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Most of the dreams I can remember make me hate myself.

When we dream,
Is our conscience present?
Do we have any sense of morality?
Or are we just animalistic drones
That construct our own ideal world
In which we have no consequences?
I like to think that someone else
Is the captain of the ship
That sails my dreams,
And that I'm just along for the ride-
That I'm just a shadow,
And not the wolf.

dreams,  hate,  remember.

Author: Nate Evans
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1209636

I can't remember

I can't remember the way you were before marlboro 27's
Before hypnotic sour smoke
Before boys who didn't asked
But Iv'e sat for hours trying to forget
To forget the way frozen concrete burns
To forget your window seat
And the things I never said while lying next to you in bed

Come home so I can stop pretending I remember the tone of your voice
Come home so I can remember who we were

remember,  t.

Author: tk
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1209210

Remember Me

Five years from now
You'll look back
And ask yourself
"What's the name of
The girl who sat
One row behind me to the right"
But I'll remember your name

Ten years from now
You'll look back and ask
Who was the girl
With a freckle on her chin
But you still can't
Picture her quite right
Yet I will never forget your face

Fifteen years from now
You'll find your old yearbook
Flipping through the pages
Until you land on the girl
With the freckle on her chin
Who sat one row behind you on the right
And you'll remember who I am

You will remember that you both
Were once the best of friends
And you'll realize
You forgot her
Just like she thought you would
And you'll remember the pact
We made to never forget each other

Now we're here fifteen years later
You're standing there, phone in hand
With the girl's number in the other
She picks up the phone with a sad
"Who is this? ", you tell her
There's a gasp on the other end
You don't know how much my face lit up

Let's go fifteen years and a few days later
You meet up at a coffee shop
But you don't sit down to chat
You take your orders and go on a walk
The first thing she says "I thought you forgot me"
You have to tell her you did
Those words shattered my heart

Now fifteen years later
You have a family, a wife you love
While that girl, she's alone
She has friends but never found love
Because of you
The girl had a dream
It was to marry you

So now you know, that girl
She never forgot you,
Not once
You invaded her mind
Every other night
Hoping you would come find me
Just like you promised

But you forgot,
While I will never forget you.

A. B.


Author: ineffable wonder
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208235


It was I, do you
It used to be I
That leans and cries
Upon your shoulder

It was we, do you
It used to be we
Who will be for ever


Author: Arelove
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207731

Remember the Fifth of November

I thought it'd be the end of my life today.

The end of the moments Id spend beside my son.

The end of my hopes that all of my mistakes would still be undone.

The end of a second chance of having a lifetime with him.

The end of shiny, happy moments with two dear friends was far beyond dim.

The end of my longing to have another conversation with my very best friend.

The end of a career that I spent most of my life to comprehend.

The end of a fathers wish to live beyond his daughter's life.

The end of a dream of becoming the perfect wife.

But I lived today so I believe that my purpose is yet to be fulfilled.

So God please help me with the relationships I have yet to rebuild.

- Nov. 5, 2010

november,  remember.

Author: shai avecilla-riofrio
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207383


I don't remember you
I don't remember how,
You kissed me, or
How we spent countless
Hours on the phone.
The long hugs we shared
Just seem like faint dreams
In the back of my mind.
Not my memories
Of what use to be.

I don't remember you,
How you made me laugh
For no reason at all.
How I got so nervous
By just seeing you.
It's almost like
You don't exist in me

But there are things
I do remember
Like how you said,
We'd still be friends,
That you'd still care
And always be there.

So where are you now?
While I'm right here,
Holding the pieces
Of what you gave me
And you're with her
Giving away what
Should have been

Would you even care to know
That I'm better off now?
Without your memory,
Without you holding me back.
I'm not like I was when I was with you.
I no longer hold back.
I'm comfortable in my own skin.
Would you even care
To know that
I'm in love
With your best friend?


Author: Faith Melton
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1206725

And i remember when i was young...

And when i think of childhood
I think of all the time i spent looking at the clouds
All the moments made laughing up at the stars
The beauty of human interaction
And the way my mum smiled when i smiled
Or the way my grandmother's face twisted when she told a lie
My jokes were never funny
But i heard her laughter ringing in my ears
Do you hear that sweet music through your earphones?

I still have a mental map carrying me where google hasn't found
Over and over again i follow the pathways
That lead me towards the treasure, that giant 'X'
My feet are ripping open, sore from chasing it
When will i find it again?
Why can't i find it again?
Reach out to me, save me.

The key to childhood is to be a child
But my days are gone, so why do i keep walking
Why am i the only one walking?
Why is everyone else stagnant?
Where has childhood gone, not mine but yours
Why can't i return to it?
Reach out to them, please save them
They don't know what they have.
Why are they letting it go unnoticed?

The treasure, i see it at their feet
The treasure i can no longer discover
It taunts me, it escapes them
Why am i now paused? let them press pause.
Don't keep them on fast forward
They're going too quickly,
But why do they look frozen?

Is this the world without childhood?
The treasure at their feet disappears
This is the world with technology

Reach out, please save them.

remember,  young.

Author: м™• мћђлќј
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1203603

Do you remember?

Do you remember that hill where we sat and watched the stars?
Where we danced and played like the whole world was ours?

Do you remember that cottage with that old rustic chair?
Where we sat and told stories that we shared?

I miss that you know, you and I?
I wish I had never said goodbye.

For now when I watch you laugh, and smile,
I know you were worth the extra mile.

Because I remember looking up at the stars,
When we thought the whole world was ours.

And I remember all the late nights,
When they turned from sweet murmurs to daily fights.

Do you remember that hill where we sat and watched the stars?
Where we danced and played like the whole world was ours?

Do you remember that cottage with that old rustic chair?
Where we sat and told stories that we shared?

We could still be there, had I had more of a care.


Author: Kat
Date: 01/04/2020