll go further in life than me
#4- i'm scared we won't keep in touch once we graduate
#5- i really want you to be in my life
#6- sometimes i feel like we don't even know each other, but we're best friends
#7- i like your attention but don't like you
#8- i don't know what i'll do when you die
#9- i compare myself to you obsessively
#10- i think i really like you

life,  people.

Author: -
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1207571

Pointilist Poem (Portrait of People I know)--Part 3 Parents

I believed in the easter bunny
And Santa
And god

There was chocolate in church grass
A gift under a tree
And I pray when I am helpless

And one day you find out the truth
Realize parents are good at keeping secrets from you

Then they do things
Like drink themselves to near-death
Fall apart

And you see they are not superheroes
Thery're human

Makes me understand what it is to be a man

parents,  people,  poem,  portrait.

Author: Jon Tobias
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1207549

People die.

People die because people die people die because people die
I wanted to die because I needed to die, I wanted to die
God was calling or was it the devil I could never remember

Out of all the humans I have met in my life I thought you would...
I honestly thought that you would understand me and my feelings
But maybe I was wrong... maybe another person than you cant ever do

You have never seen me mad or sad, you have never seen me cry
You never saw me standing on the edge of killing myself, wanting...
And that's okay because with you I wasn't that kind of girl

It was a part of my dark past, drinking and hurting myself, the pain
It were the things I lived for, kissing boys and dancing with my girls

We lived for sadness and we were never sober... well almost never
The days were counting and my veins were running out of empty spots

Music was my savior once and so was this amazing girl...
I lived for her and she lived for me...

And that's the way it always was
And the way it always should be...

die,  people.

Author: Belle Victoria
Date: 04/04/2020