Poems about ruff


Ruff Woods Escapism (25-6-10)

I close my eyes,
And I am anywhere.

I rest my head in the warm grass,
Breathe in the icy air,
Breathe out billows of music.
I taste the citrus clouds drifting and whisper encouragement.
Sunshine drips off my eyelashes into puddles.
I dance between them, splashing spectra on my shoes.
The trees arch around me, sighing green envy at my rainbow feet.
Tripping over shadows, memories glow,
Etched in bark, veined in a leaf, cracked in a rockface,
Lighting my way.
I am not afraid here.
I am just me.

escapism,  ruff,  woods.

Author: JRS
Date: 02/08/2019


Ruff tough Tuffies

Comb Harmonica, hums rum-tum-tummies
Like hardened black hair of the old gum trees
Whistling, never tells whose copper stills shining.

ruff,  tough.

Author: Dark Fjord
Date: 02/12/2018


Little Ruff to a Sad Boy

and just what right might you have–”
, jostled little Ruff into my ear,
€–to feel like stone cold clams, when–”
Then comes a bird lifting over my shoulder
€–there's a fire for you all over? ”

And the moon sighed softly to the room

€not like a right, but rather–”
, i teared over his cotton face,
€–a photograph I keep seeing
On my windowsill, no matter–”
When all the doors blew open and up
€–how many moments I throw it away. ”

As asters bloomed when daybreak loomed
And roses went red forever.

boy,  ruff,  sad.

Author: Brian Sarfati
Date: 25/09/2018


Ruff Ridin'

Imagine a condition,
Labeled a tradition.
Men on a mission,
To slay those who dissin'.

ridin,  ruff.

Author: Marty Funkhouser
Date: 20/07/2018