Poems about playing



~Playing Playground Games ~

You're my slow breath, my fast break.
My earth quake when things need shaken.
When everything's pilling up and taking
Me with it.
You take it and twist it.
And suddenly I'm dancing with the way you talk,
Keeping pace with the way you walk.
Thinking up lyrics, as I pick out side walk chalk.
And I draw my name, playing play ground games.
Like I'm ten again,
Like the world isn't heavy because its not.
You hold it up and around me,
Keep me swimming instead of drowning.
Lithe and light, loud and giggling,
Remind me what makes life worth living.
I see you and my head is spinning.
You're my sunshine, my playtime.
You're a silly sentence with a goofy rhyme.
Your that poem I write when I'm smiling to big
And things are to good to find sleep that night.
You're a hug and a text, the most beautiful mess.
Of all the things you chose to be
You chose'em best.
Honest, your honestly the best thing to
Bring out the very best me everyday,
Every now and then when I'm pinned and I need you,
I just call and there you are.
My slow breath, my fast break.
Im so glad I met you, so glad I'm taken.
Taken by you, right of my feet and into the playground.
Not a day passes, that I don't want you around.
Not a single day I don't miss the sun.
Just to keep pace with the way you walk,
Hear the sound of your voice so excited to talk.
Not a day passes I don't want to be where you are.
Not a sunny day passes I don't think of the park.

games,  playground,  playing.

Author: Tearani C
Date: 03/04/2020


Playing the Hand She was Dealt

Looking over my mom's shoulder
While she sat in her chair
With her Toshiba laptop, and
A hummingbird's beak
Was nestled in sugar water
Outside the living room window.

Engaged in her game of “Buck Euchre”
While I massaged her stiff neck
With my tired fingers, she
Messaged her opponents
€You guys will be lucky to
Take one ‘trick' this round
With the hand I got. ”

Her brisk tapping of the keyboard
Seemed nearly in sync
With the fierce flickering of
The hummingbird's wings.

I wondered what it'd be like
If my mom had energy
Like a hummingbird everyday—
Upbeat and alert,
But I knew that wish was
Out of reach. Chemo kept her
Either in her bed or a seat.

€Yes! Ha! Ha! suckers, ” my
Mom shouted,
€Ben, there's no way they will beat me. ”
I smiled and said,
€You show ‘em, Mom. ”

dealt,  hand,  playing.

Author: Nebulous the Poet
Date: 01/04/2020



Dare me not to say I love you.
Dare me to, I know you'll try.
My blood flows colder than the seas.
Waters that engulfed Titanic, seriously warmer than me!
All I seek is friendship.
From comrades and like minded friends.
This sour heart wants no home.
It's had as much as it can take.
Became brittle.
Wants not to risk another break.
Lost my heart, but not my soul.
Just a little while ago.
Blue blood of royalty is not mine, but my blood of ice, still pumps just fine and always will be free.
Please be my friend but, don't want me.
(c)Livvi x 2014

dares,  playing.

Author: Olivia Kent
Date: 01/04/2020


Playing God

Our souls aren't apt for resurrection, but
Our hearts rise from their graves, pulsing
In a rhythmic manner opposite of breathing.
Open my jaws with sturdy strong hands;
I will blow life into your lungs and tongue.

god,  playing.

Author: Francisco DH
Date: 29/03/2020


Playing cat and mouse. winter

Playing cat and mouse
You flex your retractable claws
And ponder the worth
Of the catch of a day
If, regardless, your bowl is full
While I
Await for my fate
Await for the gavel to fall

And the flocking birds of thought
Sitting on the timeline
The crows pecking flesh of what yesterday
Still was a viable dream
But today has become a roadkill
Under the steamroll of indecisiveness

Browning grass on damp fields
Knows not of next spring
And the dead leaves on the ground
Do not remember the lust of summertime
Fool, fool is the one that cares
And fooler yet the one
Who refuses to let go

Life will not pause to wait
And snow
Will cover it all before long

cat,  mouse,  playing,  winter.

Author: Anni Moore
Date: 28/03/2020


Chanting 60's Memories (they're playing our song)

When life gave us a fighting chance
And melody sang the blues
When we decided to take a chance
And felt we had nothing to loose
When we felt life stood still
Art made our soul rearrange
Music made us swallow
A bitter pill
A potion to make us change

When living was an art form
On a constantly changing background
Never did our actions mistake
We would ever back down

They are playing our song again
It's not about a broken heart

It's about years unspoken

It's about the years apart

It's about lives left broken

It's all about the body parts

No one makes a start unless
They hear about the life left un led
It's all about the words
That are artfully left unsaid

The 60's
They sing to me
In whiskey whispered rhyme

Playing back to me
The memories
Of a more or less
War time

chanting,  memories,  playing,  song.

Author: Helen
Date: 27/03/2020


Playing Roulette

I hate playing roulette
Between slut, prude and tease
Sometimes I'm all three
And sometimes none of these

Don't call me "bossy"
And call him "ambitious"
Cause we're the same thing
A dick shouldnt switch us

Don't ask me to cover
Clothing keeping me locked
Just because some guys
Lose control of their cocks

I will call you out
I will make you see
That this everyday shit
Just ain't working for me

I am a feminist
And fucking proud
If some ladies stay quiet
I'll be twice as loud

So go ahead throw me
Your slurs and your lies
Cause in the end baby
I will rise
I will rise

playing,  roulette.

Author: Leah Barton
Date: 24/03/2020


Do You Know What Your Playing With

Look at it, your finger isn't an
Trying to rub it out,
What are you doing
On your
If the love furnace isn't
Warm, no amount of you
Mingging slobber will
Light this fire that needs a
Of passionate lust to
This I must say, what's been
On your fingers,
"Really spit from your mouth"
I don't want it smelling of
Bad Breath,
Morning Breath
Wash you hands
Fingers too
Its called
"Mouth wash"
Use it too,
Do you know how delicate
This instrument
Your putting your fingers on?
Its the only one I have got
"So don't break it"
!!! That my butt!!!
That's a clitoris
Rub it gently
Don't rub it out, or ill bite your nose
That my Pussy
Did you ever do
"Sex Ed at school"
Jesus I use my emergency
Don't feel intimidated
Yes its how you use it,
Now go, a woman needs her
Five speed friend, ill be awhile
So don't bother me,
And don't forget to
Close the door on your way out.


Author: Poetic T
Date: 21/03/2020