Poems about place


№ 1210460

Deeper Place

There's a deeper place of self
A richer place than wealth
A place where one's inner pretenses and precepts are left
A place where the secrets of the soul are kept

deeper,  place.

Author: ALamar
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1209308

Where the Place.

Where the place? my son,
Where are you now? I have
Searched the dark nights
Of dreams to see you there,
But vaguely you were there
But not just dreams' falsity
In grief's hope.

I searched through day after day
In places we both knew and where
You grew, but you were not there
As once you were, just shadows
Of a time no more, room following room, opening and closing door.

I often sense you close to me,
Not some place else where
Dark days tell, but here and there
Where we may wish or want or need
Day following day, wishing we could
Cope with grief and loss that way.


Author: Terry Collett
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1209063

A Far Away Place

A promise,
A sentence,
And a far away place.
Soft spoken words carry
Across several days.
This promise,
This sentence,
This far away place, (farther now)
States that you'll never fall flat
To the ones you amaze.
Promising this sentence
In a far away place (farther still)
Says the next time you fall flat
Should never happen.
If this does happen in another far away place (closer now)
The sentence dissipated, the promise meaningless.
Like it was never formed.
But there are ones who remember its existence,
Aren't there?


Author: Polka
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208511

A bottomless place

Supper done
Eyes cast
Cerulean rain... dropping violet

Piano tickles
And smoothed out bed sheets
Soft serpentine
Moves stretched arms
Up high
Dried iris and begonias... fall

Will also come
Filled with
Turned pages
And folded things

Songs of shepherds
Sweet stark
Soft corners...
Ruby red
Shudder to
Not caressed and
Sweat, and breath laughing smiles and
With eyes
Deeply set
As a rudder
On course
To... all purpose, the ancients
And joy

The heart... a bottomless

bottomless,  place.

Author: Robert Gretczko
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1208310

In Place of My Own

Everything starts to
Perfect sense
After I
Take my
Heart and use
Yours instead.


Author: Em
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1208205


Passions well so deep, how needful in this life so steep
This broad mix of hardened men in reality's structured den
Hardly ever to know a true friend, life is then jostled among men
Carried along with this emotional wind; who can this sadness rescind
Insight can be so valuable to the fight.

Just a single tear, within to peer
Quickly wiped away, where to show weakness you become the prey
So to be in command of the day, you unwittingly the heart betray
And are caught up in the fray
So the track of the tear is erased but not from the inner face

So to keep the guard in place, you fight back the weeping swell
Never knowing this was given to make you well
Bitter brine lay as waste for a length of time within the soul sublime
Now purified defeat nullified it freely courses down your face
From deep within the hidden place

Now your face a shine as the crest at morning light- what view what sights
Delivered from human understandings dark night, you hear the clarion call
None near, you shall fall
Best for you to know that you are small
Wise are they that to him they call, on him to fall
Their lives to distinguish, best for all


Author: Hal Loyd Denton
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207926

What a lovely place to live

Aunties and their daughters
Pay a fortune to see the hills
Burning fuel on roads
Carved out of rock
They talk of the crisp mountain breeze
Plunked down in AC cars
They point at tea gardens green
Through thick sheets of tinted glass
"Look there, a lonely hut
Amidst the greens the only hut,
What a lovely place to live!
Dressed in straw, bathed in sunlight,
Ringed with only rows of tea.
Mother, I want a house like that,
Oh what a lovely place to live! "

Somewhere inside the lonely hut
Sat weeping a young lonely girl
Cussing at the straw, at the
Scathing sunlight and at the
Endless rows of tea.
As she plucked leaves warily that noon,
A snake slithered to her feet
But only the trees heard her wail
Only the breeze cupped her face.

Even at an age of eighteen
She would not admit
What a lovely place to live!
Was her ugly lonely hut.

live,  lovely,  place.

Author: Disha Verma
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1206826

That Place

I've come to that place
Where we used to hide
From all our worries
And all our fears
I see you everywhere
In the trees, in the air
I feel your eyes on me
Even though your not here

It seems that this town
Likes to remind me
Of all the things we did
And all the things we said
For I can't turn a corner
Without seeing your face
Or feeling a tug in my heart
For all that we've lost


Author: Kelsey
Date: 04/04/2020