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Masks hide true burns
With no futures
Take off your mask
Wounds need sutures
Try to stitch with drips
From a whiskey flask
Taste numbs cherry red lips
Whose all for another
If they pucker again
See me quiver and stutter


Author: Zac Walter
Date: 30/03/2020

№ 1173681


My heart's desire,
Is set to fire.

It is neither here or there,
But everywhere.

Looking to and searching for,
Someone to love, someone to trust.

Deep inside this place,
Is a journey that must come to face.

Light is more powerful than dark,
Realize this and embrace it from the start.

Ignite the way you see yourself,
"to each is their own, " is what they say to themselves.

It's a long way to the top,
You've already made your way so don't you dare stop.

If you start seeking answers,
Your heart will free itself from its cancer.


Author: Arif Somji
Date: 05/03/2020

№ 1167972


Cuts lay upon your thigh
I just wanna fucking die
Take a pill, just fade away
No one cares anyway
But then you realize
You just have to materialize
All of people that care
And will forever be there...


Author: Allie Conklin
Date: 28/02/2020

№ 1159778

The opposite of the feeling you get when you realize the book you are halfway into is going to end badly.

Our home was a secret
Secluded from the the carnival and lights.
An orphan ( like my mind ) and
Stale on the
The center was
Pitch black and hollow.
Except for our warm bodies
Harvested deep in the middle
There was no life to it.
Just us
Listening to
An abandoned machine
Sing us a song
That'd make our dog
Scarlet cry.
I like to believe that we
Created a pulse
For our home.
A heart beat created by our
Unsure of love
My trembling hands.
Just enough to shield us
From the magenta moon.

Author: taylor stephenson
Date: 21/02/2020

№ 1159678

Realize ( Domestic Violence)

( Domestic Violence)

Only when we stop and think
Do we then realize
That the pain we cause to others
Can be seen within their eyes

We think that what we say and do
Wont hurt the ones we love
We must realize our actions
Are seen from up above

We say things out of anger
And expect them to forgive
Not knowing the true danger
Or the fear that they must live

When we strike out in anger
And our actions hurt someone
We create a brand new danger
That is seen by more then one

Know, others see your actions
And your words are heard by all
You may try to hide the pain you cause
But soon the walls will fall

For it's only when we stop and think
That we then realize
That the pain we cause to others
Can be seen within their eyes

Carl Joseph Roberts ( Joe)

domestic,  realize,  violence.

Author: Carl Joseph Roberts
Date: 21/02/2020

№ 1149235

Fail to Realize

I feel sorry for her, because she doesn't understand...
He took her virginity and left her for another girl, but she continues to stay around this man...
The desperation and the incompetence she bares in her chest...
She smiles because she think she got him still cause first love supposed to know best...
But at the end of the day, he still wants me...
He gives me the love I need, nothing less...
The hunger for attention, naked pictures sent to his phone...
Begging him "Baby please, just come home... "
He says, "No I'm in-love with another girl... "
Sooner or later she'll realize that she's his whole world...

fail,  realize.

Author: Ashanti Adele Jones
Date: 11/02/2020

№ 1143797

Puddles:Deeper Than You Realize

She's got heavy rain boots stomping
Silk pagado parasol soaking up the shadows
Leaving all her hard angles edged in mist
Behind her black sunglasses you see no sorrow in her eyes
As her pouting lips wrap around a good bye
She's a walk away with a heart full of metal
Twisted and rusted, she'll ruin you too
Midwestern skies always seem to be teary
A day and a night suffocating under the bleak drowned and dreary
Tomorrow won't feel a thing like Thursday
Blues filtered underwater dreams of escape
Trapped in here
Trapped in here with every dark desire
Eating through her iron heart
Steel ribcage cannot protect from corrosion
Wasting precious time searching for an end
When all she had to do was start to begin

deeper,  puddles,  realize.

Author: Wanderer
Date: 07/02/2020

№ 1126057

Nach bhfuil sГ­ a bhaint amach go foill ( She doesnt realize yet) old irish tongue

I cognized fully in all awareness
Coming across her open page
I was apperceiving in the moment,
That twas her I sought long many lifeyears ago...

I kneweth from old
As she still question's what's all to cometh?
I kneweth before her,
We were mirror souls of heaven's hummus...

As tis
She wilt not yet fully understandeth
I was a watchmen from beyond
It's her love again I demandeth...

I say her love again
Due to the fact we learned eachother before,
Before the foundation of thy world
She was mine mi amour!!!

As she still is
I'm here to guideth her again,
She trust's noone
Yet for me she shalt in the end...

Because in the end
We shalt seeith the stars tumble
And earth dissapear
Yet like before
For mine mi amour,

Again I shalt be near...

So shed thy tear, oh scholar of mine writing's
So thou canst see what true amare is,
It's me and her
Against the world
Treking and nomadic
To venue's gone amiss...

But its I who awaiteth again for her everything
As tis patience they sayeth is key,
Guess I'll just haveth to keepeth waiting
For mine spain-moon-beam-queen!!!

irish,  realize,  tongue.

Author: brandon nagley
Date: 21/01/2020