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Rodney Roach

When I was a child,
I never fully committed
To a cartwheel.
My feet being so far off
The ground unnerved
Supporting myself
On my own scrawny arms
Did not appeal to
Instead, I rolled.

I should really learn to do a cartwheel.


Author: Ashley R Prince
Date: 25/01/2020

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The Roach and I

The cockroach and I
We startled each other
In the dark
It flew
I did too
Into the spiky edge of the bed
And the price
My knees did pay
So I stumbled, teeth gnashing
'til I found the light switch
And fended off sleep until
The cocky roach
It paid with it's life.


Author: Ugo Victor
Date: 07/01/2020

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Roaches, roaches!!!
I can stand annoying rats,
But those damn, winged vermins,
I chase with malevolent bats.

phobia,  roach.

Author: Dada Olowo Eyo
Date: 21/12/2019

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The roach of society

The life of a roach is never glorified.
Much like the life of a Black man or woman.
In which 50 of us die, and the next 50 have children while they're children.
We could never have a meal, we succumb to the crumbs of society.
In the dark with our friends eating quietly.
It's like the black race was destined to be a roach.
Either you're coached to conform or you smoke until a roach.
It's like nobody care about the birth of a roach.
Maybe it's the color or the way that they look.
While it's ironic that roaches reside in a black house.
They'll never make it in the white house.
Because that system is so clean that a "roach" would get wiped out.
It's like the roach is petrified by the butterfly whites.
Never could eat a steak, a lot of pb & j on butter knife nights.
It's crazy because even Blacks don't like roaches.
But it seems blacks don't like blacks either, a sickness in need of a potion.
It's even crazier that this is nothing about a roach.
But it's more about a race, that's ended by a rope.
Called a noose and then a chain, to make a change for the pain.
When the slave system got better than what we overcame.
How could you hit or stop what you eyes can't see?
While it's ironic how they blind us with TV.
Is it a system that can sense that we're a threat.
When the police war is heating up, and we're the ones with the sweat.
While we either selling a rock or dishing a rock.
And even athletes get locked up so youth don't listen to cops.
While you blame the blacks for picking a lock.
While filthy society said it was clean by blaming roaches for missing a crop.
And the craziest thing is the death of a roach too numerous to care about.
Much like the blacks when we march on a racial death, while the other deaths aren't shared about.
While that black boy went missing, nobody knew of his whereabouts.
How do you beat a system half of us aren't aware about?

roach,  society.

Author: kirk Newman
Date: 03/09/2019

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Goodbye letters and Papa Roach Songs

This is that letter
The one you write when it doesn't get better
When the sun is shining but you hate the weather
This is that letter
When you can't figure out why you can't keep it together
But you never do write it

goodbye,  letters,  papa,  roach,  songs.

Author: Justin Wright
Date: 07/06/2019

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Roach clip Blues

Roach clip Blues

Yes I've been left out in the cold

Nothing to cover up my head

Not even a pinch of Acapulco gold

Just cold turkey sandwiches instead

She left me here dry not high

I cannot find my Mary Jane

No word for many days gone by

So hard to cope with all the pain

Thoughts of her still linger on

Wishing for one last token kiss

Cannot accept the fact she's gone

Falling deeper down in the abyss

The clasp of my broken heart

So empty without the will to choose

Have no idea where to start

To end this tune of roach clip blues

Gomer LePoet...

blues,  clip,  roach.

Author: David Nelson
Date: 06/06/2019

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That Roach

That roach, that roach
If only I could toke
Would that convoke?
Or I receive revoke?
Or I simply choke?
How I wish to elope
As I head down this slope

However, the roach won't go
It comes out every now and then
Shows its face only to want more
Hiding after satisfaction
My care for the roach can only be measured by my subtraction
Of health, of love
Why couldn't you be a dove?
I'm not attracted to doves
I don't want pretty and stupid
I want smarmy and witty
Oh how I love pity

That roach doesn't pity
It only wants
And all I do is give
In hopes that the roach will care
A reoccurring strategy
Maybe this time it will see me

Oh that roach, that roach
If only I could toke


Author: Ethan
Date: 25/05/2019

№ 831402


Such disgusting creatures
Small and without pride
They skitter all over
They infest
They distress
They survive
Through atomic fire
Through haughty beatings
They survive and thus
The next generation does the same
I suppose that's enough.


Author: mikecccc
Date: 29/04/2019