Poems about protein

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I am 50% carbs, 20% protein, 30% fats

Thin mints
Thin lines
Thin ice
"get thin now for the low price of
Your soul and entire indisposable income"
Thinning hair
Thinning patience
Thinning shears
"wow what an amazing deal! "

I'll take it

fats,  protein.

Author: Breana Strang
Date: 04/03/2020

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Also full of protein

Try too hard,
Adjectives aren't my thing
You might be as old as you say you are
But it's not very worth it
Cigarettes and love aren't either
The way i look at you?
Like a 165 pound
Slab of meat
I would love to cut up and eat
Or maybe- have you cut me up
And eat me instead

I'm lean i swear

full,  protein.

Author: laura
Date: 01/02/2020

№ 1094369

Protein shakes and pink moscato

Sunday newspapers continue to gather fragile New England snow on the curbside,
A stomping ground for purgatory, the home for these roller-coaster thoughts.

I'm not much for small talk.
My clothes are always inside out and i'm raging losing battles with my steel-toed tear ducts-

Steel, as
Grunting is a masculine expression,
And so i'll lift weights,
But gain no strength, just aches of all of the intimacy that I've never allowed myself to emit or absorb.

A soggy sponge,
A rotten oak stump,
Fallen leaves-
A childhood meal coming back up over the fists and the heaves.

The alcohol binds the seams;
Tear ducts are dams
And everyone needs a method of additional reinforcement.

Numbness and empty-mindedness aside, I'm
Still a make-shift dumpster lover,
Hardwired, disassociated hinge-sucker.

Too sensitive to open the window blinds or morning newspaper,
There is still no muscle definition, only
Liver damage.

pink,  protein,  shakes.

Author: ahmo
Date: 24/12/2019

№ 970169

Protein Thoughts.

I'm not sure time
Heals everything,
But eventually after
We have thought about
It so much, it becomes
Routine and routines
Are easier and easier
The more that you

protein,  thoughts.

Author: brooke
Date: 02/09/2019

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Acid as a Protein

Thrown from the plastic mansion | Collecting haunted trinkets

There's less hands holding us back | Than ever before

Not just some perfect ideal | Lady's got style and flair

Invest in incantaions | spend all your tickets there

Body heat glistens over | Mary's mammary glands

So much it's breaking carbon | the ion hates itself

Promised not to make fun | When islands crossed the sights

And pestilent gods lock up weeping orphans counting rites


I don't wanna break ties
But this house is built from little fibs
There are pressing matters concerning rhymes - plastered to his ribs

Still I got my own smile
So welcome to my mind
Constructed from the amalgamations of polaroids and wine


Lopsided indentation | Alpha axis joins the flow

Elongated mecurary finds solice down below

Bound by an austere contract | Wolves croon, "remove your pants".

While golden hair counts stitches on her filthy fingertips

"Already sold our qualms | To buy this perfect body "

That's what the Dutchmen's humming | Every single night

They gave the artists' freedom | Breadth of some lame idea

Spend all our working hours - trying not to gaze into sky


acid,  protein.

Author: 45 Words About Birds
Date: 19/05/2019

№ 840214


Like in the matrix when humans are batteries
In quatermass humans were protein
Only the young for they were innocent
Their bodies not corrupted by age
Fake ideas put in their heads
And false emotions in their hearts
Drawn to the old stone circles
And pre-historic mounds on the landscape
For it was here the transmitters were located
Placed here by aliens before the dawn of time
When they discarded their flesh and became machines
They made us by altering the apes
And had a ready food source
To feed their machines pure human protein
Harvested from us the young people
Taken in a flash of bright light
Believing they were going to an alien world
To be happy and live the perfect idyll
But it was all a lie put there by the machine
A thing so alien nobody knew what it was
Few even cared or could understand
The young all taken in their billions
Their ash turned the sky purple
Their protein fed the monstrous alien machine
Fuel for its engine to rape our world
And doom our race subservient slaves
Destined to almost die out
Till the next time it came back
Starving and lusting for food
When it would harvest our youth
As it had since the dawn of time
It fed on the young
Not wanting the old
Who would die soon
And were powerless to stop it
It the ravenous alien machine
A galactic engine

Was it god?


Author: nick armbrister
Date: 07/05/2019

№ 186816

Witch Hunt/Protein Shake

A living breathing inauthentic dialect of amalgamated spirituality mixed with an ever so pervasive mix of tomfoolery and diluted astrotheology

An inexcapabley unexhausted aproproptraiton of extrapulated constipation
Homeginzed and watered down to make it easier for the minds of the masses to swallow it down.

hunt,  protein,  shake,  witch.

Author: Jordan
Date: 22/09/2017

№ 170471

Protein (A Lack)

I cry out:

I cannot do this
Without you, dammit.

My own strength
Is not sufficient.

lack,  protein.

Author: brooke
Date: 07/09/2017