Poems about reach


№ 1207500

As Light Could Reach

Remember, sometimes winter chill
The thunder played, the feeling, still
An angry grey upon the beach
And lightning, far as light could reach
A sadness had me then and now
But still i could see through and how
A silver lining shone beyond
The veil of winter might be gone
And i might hold it once again
A happiness, a thrill and then
A lightning moment, far above
And feel again a faith in love
I climbed again on dunes away
To see beyond again that day
The world could end and i, alone
Would weep and for its sins atone.

light,  reach.

Author: Tenor Kemp
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1203845


I car ved you out o f
W ood and out o f
M y hand s you
Gr ew back into what
You were; a beautiful tree
Who grew to reach
All of the
Stars. I should
Have let you be.


Author: Julia
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1203411

Just Out of Reach

I told myself I wouldn't, I knew that I shouldn't, but I still fell for you. I knew it would only end in good bye, that you were only gonna make me cry, but for no matter how hard I tried, it was impossible not to love you.

Your chocolate brown eyes drew me in like quicksand, I needed to be able to call them mine. Your smile, oh your smile, it's like looking an angel straight in the eye. You're everything I've ever dreamed the one would be, except no matter what I do, you'll always be just out of reach.

I want to spend my life making you laugh, nothing makes me happier than that. Songs always say to walk a thousand miles for the one you love, but baby, I would walk so much farther than that, cause I love you, oh oh, I really do.

I have broken wings, with your heart I can fix them, and we'll both be able to fly sky high. Everything about you is perfect, are you even real? If I touched your skin, would my hand go right through? Oh baby, you're breaking my heart, and you don't even know.

If your heart's the moon, I'm Neil Armstrong, I'm coming for you. If this love is real, just like time and space, it's infinite, but I fear it's more like a supernova, burning so bright so quick, then blows up and is suddenly non-existent. I can't bear the thought of losing you, cause baby, I'm so in love with you, and you never even got the chance to know, cause you're just out of reach.


Author: Elise
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1202821

To reach it

She is better than anything
She gave me unconditional love
The hopes she inspired me
To see the power to see
Over the horizon
The courage to
Stand tall
To reach it


Author: wordvango
Date: 31/03/2020

№ 1202750

To Reach

Over extended.
Is a reoccuring theme.
Physical or mental.
Plague the race like those that litter the edges with temptation.
To the point that running is no longer an option.
Looking down at the unmoving ground.
Watching the cement dry.
Disorienting the opponent.
Creating a cast of skin that never falls.
Only smiles.
What was the goal.
When some other form finishes.
Words have failed.
Just as fighting did.
And the walk back to the starting line.
Is so crowded.
The gun sounds and reaction takes hold.
Trying to hurdle the gravestones left behind.
Yet one can't help but place flowers at each one.
Nameless they stay.
Remembered they remain.


Author: Spike Harper
Date: 31/03/2020

№ 1201941


I need to unwind this tight binding on my mindset
I want to rewind time and refine all of my blind frets
Without regretting anything
It's an undefined stretch
& Life isn't t i m e l e s s
Time just passes
And that's


Author: Julie Butler
Date: 30/03/2020

№ 1196705

Not Within Reach

It's bound to last i know
This happiness that hasn't yet even started
Clouded up inside my head
Oh how funny the things you are hopeful about

He's not within reach
Even if it looks like he is
Your worlds do not match
Chances are just dreams

Sleep if you wish
And never wake up from the dream


Author: Thea Miralles
Date: 26/03/2020

№ 1194614

Within the Reach of My Two Arms

Within the reach of my two arms, my world is exhilarating
The earth knows I understand, why it turns
Gone, are all mere fantasies, perhaps just as well
One kiss and I saw smoke, felt the fire burn

My thoughts went out searching for God's desire for me
On the edges of eventually and pretty soon
Found a star that sang this song into all my views
Until all that remained inside of me was you

Let me show a thousand waves from a life of happiness
A kingdom looking back in wondrous bliss
I wish to sit awhile, not speak, and just watch the tide
Stray from a few words, awakening a kiss

A piece of life's hair is let down listening to this song
Never reaching shadows that dance along
Yet, it enters the rooms within my sight and brings
You, into the reach of my two arms
Regardless of whether
Right or wrong

arms,  reach.

Author: Neva Flores Varga
Date: 24/03/2020