Poems about rooms


№ 1206676

In My Father's House, There Are Many Rooms

In my dreams, I travel through time and space,
To the land where I used to dwell
In the house of my father,
Trapped again in its dark and twisting halls.
There is no other place where running will take me
When he decides to set me ablaze
And form a new child from the ashes,
One who will call him sir and remember
To love him more with every bruise.
Upon waking, I check my skin
To make sure that it still exists,
But there's no way to measure
How much this dream has taken
From the places inside that I can't see.
There are wells of gasoline inside my soul
Convinced that the spark is what I deserve.

father,  house,  rooms.

Author: Aaron Blair
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1202886

Gathering in rooms

To be the best in all things poetic
This makes me wonder...
Why do we gather in rooms
Which belong
To foolish words
To humbled souls
And to tainted love
Why is it we journey togeather
Releasing the
Entrails of our souls
Our meloncoly ways
And the sweetness of our hearts
For though we all gather
For though we all share
The gems
The dirt
The laughter
And the pain
We all travel our different paths
Looking for stimulation
Looking for our own understanding
Looking for a place in which we all belong

gathering,  rooms.

Author: Pebbles
Date: 31/03/2020

№ 1193451

Life has no Waiting Rooms

My past is marred by your present,
My thoughts forever changed,
What i thought it was,
Versus reality.

No one is perfect...
However the one you believe to be
Falls so hard,
Killing your expectations,
Making you doubt yourself...
What is hope when it is lost?
How is it redeemed?
Can it be redeemed?

I will not know answers,
To you and me,
Or to if and why...
To when and now...
I only know now,
And what i wished never to know.

But we must persevere,
Because life has no waiting rooms,
We are forced to move at a fast pace,
With only brief glances behind us,
To wonder,
To grieve,
To learn,
But then we are looking forward again,
Into the inevitable void that is the future,
Don't look down,
Don't look back,
Keep moving forward.

And so i wait,
*for my turn to look forward.

life,  rooms,  waiting.

Author: Jo
Date: 22/03/2020

№ 1185093

Little Deaths in Yellow Rooms (appendectomy 27 January 2010)

She sits behind her screen
With few words for me, lying
Barely in her presence.
We both wait
We both hear constant wind
From massive fans some rooms away
But they have taken all the stuff
For air to ruffle – no leafy movement to distract
From thoughts of what I owe
To all not here.
So, still this room for now -
Like a pothole, really
Where the only thing ruffled, usually, is me.
(All these tunnels look alike to some)

Now - wheeling in to shelving thick with labels.
Green gowns, short words each to each.
"Rapid induction for this one please, John. "
And with a green mask and cold sharp
To the back of my left hand,
I fall back from the world into...


deaths,  january,  rooms,  yellow.

Author: Jeremy Ducane
Date: 15/03/2020

№ 1183377

Extinction of Ball Rooms

A rip in the door, a tip in the drawr,
Philosophy or trigonometry,
Epic failure,
Filled with pens & paper clips,
Minds to the matter,
Key opening frogs,
Toads totaling mirrors,
Mane of Moroccan Curls,
Sashaying across broad shoulders,
And smooth hips,
Laying on clouds,
Because you can't afford to breath,
On the ground,
Tree topped eye lined,
Eye lids,

ball,  extinction,  rooms.

Author: Madeysin
Date: 13/03/2020

№ 1152172


All sorts of rooms I've entered
Save one I don't have the key
The room of your heart I can't unlock
You are a complete mystery

Yet you stare deep into my eyes
As though to say you want me
But when I *draw close to you
You walk away without the slightest stint of pity.


Author: MS Lim
Date: 14/02/2020

№ 1139523

Jungle of Rooms

There is a jungle of rooms
In which we live,
Breathe, eat, sleep,
See, observe, and feel.

Some rooms are clean
And many are dirty,
Some are filled,
While others are empty.

In some you find people,
Warm and friendly,
In others you are alone,
Bored and lonely.

In a few, you make friends
Have fun and make merry,
In others you toil
Drudge and weary.

And to connect two rooms
There is a door,
Through which you pass
From one place to another.

When you leave a room
You can't but help,
Taking memories you gathered
And your older self.

But you cannot go back to a room
Once you leave, it is for good,
Yet you take some people along
As long as they are in the mood.

This is how you spend your time
Every so often opening a new door,
Changing rooms and moving around
Gathering experiences in store.

The jungle is called life
Both start and end are yours,
All you have is your own journey,
And freedom to choose the doors.

jungle,  rooms.

Author: Shailesh Otari
Date: 03/02/2020

№ 1100626

Small Rooms

If you're in a small crowded room
Full of nameless faces
Looking for praise
You won't find some kind of God
Shouting your name

Cross your heart
Close your eyes
Everything you wish
Never really dies

Don't fear loss
Don't fear love
Behind closed doors you used to be
Now you're blooming wild and free
Looking for weeds
And watering them too

You're in a small crowded room
No one shouting your name
Leave fingerprints on the window
So that when your heart beats fast
You'll see flowers at last

rooms,  small.

Author: Shayla Ahrns
Date: 29/12/2019