Poems about pretty


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A pretty beast, a flaming heart.
Fires ignition, all for art.
Strands of ribbons.
Tangled up intrinsically.
In elastic,
Beauty bound.
From depths within the psychic hold.
Cold as snow drops.
They're kissing the rain.
Warm as ribbons, a little frayed.
Summer for winter winds,
Come along pray let us trade.
Beat winters marching.
His tyrant, his tirade.
Sharp and tart.
Poetic art.
Barter with him for lost summers bliss.
(C) Livvi

art,  pretty.

Author: Olivia Kent
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1209681

Faceless (Pretty Face)

Faceless Caroline square on your breast: it says your name!
Heard them call it out then say Carolyn cause they always think: them's
The same!
YOUR FOOD'S READY! Caroline I heard them good cause I do listen a lot.
I pointed at you and filled you in you laughed got up surprised to find I
Wasn't just full of POT!
Got your food said thanks a lot and your daughter said 'Hey Kafka! ' we
Agreed to love him a lot!
I listened to you speak in a foreign tongue, German it was: it was a very
Pretty German!
Yeah I read your name right from your striped breast and you looked at
Me and sparkled through your glasses I kinda liked it...
Faceless Caroline oh what a pretty face you coulda been anything but
Then you came and ate by me!

face,  faceless,  pretty.

Author: Andrew Tinkham
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1209656


Pretty funny,
Pretty smart,
Pretty good looking,
Pretty big heart.
Pretty normal,
Pretty strange,
Pretty exciting,
Pretty mundane.
Pretty lost,
Pretty found,
Pretty up,
Pretty down.
Pretty loved,
Pretty hated,
Pretty bitter,
Pretty jaded.
Pretty happy,
Pretty sad,
Pretty good,
Pretty bad.
Pretty tired,
Pretty done,
Guess i'm not,
The pretty one.


Author: Z
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208463

Pretty kitty

My bundle of fuzz
A crazy little buzz

How cute a creature
Your curiosity is your lure

Oh pretty kitty
You're so itty bitty

kitty,  pretty.

Author: Dylan crafton
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1208007

Pretty, Pretty Butterfly

Pretty, pretty butterfly,
Do not cry.
This is not the end,
So please smile again.

Pretty, pretty butterfly,
You're the strongest of us.
Don't let them hurt you,
Instead fly with the wind.

Show them, that you're so much more
Than just a pretty butterfly.

- Ris

butterfly,  pretty.

Author: Ris
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207879

Pretty Lady

Tell me Tell me
Just how am I to know
If you don't tell me

Hear me Hear me
Won't you run up and save me now
Pretty lady

Touch me Touch me
Let me feel your 'lectricity
C'mon Lady

See me See me
See even more, get to know me
Lovely lovely

Want me Want me
Just like I love you
You, my Lady, Pretty Lady

Let me Let me
Give you all you need
All my loving, All my loving

Pretty Lady Love

lady,  pretty.

Author: David Ehrgott
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207674

She Paints A Pretty Picture

She paints a pretty picture
But the story has a twist
Her paintbrush was her razor
And her canvas was her wrist

She paints a pretty picture
In a color that's blood red
And using her sharp paintbrush
She ends up finally dead

Her pretty pictures fading
Quite slowly up her arm
Blood no longer flows through her
She can no longer do her harm

Yes, she painted a pretty picture
But the story has a twist
You see, her mind was just her razor
And her heart was just her wrist

- Unknown

paints,  picture,  pretty.

Author: Oliver Grey
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1207036

Pretty Boy Floyd

When you come around
Come around this little town
There's a story that you'll hear
That makes you smile and shed tears

He was a little boy
When his momma told him "Son,
There ain't nothin' hear for ya, "
But he found a way to have his fun

He knew he should try harder
And make his mom and pop proud
But they were just farmers
And he fancied his pop a coward

So one day he said "Momma,
I'm leaving this town for good.
I'm packin' my bag and hoppin' on a
Big ol' train, " and do just that he would

His momma kissed him goodbye
His pop just bowed his head
And off he went to the city
There was not a tear he shed

He then met some boys around his age
They liked to shoot and loot
He didn't mind the ruckus
Or the terrorizing of old coots

They robbed and they shot
They stuck and they stole
And they laughed all the way
He was happy he got himself out that hole

But then one day the sheriff
Flicked his badge and said
"It's time for you to leave this town,
Before I shoot you all dead. "

His friends put their hands up
And slowly backed away
But the ol' boy had drunk his share
And thought it time for the sheriff to pay

So he pulled out his revolver
But before he could shoot
A shot rang out and smoke fluttered
The sheriff let out a hoot

Our ol' boy laid on the floor
Bleeding like a pig
He smirked and he died there
But he never felt so big

boy,  floyd,  pretty.

Author: John
Date: 04/04/2020