Poems about plains


№ 1203098

The Leaves Of The Trees And The Grass Of The Plains

And again I found myself laying underneath the sun and above the shattered oak leaves.
Dressing the ground on a cold Autumn day, these tiny vessels carpet the woodland floor.
I find that we can learn much from the leaves of the trees and the grass of the plain,
I find that if one looks close enough, we really are no different than even these leaves.
Daily we're swept off of our branches and blown into countless differing directions, parting
Parting from one another when our time is decided, knowing not to where we fly.
And just like these leaves, we are truly simple beings, varying in color and size,
But all coming from the same root.
You see I've found, by only watching the leaves of the trees and the grass of the plains,
That once we come to know our roots, the directions we take are no more valuable than the petty pride we often carry.
So here's the deal you see, I really don't have much to say, so listen close.
No one person is better than another, no one person is more important than some other
And this is so, because our roots are the same.
As the leaves of the trees and the grass of the plains of this earth in which we inhabit,
We must come to realize that our leaves are not what matters, but the fruit we produce.
We must come to realize yes, that without healthy fruits of love and peace and kindness
Our tree is but merely a sore sight to those looking upon our arboretum from outside

grass,  leaves,  plains,  trees.

Author: Mason Webster
Date: 31/03/2020

№ 1188543

Endless plains of glass

Will you feel better in the end?
A planetary mess
Radiation all around
I wouldn't, I confess

We barely understand
All the impacts of yesterday
Anarchy can be found
In the chaos, sowed, today

When dreaming dreams
What can the mighty see?
I'll tell you what my friend
Looks like plains of glass
Too me

endless,  glass,  plains.

Author: Temporal Fugue
Date: 18/03/2020

№ 1124844

Plains Wolves.

We place our wishes
In the canines
Of spackle.

Above us the teeth
To be broken.

While we watch
The Dog Whisperer
I wrap my arm
Around the eternal flatness
Of your shoulder.

We say nothing,
We don't even whisper
As our dreams fall around us,
In an automatic spray.

I get on the coffee table,
To fix the fan.

You arc your neck
Around me,
Like a diamondback
You coil until you feel the heat
Of the tv in your eyes,
On your cheeks,
On your lips.

As you watch Cesar
More than me,
I dust our dreams off
Of the fan.

I am a sculpture
That you must break your neck to get around
As I fidget with the monkey wrench.

There is nothing eternal,
We burn our love
Like shoots of wheat,
So much beige grass
Extending over your shoulder
Into forever.

What kind of dogs
Are we?

The ones that no longer
Know the plains
Of each others' fur,
The fire in our teeth,
The sun of each others' eyes,
The rain of our lips.

There is too much heat between us,
Too much dryness now,
Not enough calcium raining
From basalt clouds.

What I'm trying to say,
Is that I do not explode
Like a force of nature,
I am rock.

plains,  wolves.

Author: Waverly
Date: 20/01/2020

№ 1121145

On the Spirit Plains

Buffalo abound
Providing all with one hunt
Sustaining the tribe

plains,  spirit.

Author: PrttyBrd
Date: 17/01/2020

№ 1058521

The Serenghetti Plains of Africa

Your soul
Run free
Serenghetti Plains of Africa

africa,  plains.

Author: Stu Harley
Date: 21/11/2019

№ 1051220


Resistance to change is consistent
With the unknown comes
The anxiety, the fear
Imbedded in human nature
Found at the corner of each turn yet
Refused at each glance

I feel the whisky stains
On both of my cheeks sitting in 1B
He gave me my shot in a martini glass
Apparently on Wednesdays at 10 am
People have better things to do
He figured I was afraid of heights
The irony of alcoholism

With the trillions of micro thoughts
And subconscious nonsense
Realness sometimes squeezes through
Mostly things like
Tall grass in the wind
Even at the center of a runway
Will make me feel at home
More than anything else could
Just for a fraction of a second
Why can't that be enough?
For a fraction of a second
It is

plains,  planes,  plans.

Author: alxndra
Date: 15/11/2019

№ 997597


As plains pass by they leave their Thunder cry's
I feel them with a passion, or its just my heart that's roaring inside for passion.
Passion haha what's that know in days.
For passion to me is love, to care and be cared for. We dont lack it just hide it.
To know that trough turbulance and rain storms a destanation will be reached
A wonderful heart filled with love and joy that roars loud, louder than these plains that go by every 10 minutes, that i thank for making me feel small and insignificant but yet againg so big cause of all of these emotional feeling im overwhelmd with that make me human, i miss these plains.


Author: Jose Valdovinos
Date: 27/09/2019

№ 837404

A pool in the plains, not a mountain river,

Lust, when it grips us, is a sudden swell,
Occasional in a mountain river flowing downhill,
From the high ranges of inflamed emotions.

The ecstatic roar while the discharge is easily forgotten,
The river runs dry soon enough, when the torrents abruptly stop,
As the winds chase away the clouds, all of a sudden.

But those pools, your blue, beautiful eyes, clearly defy,
Rules of seasons, brims invariably with love pure, all along,
And yes, it gets replenished, from the deep well springs
Of your heart, it remains full whether I am far or near.

mountain,  plains,  pool,  river.

Author: K Balachandran
Date: 05/05/2019