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A little piece of your heart.

I want to be
The stars in your sky
And the sun rays
That shine on
Your face
And maybe even be
The air
In your lungs
And i want to
Be one of the reasons
Why you smile
Why you wake up
And want to be more
Than who you are
And i want
To be the soundtrack
To your happy days
And i want to
Make you feel
Things you've never
Felt before
And i want to
Maybe even
Own a little
Piece of your

heart,  piece.

Author: Gaby ComprГ©s
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1210428

Missing piece

Heroes are made inside you.
Courage was your DNA.
Change and Love has been installed between your spirit...
Everything was magical inside you...

But one thing is missing...


missing,  piece.

Author: Alihya Eve Cesia Gemota
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1210094

A Piece Of Advice

Anyone who youtubes and loves music nightcore has like a lot of music anything form country to punk rock to rock to pop music it is a speed up version with anime backrounds it is ver awesome!!!

advice,  piece.

Author: RebelGirl
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1209833

A jigsaw piece under the sofa

I will not wave, lunge,
Cry, shriek, rejoice,
When the last trickle
Of you slips, unwillingly,
From my memory's
Clutches, into those bleak and
Bottomless caverns filled
With a million misplaced eyes,
Endless shadowy smiles,
A billion faded farewells.
The final flickers of you
Will eventually greet
The same gloomy fate.

Maybe the last to leave
Will be your white gold hair.
Maybe the remaining grains
Of loquacious you will be
Your opinion of Nabokov,
Your nihilism, your
Penchant for poetry.
More likely, it will be
Our soul-shaking despair,
Our collective and awful
With luck, you'll slide away
With star-glazed eyes,
A halfway smile,
A twinkle of recognition.

There are things that
I can't bear to lose.
Leave me, please, your voice.
Leave me that treasure of
The glass-winged seraphim,
The vibrations and citations
Of vocal chords woven
From pensive moonbeams,
Littered with soft lingering vowels,
Honeyed and dapple grey.
Give me, to keep, glorious
Saltwater bubbles of laughter.
Let me live alongside your
Scuttling sideways glances.
Let my heart wear your too-short red jumper.

How will I know when it goes?
It will be the silent last of you,
A jigsaw piece under the sofa,
Miscellaneous, homeless,
On the precipice,

jigsaw,  piece,  sofa.

Author: Annelyra
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208342

A piece of thread floating

I want my stone
It's in
It's a pocket
A cave
I'd never like to find myself there
But for my hand
I want my stone
Where's my stone
To go into my stone

Tear scent denim on the bedroom floor,
Cradle for a cheekbone.
A portable reading light
A book bent backwards
A coiled ribbon
They are me
On this bedroom floor
Under one table
Where someone was once beautiful
And then still also after

If the world would touch me softly please
I might pretend that i am barely there
And the world might pretend it too

Is it possible to focus a moment more into one sense?
Maybe could i live one moment as more a sound

Tree branches almost seem
Like they move slower
Than the wind and air
And now
Thats me

But i can't stay
You were hurting me with the bin
And the unwanted
It was not needed
Maybe i understand
But no
Nothing nothing

A piece of thread floating
But moving past the leaf canopy
And the town
Village landscape
But glimpsing glimpsing the pale blue
Across those few changing colours

Old place
Where i left my thoughts
I can see you now
But i never quite left it all

One day
The light won't
Touch your naked skin anymore
When houses are the haunting
And my ghosts were your life

Possibly the butt of the first time i tried
Who else burried a heartbeat maybe
Under stone or nettle
Or in your earth and life?

Still you take me to you
Not even a stony galaxy
Though that word seems not-right
Thank you thank you
A place that won't leave dents in my knees

Like a polished statue head
Not beauty
In fact
I almost melt
But there's a person of
A passing person
A barely there and rarely remembered person about it

Vision then
Vision then
But i must be breathing or
Something close like an echo
Coz my hands are speaking,
Like these words
And changing screens
They came from this very day

My body has used this now place
Like a human

I'd just like to be just a figure in their bed now
Gentle and blending
In softness and calm
Like to inhale

A face weighs down shoulders
Don't make me a person

But please

I never liked an uninvited light
When it sliced through my night-space

But a whisper
I don't know
But i know sometimes there's this imprint on the pillow beside me
Just then i picture the walking man i spoke of once before
But no
But absolutely not like it at all
Coz this whisper
Is like the space of a something.
The world knows

Thank you

floating,  piece,  thread.

Author: hushhush
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1205664

Wise Men! - A Piece Of Advice

Wise men if you've time to listen.
Don't ever think I want to frighten.
Words of wisdom I'd like to share.
Words very unpleasant may appear.

If you are alive in the morning.
Will you be alive till evening?
And If you are alive in the evening.
Will you be alive till morning?

So make most of your health;
Before sickness takes your health;
And take most from your life;
Before with death you have a strife.

advice,  men,  piece,  wise.

Author: MdAsadullah
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1204915

A Piece of Peace

Give me a piece
A peace to your heart,
Give me a place
So that our love
Can start.
Give me a piece
A piece of your mind,
Give me your peace
And leave your worries behind.

Give me your hand,
And I'll show you the world,
Up from above, and below the sand,
Give me your feet
And I'll not lead you astray,
Give me you,
So we can go on our way.

Give me a piece
Of the peace you hold dear,
Give me something,
Let's start a friendship right here.

And so our friendship
Will bloom like flowers
In the spring,
It'll come like the weather,
With all the sun and rain,
And the wind that sings.

Give me a piece of your peace
My love,
And I'll show you what heaven
Is really made of.

It's not made out of gold,
Or silvery things,
It's not even worth,
Its worth in diamond

It's made out of love,
And pieces of peace,
It's the whispers of the wind
That plays in the trees.

It's the sweet ringing laughter
When you laugh in my ear,
It's when I hear you,
Your sweet voice my dear.

A piece of peace,
Is all that I need,
Because that's all it takes,
Is one little seed.

So give me a piece of your peace
My friend,
And I'll stand by it
Never to

A Piece

peace,  piece.

Author: Danigan Lee
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1203790

You carry my piece

We come together
Eyes locked

Holding each other
Chest pounding

Two pieces became whole
Hearts resounding

One after another
I leave my piece with you

carry,  piece.

Author: Barabbas
Date: 01/04/2020