Poems about rest


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At A Rest Stop With You

We couldn't help ourselves,
We'd been driving for hours
& had worked up some tension.
At the rest stop we barely did,
In a flash we were naked
& on top of the hood
I did partake
Of your succulence.
We were oblivious to
The big rigs flying by
As I emptied a steady stream
Of warmth inside you.
Those truckers were'nt blind,
They were beeping their
Horns from both lanes.
When I look back now,
I think we were both insane.
But I'd still do it all over again,
If you only knew.


Author: Jonny Angel
Date: 06/04/2020

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No rest for my weary head

It's three in the morning
I'm awake still.
And so fucking tired.
But things are the same as they've always been.

head,  rest,  weary.

Author: Anna
Date: 03/04/2020

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Rest At The Willow Tree

I stroll through forest, still in slumber
Branches sway, as I lumber.
Curtain of weeping pavillion,
Infinite stars down to million.
I sit in prop root of willow's gurney,
Childhood start, I end journey.
Back brings hand of icy chill,
Head brings hand of fever still.
Skin weeps; icy branch to break,
Wind's music through willow lace.
Finally cared for, and feeling slumbrous,
Bedding down forever, in willow umbrage.

rest,  tree,  willow.

Author: Keith Collard
Date: 01/04/2020

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Rest & Nutrition

Inside these dimensions of my prison,
Paralyzed, immobilized,
Shattered in fragments of fear,
I utter stifled screams
From my body heap,
Piled on the hardwood floor






Trapped, desolate and
Wretched in mind,
What is left of me after invasion and ravage?

Chase away this these vultures and thieves,
So to shut out this duality
Blinding me,
A rabbit caught in headlights
­ up
­ pick

amp,  nutrition,  rest.

Author: Julianna Eisner
Date: 01/04/2020

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Ahead Of The Rest

The man who scored a hat-trick
Is having a baby. OK, he's not,
His girlfriend is. A baby.
They're all having babies.
A twenty inch squirm
Swaddled by a blanket,
Eyes like marbles. All having them.
It seems so. Either that
Or they're getting married.
The biggest day of big days, apparently.
Soon there will be invites. Maybe.
Showing off the calligraphy.
I can picture it,
A suit creased once, a glass of fizz
As a stranger takes photos
To be tucked inside albums
I'll never take a look at.
Those I've known know others now.
They are settling into a life
That writes itself, like a book
Never moved from its place
On the shelf. There will be
A triangle of kids kissing
Before you ever did,
Hands fumbling as if the other person
Is a button, noses bumping.
There will be a house
With a dishwasher and pictures
On the walls from the honeymoon
In Greece you didn't know about
- perhaps don't care.
Soon you and they will be thirty
And forty and fifty
And their squirm will grow
Before you've even blinked
Or had time to toast the bread.
Some already have.
The hat-trick man is smiling.
I should proffer congratulations,
Type out вАШbundle of joy'
At the pencil-esque ultrasound,
The shapes that will become human.
We're the same age, miles apart.
They're all at it, it seems.
The girlfriends that is. Having babies.

ahead,  rest.

Author: Reece AJ Chambers
Date: 29/03/2020

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Now to Rest

The sun has gone to rest
The sky turns from purple
To a midnight shade of blue

The tall trees gently sway
The scent of fresh pine
Mingles with the smell of the earth

Soft clusters of yellow light
Flash in and out of existence
All around me

The sound of a tranquil stream
Is further dampened by
The rustling of birds in their nests

The world prepares for sleep
And so too shall I rest
Among the now still night


Author: Hadrian Veska
Date: 27/03/2020

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I just want to rest...

With your heart,
I'm blessed
With your soul,
I'm dressed

Make me a nest
Make me the best
Make me a world
Where I can rest


Author: Abdullah Ayyash
Date: 26/03/2020

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And They Will Bury Us Like The Rest

This world is like a cigarette-
The peak of it's existence
Burning bright to moon dead eyes,
Crumbling in after a swift breath.

bury,  rest.

Author: We Are Stories
Date: 26/03/2020