Poems about pipe


№ 1169268

Holding a pipe of shaved human bone

Effervescent chaos; sizzling
In the blackest reaches of the untapped
Psyche. dreamscapes woven from
The fabric of ten quadrillion crystalline spiders
Working in perfect harmony
To construct a thin coating of sound
Upon all of creation.
You run your hand along a stone monolith
That looms into the sky, reaching
On and on longer
And higher than the eye can
Perceive; off to stroke
The face of god.
A fine strand of hair on a blastula of
Atomic pulp.
The hills around you, bathed in silvery
Strands not unlike silk wisps wafting
The smell of baby powder into the
Air, stretch off for miles,
Slowly undulating away to meet an unseen
Ocean of oily water.
The sound of a knife being dragged
Across the strings of
A piano emanates from the monolith.
You gaze up into the reflective,
Glistening clouds.
You are alone in this.

bone,  holding,  human,  pipe,  shaved.

Author: matt nobrains
Date: 01/03/2020

№ 1160564

Vapour Pipe.

People, you must know
It is not fucking smoke
It is water vapor
And it's got me off the cigs
You should be thanking me
For not polluting the air
See hippy's try
Ok now
I smell like a sweet shop
But if you find that offensive
Then get a life, please
Let us Vapor in the air.

pipe,  vapour.

Author: Paul Hardwick
Date: 22/02/2020

№ 1105356

Attached to a pipe

This foggy fog
Burning tobacco
Living in a smoke screen
Is the only life I know of

attached,  pipe.

Author: nivek
Date: 03/01/2020

№ 1102849

Inside The Pipe

Sitting on the surf washed sand looking out into the deep blue water. I ponder for a moment the quest I am about to make. Into the waves on my board pushing over the tops of white curls. Each one rises and falls tipping towards the sky and then dropping you into a rift. Onward I push until I sit far off shore and the beach looks like a thin line on the horizon. Waiting for my moment, I sit anxiously, as one wave then another rolls by. I look back and see the curl waiting to sweep me up then off I go into the pipe! Surrounded by thundering water and pounding surf, I cut and glide in and out of the oceans grasp! Looking for the perfect ride inside the pipe of water, holding my breath as I feel the rush! On to the beach, getting ever closer, as I seek to master the wave. Lost in a small span of time, bending and twisting with the wave as I seek the ride of my life! Then it is over as quickly as it began, the rush fades and I paddle out into the unknown waiting for the next wave that will carry me inside the pipe once again.

inside,  pipe.

Author: James M Vines
Date: 31/12/2019

№ 1097852

A pipe dream

I would have loved
(to have known)
When the sky was light
And the days were warm.
I would have loved
(to have known)
When we could have survived
On just the lazy summer rain.
I would have loved
(to have known)
When she was more than just

dream,  pipe.

Author: lex
Date: 27/12/2019

№ 1085780

Pipe dreamer

I like the feeling of green in my lungs
I like the haze I live in through the smoke
I like the feeling of my head being with the stars

dreamer,  pipe.

Author: Charlie
Date: 16/12/2019

№ 992169

Sherlock's Pipe & Other Unsolved Mysteries.

That love we had which predates June
Kept us in fits all afternoon.
Her sky-stained eyes sang dirty tunes.
Bluer being than bluest moons.
All around her fresh lagoon
I swam and sank and spoke too soon.
A brighter night from this was hewn
And on a page the tale was strewn.
A voice that rang inopportune
And ears to its hum immune.

amp,  mysteries,  pipe,  sherlock,  unsolved.

Author: TG Hinchcliff
Date: 22/09/2019

№ 968517

You appeared in the pipe

I never smoked
Since you left me to bestow me rigorous ache
I pressed one pipe amid my two lips
Then I was about to lit the pipe with a gaslight
All on a sudden your face emerged from the pipe
I stopped! Tell me how could I burn your Beautiful face?

appeared,  pipe.

Author: Md HUDA
Date: 01/09/2019