Poems about pure




(•). (•)... )

/. \

| ** |

It's alright

The gentle rain has fallen

It is over


I knew you as a child knows and it was fine

I knew you and held you to the truth you declared

You never ever let me down


Babes in the woods

You were older and let me hold your hand


We held the trembling universe any way we could


Every one!

They all were ours!

| | |

It's still

Still and quiet

And shall

Remain this way







I knew us as children

In the gentle rain


Author: jeffrey robin
Date: 04/04/2020


Pure love

/// • |
< >
/ ( \
) )

( )


The dream yields

I knew you would come!!!


You always Do


We are so fucking stupid!

Pretending to be so damn Vulnerable!


All but images in the mirror!!!


Jesus Christ!!!

You call them real!

/// ///

You only need to have that Lover

If you're so stupid you think you need
To have that lover

And whose gonna be so stupid as to become the lover

Of someone so stupid as to think they need to have them???



It's not really love at all what's bein looked for anyway

Everybody knows

But just some terror to be played with

Just some stupid game that stupid people play


Pure euphoria

( true love )

From the gods we come and here we are

love,  pure.

Author: jeffrey robin
Date: 30/03/2020


Right now i feel pure

Right now I feel so pure inside my heart my vision clear as crystal day I see everything right now I feel so pure no stress no pain inside my heart right now I feel so pure no sadness nor tears coming down from my eyes this morning this my pain is gone into my stressless relief night

feel,  pure.

Author: Nova Echevarria
Date: 29/03/2020


Pure and Pristine

Imagine, walking down the middle of the road,
Not a single noise is to be heard, other then nature.
Birds claim the skies as their domain now.
And the land animals claim our homes, and buildings.
The streams pristine and pure, the air fresh finally.
And I think, how wonderful it would be to see
The tables turn on us, to see earth take back what it owns.
And I realize... I don't care if we all die off, the human race.
I welcome that day, with open arms.

pristine,  pure.

Author: Denver Elijah Bijlsma
Date: 26/03/2020



Cold, wet, shivering
Standing miserably in a dark doorway
The one I called home
A home without lights, without warmth
A shadowy figure loomed out of the
Swirling mist
A shapeless faceless figure in the dark
Without a word, without stopping
It reached out and pressed a piece of paper
Into my hand
In the damp half light of the following morning
I looked at the piece of paper, to my amazement
A lottery ticket
A few hours later I walked into a news agent
Asked the man to check the ticket
Sometime later and still in a state of shock
I walked back out
Richer by 50, 000
Thank you faceless Samaritan

faceless,  fiction,  pure,  samaritan.

Author: Joe Cole
Date: 26/03/2020


"The sweet Bird of A winged Pure Heart"

Christina was an angel.
A miracle which was extinguished way before it's time.
I expressed to her, my last message, sadly.
"You lit my fire to fuel my soul. you cared for my music and heart
I Love you and shall be your rock... your wall of deep and respectful support. "
I heard the ending of her miraculous invention, brought to life, "Which was her soul and music. "
I felt my once huge and loving heart, break into a thousand pieces. It is still hurting, quite badly.
I felt a needle of emotional medicine from Christina's fall, it had stabbed me in the chest, and it has numbed my feelings that were awe inspired by her.
Just as I had admitted to her that I was falling in love with her beautiful heart, friendship, and sweet music.
The evil reaper
Took this "part of me" that she had been in addition to, away.
My heart was, then too burried with her still beating heart.
My clock stopped. I felt the best, of me, sink with her last breaths, in quicksands of the oppressors.
Such sank my creative spirit to depressive and unfeeling depths, in thes sands of lost time, quite still deeper.
I have cried inside rains of shock.
I felt the winds cease and the sonic boom of defeat's sounds
Of the winds of ill fated changes
Stop my creative and artistic heart
From beating.
My care and inspiration from Christina Grimmie, the kindness that drew me from my own near self suicidal demise...
Her kind and uplifting hand that lifted my spirits from dark depths...
Such love to me, a newly met stranger, saved my own artistic soul.
It was a destructive and hateful nuclear bomb of destructive mass
That now has no measurable size.
I shall honor the beautiful and gentle soul, which still talks and sends love to me, at my darkest of times...
Such saved myself from defeating her truer propose
Of higher and kinder purposes...
And her angel wings swooped down from above.
She saved me from my own ruin as I honored her true name.
"The sweet Bird of A winged Pure Heart"
That flies and watches over all she truly loved and cherished
In eternal life after the physical realm, which we assume is our ends of our existence in life, she showed her oppressors that her demise was her extended beginning.
She shall be within my heart...
Worth more than gold and fame.
As her spirit shall forever love and guide me
To a more beautiful song and dance in my life
She still is my roaring and burning loving flame.

bird,  heart,  pure,  sweet,  winged.

Author: Kevin Michael Kappler
Date: 25/03/2020


If I Were Pure

Like a ghost
They start to treat you.
Now you're useless
And, for society,
A form of vile life.

Everywhere what we see
Is the past come back
The same mistakes being made
And the same lies being told.

Everything has suddenly changed
And nor children can be saved
Everybody has talked about justice,
But nobody sees the problem.
And each said word by them
Is corrupted by this obsession.

Get rid of this holy book
And go live naturally.
Get rid of this fool thought
And say something inteligent
Please, get rid of this obsession
And stop being inconvenient.

I'm nostalgic about people,
Because I lost a lot of them.
And since the first beliefs,
We were being controlled;
However, if they make you well,
I won't be who will prevent you
To believe freely in them.

The Institution speaks behind masks;
Without apparent guilty or logic.
It's hard to breath corrupted air
And it's harder not to want to be alone.

I've got inside me
The idea of lucidity.
In my dreams
We're still pure.
In them we can choose
What had better suit us.


Author: Jonas Gonçalves
Date: 22/03/2020


A moment of pure bliss

In September I experienced something that by all accounts of logic could not exist.
I awoke to this world truly seeing it for the first time.
I could hear the whispers of the trees and feel the richness of the Earth.
I reached my arms out to the sky and soaked up the beauty of the sun
And then I heard
~We are all ONE. We are all Connected. We are all joined by infinite LOVE
~In this moment everything made sense
I was complete
And there was nothing but unconditional love surrounding me
From then on, I knew life was meant to be a journey and not a destination
Oh, what joy this has brought to me

bliss,  moment,  pure.

Author: Dawn
Date: 18/03/2020