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Pray for your enemies,
Hold their hands,
Because their reasons for hurting you,
May be hard to understand.

But acceptance and forgiveness,
Will light you up and make you whole,
As love is the only real power,
That can cleanse a human soul.


Author: Rhiannon
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208926

Alone i pray

Could death be worst than life.
I fear the unknown
But have I been mislead?
A question for thee
Take me please
End this all
For the sake of my salvation
Bury me deep
What have I seen
What are my beliefs
World nor space
Not for my soul
Not the right ones for me
Scared to be alone
In the night I pretend to weep
In the shadows of sadness
I hope and pray snakes bury me beneath


Author: ckoffee
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208527


Somebody pray for me
Why don't you pray
Just bow your head and pray for me
Done went and lost my direction
I wander 'round aimlessly

Got one foot in my coffin
The other's in the grave
Get so sick of livin'
'cause i'm tired most everyday
Please pray
Somebody bow their head for me
I'm lonely as a prisoner
My heart is shade 'neath the tree

Somebody pray for me
Why don't you pray
Just bow your head and pray for me
When i look at my reflection
My eyes are filled with misery

Mama she ain't lyin'
When she says what's on my brain
But i can't stop her cryin'
She sees right through my pain
Mama pray
Just bow your worried head for me
You know i ain't been forgiven
And i'm so scared i'll never be

Somebody pray for me
Why don't you pray
Just bow your head and pray for me
I just turned my head up to Heaven
Midnight's all i seen


Author: Jason Cole
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1203900

Pray for more than Boston....

Vivid Imagination but this right here is real...
How sympathetic can one man feel...
I'm a runner... living free... now i'm crawling... bloody feet...
I'm a walker... standing proud... on my knees... running crowd...
I'm a bystander... filled with joy... knocked to the ground... A bloody toy...
Screams I hear... Screams We hear... Its the screams we fear...
That means the terrors near... getting closer...
So now we pray... When we should have been praying before...
Just because we don't hear no screams doesn't me terror ain't at the door...
Or across the Ocean, across the Seas...
Red, Dead, Black and Blinding...
Because you can't hear the screams...
But I been praying for family... For my dreams...
I never stop asking God for peace... even when I can't hear the screams...
America I beg you take the time to hear the screams...
Because just like you care for those bombs on Boston's streets...
These a school in Syria with bodies across the street...
Theres a Home destroyed in the middle east...
Or a town massacred in Mali...
Pray not just today but tomorrow... Pray not just right now but forever...
Because this will be forgotten by you who didn't hear...
This wound will heal for those who didn't lose a limb... didn't bleed a tear...
But tomorrow terror will claim another life...
And how much will you care...
Because CNN didn't have a chopper in the air...
Wicked Won't Stop Coming!!! But we feel the need to stop praying...
The time is coming... Never stop praying...

boston,  pray.

Author: Quentin Briscoe
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1203749



"Well, well, well... ! "
Smirked the Darkness
"... if it isn't Mama's little boy! "

"Hey... !
Shout the Darkness to the Blackness
"Lookie here! "

I whimpered.
The Nothingness

"Click! "
Said the light switch curtly
The Darkness and the Blackness ran for it

"Who forgot to say their prayers... ? "
Mum chided sweetly
I clung on to the scent of her perfume

I knelt beside my bed
And oh Lord
I prayed... I prayed

"Click! "
Said the light switch
As curtly as before

"Damn! " fumed
The Darkness & the Blackness
"We nearly had 'im! "

lord,  pray.

Author: Donall Dempsey
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1202340

A Quiet Place To Pray

Tonight my soul
Leads the way
Bends and sway but
Leans into
The eyes of
The purple moon
A quiet place
To pray

place,  pray,  quiet.

Author: Stu Harley
Date: 31/03/2020

№ 1202288

Let Us Pray

Let us cry unto Heaven in unison. Let our voices be heard over the harps of angels. Let our fears and our hopes become a joined song. Let our desires to be heard overwhelm the peace of glory. Let us reach out beyond the darkness and let us keep the powers of hell at bay. Let our supplications become sweet savor unto our God. Now let us all kneel and pray.


Author: James M Vines
Date: 31/03/2020

№ 1201438

I know why people pray now

I know why people pray now.

They do it for angels like you.

I thought they were fools.

My garden is now full;

Because of you.

people,  pray.

Author: Pleased to Meet You
Date: 30/03/2020