Poems about rose


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I Held A Rose

I held a rose
I loved her at night
How I admired her petals
Perfect in my sight

Drunken from her scent
I stumbled and I fell
And in my shameful descent
Fell my vase as well

But my rose just kept growing
And facing toward the sun
She even brought me light
She knew that I had none

I wanted to feed her
I love her with my soul
But my vase was still broken
My rose felt alone

As her petals got brighter
I marveled and said
"my rose is so lovely"
It rang throughout my head

I searched for a light
And thought I found a source
I wanted to share it
But my rose stayed her course

I wondered and wandered
Found a well and filled my cup
We cried when I got home
For the drink wasn't enough

My rose still grew bigger
I thought it a sign
'Til one day my rose
Was no longer mine

I adore you my flower
My heart's stricken with grief
I mourn you when I'm upright
I cry until I sleep

Sometimes I can still smell you
It hurts me all the more
I pray that you still feel me
My heart beats at your door

I'll never take you for granted
Oh, what a fool I've been
You'll see when I'm replanted
You'll long for my garden

Oh lovely, I will find you
You'll be my light again
I'll repair this vase like new
I'll fix it until then

held,  rose.

Author: Zoo Boxer
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1209142

The Rose

When the petals of a rose begin to wilt,
I drown it with water until there is no more.
The rose has lived for far too long
And I am determined for it to keep on living.
But the discoloration has already begun.
The sun whose laughter used to make the rose redden with glee
Is now disfigured by the clouds.
They play tricks on my eye
With their friendly shapes
When really they're tears on the verge of pouring down my face.
The rose will not die!
I will mend it with my tears,
With my bare hands if I have to.
But when light blinds instead of nourishes,
I cannot help but be discouraged.


Author: Mariya Timkovsky
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208128


"My precious miana, I'll never let you go. "


Author: Deepening Wells
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1206928

Another Deadly Rose

Another Deadly Rose

Oh, deadly black rose
You cut so deep within
Darken Dreams...

Rose dust is in the air
You hold no care
You don't play fair...

Dark Angel loves to
Keep you always near
Oh, Black Rose,

You cut deep to all
Those who sleeps
Who fall into darken dreams.

Poetic Judy Emery © 1989
The Queen Of Darken Dreams Poetic Lilly Emery

deadly,  rose.

Author: The Queen Of Darken Dreams
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1206207

A Rose

" A Rose"

Kissing a rose is such an innocent boy
Who is not aware at all he's a picture
Gone and dead in India of dusty plants and streets
I miss the pointless activity it produced so much
Of what you want oh universe i've bled you a book
Gold on the hoof creation is its own reward pity
The alarm clock slaves the t. v. slaves society slaves
Those who want and want yet do not have what they want and want
Seems new when its you but its almost as old as rock
Maybe even that is what rock is excreted mind getting cold
Space is the place of chaos and fractals are what we are
Perhaps if the door opens we'll see a little hamster running
On a treadmill look in the mirror at your furry face
But heh if you earn enough dough to buy apple pie
A la mode move those little legs baby faster is better
If that's your bag you're holding the key to every door is
Right here all the time it feels good to be a doorman
Open wide and run like hell works for some but i'm a walker
With pointed teeth crawling inside a haunted tree saw it
Saw you see you used to hate you cuz you showed me myself
Not a perfect me in not a perfect world imperfections everywhere
All the time part of the view not all of it do i deny south by looking
North no but if i needed to go south i need to go for it okay but
Till then north is cool just point the brain and it automatically
Does the rest if its working right that is right to live right to breath
For now gone any second maybe if i work hard enough or yell loud enough
Or drink shoot-up pop smoke enough crack i won't notice when it happens


Author: Mark Wanless
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1206049


I am but a rose thrown at a scorned lover,
Left heartbroken in the middle of the street,
It's petals falling and stem breaking
And it's beautiful colour fading.

My petals can never be restored,
Most have been lost,
Carried by the whispers of the wind,
Like peace,
I know that I will never be able to experience such a feeling again

I have been;
Stepped on,
Spit on,
Sweeped to the side,
And picked up

But I know that;
Those who step on me, get the sharp pain of my thornes
Those who spit on me, have an internal envy of my beauty,
Those who sweep me, the wind carries me back to the same place,
And those who try to reconstruct me, fulfil themselves with an impossible task, but I know those are my true friends, my greatest treasure, and my brightest hope.


Author: Amanda Araujo
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1204493

Lotus or Jasmine {or Rose Perhaps . . .}

Sometimes I think I've found the flower
The one from which all things breathe
And I think I can finally see
The reasons for all that's meant to be
But as I bend to touch, with calloused hand
It wilts away to leave seed for another day

jasmine,  lotus,  rose.

Author: Liz Anne
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1204482

The Fox Gave the Lobster a Rose

I'm chasing an early grave down Euclid Ave
And no one is looking in the right direction

Did i mention i was on fire?

This is store-bought depression
With the white plastic bag that says THANK YOU in red lettering
Now its turned to blood
This is how you feel
When you can't recall where you were during 9/11

Give me your mass-produced discontentment

I want to smoke and not die
Sometimes i dont want to die at all
Today the oldest person in the whole-wide world took her last breath
She was 117
On her birthday last march she said her life felt too short

Where the fuck does that leave me

I wish i were born a lobster so id
Get stronger and meatier with age
And then when I'm at my prime they'd snatch me up
To sell on the market for a few hundred dollars

When you devour me remember to wear something nice

fox,  lobster,  rose.

Author: JC Moyao
Date: 02/04/2020