Poems about runners


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They run and run and run
It seems, with little time to feel the sun
And yet, what they have begun
Is something that can easily be undone.

Dodging the trees here and there
They run through this thick and heavy air.
An end to this overgrown forest do they give silent prayer
But little do they know that they're on the path to despair.

They hide from the sun's bright
For they know not of its delight,
And instead they run to the darkness on the right
Thinking they will find some light.

However, their path is crooked and steep
As they run through the forest deep.
They are like lost sheep
Not realizing they need to awake from their sleep.

They see others running passed the trees
Dodging them with ease.
They wonder what makes the others so pleased
To be running through this breeze.

The others also fall down,
But they get back up and help those around.
While they run through darkness abound,
The others run through bright clearings round.


Author: Will Rogers III
Date: 20/02/2020

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Runners pride

When your running from something for long enough; you loose sight of it within the dust, just don't stop to catch your breath...

pride,  runners.

Author: Dj
Date: 17/01/2020

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He left. I am not
Surprised. If I were him I'd
Run far away too.

-m. b


Author: galaxy of myths
Date: 01/01/2020

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Political Runners

The Political parties sing and dance for a lifetime winning.
A job to "run" a great country and do some "good. "
Then the scandals set in... The race to office turns into a "Soap Opera"
The one who could do the best for us gets voted out due to
Words of the like seen in the tabloids in Hollywood.

The Political Candidates Put on a great "show" and "promise" a great way.
Stamping a ballet
For whom we considered the "right one... "
Here is another elected "misfit" that shall run us down
With 4 to 8 years of unfulfilled promises and their own
"agenda. "
Hidden until we are not looking and our country starts to crumble, then fall, and these "wild plans" are killed as we veto it.

Instead of a "show" as our Future President runs for office...
Lets see more "How I am going to save our country and fix it. "
Instead of "I've got a new service to push" Broken Spirits, Hopes Fallen, and a Country left to be the Sacrifice.

Let's see past the scandal and entertainment. Be bold and ask "How Are you Going To Fix the Great USA? " and another important question to ask them, "How do we pick up the pieces and pave our future to a brighter and better way? "

political,  runners.

Author: Kevin Michael Kappler
Date: 02/09/2019

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Author: nvinn fonia
Date: 12/07/2019

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Haiku (Runners Lane)

Streetlights lighten the night.
Shoes scrachings pavement.
Heart is chasing the distance.

haiku,  lane,  runners.

Author: mac azanes
Date: 21/05/2019

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We Are The Runners

We are the runners.
The ones you can't stop
The seekers
We run and search and pray

Looking and struggling for something
That is right in front of our gaze
We want more of you God
We've been asking for days

Then God said "enough"
And he accepted our challenge
And that's how we ended upon this island

Now we run, but stay in the same place
Right in God ґs hands inside the base
The love we find here
Is blessed to us with grace


Author: Hannah Anderson
Date: 10/04/2019

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A Runners Poem

I am strong
So strong and free
I am fast
Watch my feet carry me
Through woods and roads
Black paved dreams
As I push myself further
And as my lungs scream
But my legs keep moving
And it's all I need
To prove that I'm the best
The best that I can be
I'm pushing my boundaries
I'm breaking my walls
I've learned to pick myself up
Whenever I fall

poem,  runners.

Author: Matty Allgauer
Date: 27/01/2019