Poems about raccoons

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Sneaky Storm/Rascal Raccoons/Tiles Tumble

The house broth trickles onto the plywood floor
Filtered by fiberglass cotton candy
A humid breeze slams the oblong door
And knocks over the table I found so handy

This storm has brought my ceiling down on my head
The rafters are surely next to fall
Thunder sings songs with words never said
That entices the slugs to climb the wall

A deathtrap, a battlefield, a childhood home
Have fused to form this cocoon of mold
The flies have settled, no longer to roam
And I'm left for the winds to bend and fold

This leaky old roof that Grandfather built
Can barely now stand, let alone shelter strays
But if I leave in the night, I drag only my guilt
My body goes wandering, but my dream world stays

raccoons,  rascal,  sneaky,  storm,  tiles,  tumble.

Author: Tyler Lynn Pulliam
Date: 17/07/2018