Poems about pineapple


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Not long ago
I fell in love
With her beautiful lips

I will never forget how sweet

That lingering after taste
Stayed in mouth well after she walked away

She was almost out of my eye sight
It became real cerebral melancholy of a love affair
I had misplaced

It took from me something objective
Watching her leave of absence

From a distance
At that very precise moment
It became a sharp piercing pain in the center of my heart

But I remember
Oh how I remember
I remember


The way we French kissed for long periods
When I held on tightly
Tightly til midnight

The memory of her legs in white embroidery stockings
How my fingers danced with excitement
Triggering investments traveling up down her highway

I was dizzy
While tickling the measurements of her
Inner thighs
I remember this

When I was
A representation
That was supposed to last forever

The further she walked the smaller she grew in my vision
My eyes became a small rain storm drenching screaming
Pulling me away from dreaming
Away from my world as I had become too know it

Didn't know what to say now
Like words on a black board being erased
I was at a loss for words
So I held on to the memory


The way we French kissed for long periods
No air escaping
Imprisoning our tongs

My own
Perfect example I visualize an imagine
I create in my mind the ability to conceive my own embodiment

A pine apple salad with the juices flowing over
When we touched each other's lips
Among other things!


Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1156098

Pineapple kisses

She gave me pineapple kisses
Her smile was sweeter than sunshine
I wish I could make her mine
But she slipped away through a different strand of time

I've heard
Pineapples taste of summertime
A humid sticky night, lovers delight
But the texture I couldn't bear
So eat the fruit I wouldn't dare
Then my world changed when I met a beauty so rare

With hair like dark chocolate
And eyes like the sky
Her laughter like a familiar song

She gave me pineapple kisses
Her smile was sweeter than sunshine
I should have made her mine
Before she slipped away through a different strand of time

kisses,  pineapple.

Author: Peter Pan
Date: 18/02/2020

№ 1140743

Pineapple chunks

The train now leaving from platform fourteen is the six fifteen from your waking dream into your worst nightmare,
'are we there yet? '

Travel may be the means to unravel the knots in your gut
But it's not cheap,
Far cheaper to sleep.

Friday used to be my day to relax, unwind, pop some pills, chill with the homies and look at me now, another spindle, a spoke in the wheel, I feel like a cog in some clanking machinery,
And there's no scenery to gaze upon on the blunderground, there is only darkness and vacant faces that look into and out from this underground,

The train now arriving for those left surviving is the six fifteen from, 'where you have been but not where you are heading'

I'm dreading any further announcements.

If work is the saving of dignity why
Pray tell me is it making me
Piggin' sick?

chunks,  pineapple.

Author: John Edward Smallshaw
Date: 04/02/2020

№ 1057220

Kinda like pineapple

My mouth is bleeding.
Your sharp tongue is cutting the roof of my mouth; right behind my teeth where you spell my name. One letter at a time. My teeth are breaking but i've never been afraid of blood.
Not even when I coughed up handfuls into my mothers baby blue lemonade pitcher.
Not even then.

kinda,  pineapple.

Author: alex
Date: 20/11/2019

№ 950763

Pineapple Blue Horizon

Your milky dusky hue
Blankets the black
That kept me in my bed
Afraid to awake
More afraid to sleep

Now I see you,
Yawning along with me
Erasing history each moment
Even before the golden orb
Cracks your silence
With its fickle fire

I know you,
False hope giver
Promising light
Fooling eternal night
But not eternally
For you too will one day be black

I will not see this
Nor will my seed
Nor theirs, but one day
The crack between earth and sky
Will vanish
And eyes that long for light
Will become
Part of karmic night
The dripping sweetness they craved
In golden blue light
Will be gone

blue,  horizon,  pineapple.

Author: spysgrandson
Date: 15/08/2019

№ 930574

Pineapple road (2010 - в€ћ)

The day
You were born
Was really just
A death sentence.
The day
I met her
Was really just
The beginning

... of everything.

pineapple,  road.

Author: Andvari Sæglópur
Date: 28/07/2019

№ 866702


Be a pineapple
Stand up tall
Wear a crown
And be sweet
On the inside


Author: Wolf girl
Date: 31/05/2019

№ 860359


The pineapple is the whole,
Whether in the ground
Or in your bowl.

Rock in hand; above, down, pound.
Crack the spiny hull.

Sweet juice is found.


Author: Randall Walker
Date: 25/05/2019