Poems about race



Atalanta's Race (1876) Sir Edward Jon Poynter

There she bends her fluid form, milky skin dazzled with sweat,
To pluck the golden fruit from the marble earth.
It eludes her grasp, un-bruised from its fall till
She turns her back to the finish line, to her maidenhood, to her victories
And faces all her determination to catch beautiful and artificial
Apple. Midas' own greed pulls her into succumbing to the last of Milanion's offerings and Aphrodite's snare.
There in her crooked form, her robes still billowing from the momentum, sandals come undone so close to the finish line
Atalanta clutches, desperately, to win her freedom and the gleaming prize.

Yet the Gods know that only one can be won.
Aphrodite's dove proceeds the victor as he barrels to the finish,
His wedding in sight.

edward,  jon,  race,  sir.

Author: Yuka Oiwa
Date: 07/04/2020


Naked Face, Human Race

A white palette
Is fine by me
My eyes and lips
Are all I need
No painted face
Or angel hair
No human race
Can make me care
This is me
And I am fine
Don't taint my face
Just fill my mind

face,  human,  naked,  race.

Author: Samantha Rose Schaefer
Date: 04/04/2020


Race Has No Second Place

When I say,
Eeny, Meanie, Miney, Moe,
You know what follows,
Today's children don't know.
Should we be shamed,
Though blameless,
Called racist and supremacist.
I learned those words long after the rhyme,
Losing innocence with time.
Can I still call you Whitey
If my skin is...
Well, different from Whitey's.
I'd be stupid
To catch a tiger
By the toe;
PETA would skin me.

place,  race,  second.

Author: Francie Lynch
Date: 03/04/2020


One race, one God, one nation

I have to win my true love,
I have the sky above,
I don't have pain, I don't feel,
I'm made of God will.

I just believe that God never die,
I can't tell you why.
The horizon and the breeze love of GODS CREATION,
One race, one GOD, one nation...

With God I can't pretend,
I lost my best friend.
The world is perfect with millions of dunes,
Sing with me, with God the best tunes.

God bless you all.

Victor Marques

god,  nation,  race.

Author: Victor Marques
Date: 03/04/2020


Rainbow Race

Once upon a time, I ask my mother;
Mama, why are the Black People
So different, and why are there
So many different shades of color
In our people

Mama replied;
Boy, do you know,
There is a place,
East of Eden
Where Black Folks
Are a Rainbow Race

Then a smile glowed
As bright as the mourning sun
Across my brown chocolate face

race,  rainbow.

Author: Stu Harley
Date: 02/04/2020


An Athlete's Race

If I stop
The ball will drop
No supplies to clean
A mess, no mop

So I carry the weight
Heavy on my shoulder
I hide it so no one sees
The foreboding boulder

They want a leader
They want a star
But my feet are tired
And I can't run far

They want a winner
Some one to run the race
But all my efforts
Seem to only disgrace

What happens when
I can't run anymore?
When my feet stop working
And my lungs are too sore?

I will be dropped
Like yesterdays trend
They will find a new doll
To mold and bend

So I carry the weight
And I shoulder the pain
I put my tears away
And pretend I'm sane

I won't let the weakness show
That my breaking point is near
I'll side step the ditch
They want me to fear

I'll pick a shovel
To penetrate the ground
Burying my feelings deep
My sobs don't sound

And after that
The race continues
Each time a winner
Is led to a new venue

To start another race
To cross another line
To achieve another title
To their own feelings. Blind.

athlete,  race.

Author: H
Date: 25/03/2020


Continue in the race

Aѕ тнe тearѕ rυn down мy ғace
ι realιze ι can noт wιn тнιѕ race
тryιng тo ĸeep υp тнe pace
ιѕ caυѕιng мe тo loѕe a lιттle ғaιтн
ғor no one can тell мe тнey ĸnow jυѕт нow ι ғeel
тнeιr anѕwer woυldn'т ѕeeм real
Weeĸ goeѕ вy ѕтιll no cнange
мonтнѕ goeѕ вy мy мιnd ѕтarт тo go ιnѕane
Oн do нear мy cry ғor нelp.
ι no longer ғeel aѕ тнoυgн ι can ғιgнт
вυт ι deѕιre тo pleaѕe yoυ ғaтнer вecaυѕe yoυ are ѕoмeone wιтн wнoм all ѕнoυld ғollow.
ѕo don'т worry jeнovaн ι wιll вe alrιgнт
ғor ι ĸnow wιтн yoυ,
ι тoo can reмaιn loyal
ιғ ι ĸeep ιn ѕιgнт
тнe doιng oғ wнaт'ѕ rιgнт.
1 corιnтнιanѕ 9: 24...

continue,  race.

Author: Sona Mari
Date: 22/03/2020


Human race.

Tick / tock
Around the clock

Run run
Run little one

3... 4...
Always running
Towards the sun.

Tomorrow, wednesday, thursday,

5... 6...
You passed your graduation,
Your wedding,
Your son.

7... 8...
Never stopping,
Only looking
The human race,

**now its at an end.

human,  race.

Author: willow martz
Date: 14/03/2020